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04 10, 2021, 06:12:02 pm by Violet | Views: 639 | Comments: 25

I don't know what to say but how this skin isn't on the list of the medic job?


I am pretty sure that it's a doctor  :wat: and it should be added.
Proof that it isn't on the list:

Hope you vote fairly and thanks for your time.  :love:
28 09, 2021, 08:38:00 am by daddy | Views: 1346 | Comments: 63

What is the suggestion going about?: Add a delay switching from Deagle to Shotgun/Sawed-off in LV.
Description: After the recent update, people started abusing with 2 ways such as Deagle-shotgun, Deagle-sawed off with macros which give them an unfair advantage especially in close-range fights.
What would this suggestion improve: It will improve the gameplay here in LV because it gives an advantage to cheaters who use macros and become undefeatable because it deals a lot of damage and makes combat fights fairer.
Why does this needs to be added?: It's totally unwanted in LV because single sawed-off deals with high damage + Deagle damage so it's annoying here.
Can you provide us any examples?: No.


NOTE to developers: we need the same fix as Deagle-spas which delay shooting instantly after switching from Deagle to Sawed-off/Shotgun
27 09, 2021, 12:32:27 am by Thug | Views: 2474 | Comments: 100

First of all I apologize about my english skills its not that good enough to start a discussion like that but I swear its annoying all of CIT Players who's Playing in Pure Criminal Gang
So Now iam here to talk about some groups who changed their side Like 1337 and FFH and GG also TR, and now they are playing as Cop and Criminal at the same time, I was wondering how they get that amount of Reptuation Points ? how, when I see them I see only 2 or 3 criminals playing in AR's and the others is Cops so how they get these points ? for example yesterday 9/26/2021 there was 6 criminals From Pirus playing in at 11 PM as Criminals and going to stores and robbing alot of AR's and Stores and we was about to be The Top Criminal Gang ! but in the last 2 minutes most of 1337 changed their side to cop and moved to AR's 2  or 3 criminals and 2 cops imagine that they was farming in AR's and got 6k RP in one Minute imagine 6k in One Minute ? I was wondering how they did that since I saw that picture > 1337

So Imagine you are working from 12 AM To 12 PM and trying your best to Get Reptuation Points and these ppl are farming and getting 6k Points in 1 minute imagine that I swear I was shocked for a minute about that ? how 6k points in 1 minute ? how then I got what they are doing when I saw that picture

All I want now is to disable being able to get Points if u killed your group mate in AR's and CE's so we can avoid these cheats, they are getting Top Criminal Group Everyday because of that, For Example Pirus is Working All The Day in criminal Side we are not playing as cops, and most of 1337 are playing as cops everyday and going to wars as gangsters etc, and they are farming in Night to get the 1st so easy its just unfair, for god sake Change that system, iam sorry if I insulted anyone Like TR and FFH Also 1337 but that's unfair as u see so we have to disable that system, iam not here to fight you guys I just can't let the system going like that, as I said before its called cheat,
Thanks Everyone !
21 09, 2021, 12:23:25 am by Violet | Views: 777 | Comments: 29

Hey there,

Let's start with quoting the Fire Fighter leveling up requirements:
• L0 - 0 Fires - $180 per fire - Training
• L1 - 500 Fires - $216 per fire - Junior Firefighter
• L2 - 2,000 Fires - $252 per fire - Senior Firefighter
• L3 - 4,500 Fires - $288 per fire - Assistant Specialist
• L4 - 8,000 Fires - $324 per fire - Specialist Firefighter
• L5 - 12,000 Fires - $360 per fire - Professional Firefighter
• L6 - 17,000 Fires - $396 per fire - Expert Firefighter
• L7 - 23,500 Fires - $432 per fire - Chief Firefighter
• L8 - 31,500 Fires - $468 per fire - Master Firefighter
• L9 - 41,000 Fires - $504 per fire - Executive Firefighter
• L10 - 52,500 Fires - $540 per fire - Chief of Department

Take an idea of what I am talking about:

Fire Fighter job is kinda dead job right now and not playable, We are just playing it while we are getting a message of x3 XP for it. No one playing the job because it's really difficult to even reach the first levels of it due to it's very-hard leveling up requirements which I quoted above. So, I am here to
suggest making some changes to these requirements.


Reducing the number of fires needed for every level, So we can work and get the levels normally like any other job.
Pages: [1] 2 3

* Changelog

Wednesday 20th October 2021
- Fixed police computer blips not reappearing instantly after being refreshed. (Arran)
- Removed car factories. Engine parts are now earned mainly through '/race'. (Arran)
- Removed armed robbery half pay if do 0 damage to cops. (Arran + Fakara)

Tuesday 19th October 2021
- All payments earned from '/race' will be engine parts. (Arran + ManeXi)
- Reduced Iron needed to craft armor from 100 to 50. (Arran + Main chat)
- Fixed max sale price of Iron being too low (increased from $20 to $30). (Arran + Mathias)
- Fixed being able to enter a criminal event while recently hurt. (Arran)
- You won't see new player play times above the heads of players on opposing teams. (Arran + Seville_blv + Senza)

Monday 18th October 2021
- Fixed train job payment being 0 for lower levels. Made it have a static payment for all levels. (Nuko)
- Bounty messages won't show on your screen if you've disabled 'Hit Target Messages' setting from '/settings'. This setting is disabled by default. (Nuko)

Saturday 16th October 2021
- Added setting for changing the color of chatbox messages from support and support non english. (Arran + Medusa)
- Replaced 'Arabic Support' with 'Support Non-English' in 'J' chat. (Arran + Medusa)
- Criminal events will occur less frequently if the amount of players at the start of the event were <6 (30 mins) <11 (20 mins) (Arran)
- Added skin ID 70 (scientist) to medic job. (Arran + Violet)
- Fixed gangsters being able to damage criminal's barriers and vice versa. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- CAMORRA promoted to level 8 group. (GLM Team)
- Guard_Ghosts promoted to level 8 group. (GLM Team)

Friday 15th October 2021
- Fixed Comet's suspension being too bouncy making the car hard to handle. (Danzy)

Wednesday 13th October 2021
- Reduced fire fighter level up requirements by 40%. (Arran + Violet)
- Fixed '/ce' saying how long till you can re-enter when re-entering isn't possible any more. (Arran + zurq)
- Fixed '/svc' causing neon color to disappear. (Arran + Vampire)

Tuesday 12th October 2021
- Removed annoying forward roll animation from parkour walk style and added a better one. (Vampire)
- Forum: Added a new development sub-board called 'New Players' for suggestions related to new players. (Arran)

Monday 11th October 2021
- Added a script that allows police chiefs and criminal bosses to place some bounties on the opposing members. (Nuko + Happy)

Sunday 10th October 2021
- Fixed blips attached to client side vehicles for some jobs disappearing when going near them. (Arran + Amy)

Saturday 9th October 2021
- Added a delay switching from Deagle to Shotgun/Sawed-off in LV. (Arran + daddy)
- Added an experimental cop payment feature called 'Danger Level' which acts as a multiplier to payments. (Arran + HosttyBoy + Seville_blv)

Friday 8th October 2021
- L1. WooDy promoted to L2. (Head Staff)

Thursday 7th October 2021
- Possibly fixed "Drug Trafficking" side mission for criminals spawning delivery points on mapped lands. (Brian + Known)
- Updated Neon script to make it look more realistic and added ability to change neon colors. (Brian + Danzy + Vampire)
- Rewritten whole vehicles mod shop script and brought it to 2021. (Brian + Danzy + Vampire)

Tuesday 5th October 2021
- Fixed online time counter not working with old HUD since yesterday. (Arran + ManeXi)
- Added 'Biker Jacket' to /hats. (Vampire)
- Added 19 paintjobs for Stafford, Cheetah, Infernus, Banshee and Hydra made by Violet and Predator. (Brian)

Monday 4th October 2021
- Fixed suspension and traction bias not resetting properly when removing the final boost. (Arran + Depy)
- Fixed some short game freezes at certain times when playing in non-English. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed selecting animations from the '/anim' panel not working in LV group bases. (Arran + ManeXi)

Sunday 3rd October 2021
- Fixed getting low FPS when viewing F11 map while zoomed in far enough to see the blip descriptions. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed medic mission being buggy since yesterday. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed HUD not disappearing when switching to GTA SA HUD. (Arran + Vampire)

Saturday 2nd October 2021
- Added 6 new CJ Hairstyles made by MathewZika. (Vampire)
- Cops and criminals won't get rewards / stats for kills against their own group members. (Arran + HesHaM)
- Added some code that increases FPS by up to 20% depending on how many peds are nearby. (Arran)

Thursday 30th September 2021
- Fixed a "Criminal Trucker" mission exploit that allowed players to use a faster vehicle to reach destination. (Brian + Fearless)

Monday 27th September 2021
- L3. Ptole and Danzy promoted to L4. (Headstaff)

Sunday 26th September 2021
- Alliance leaders will now be displayed with a '*' in front of their name in the GUI. (Nuko + Vampire)
- Fixed not being able to join an alliance after getting invited in rare occurrences. Invites will now automatically be cleared 10 minutes after receiving them. (Nuko + Vampire)

Wednesday 22nd September 2021
- Improved Cortez's Yacht (And the armed robbery) so that the yacht has an inside area now. (Vampire + Brian)
- Team, group, squad and alliance countdowns can now be cancelled by entering 0 as time argument. (Nuko + Gnar)

Monday 20th September 2021
- Added a way to craft grenades using Iron and Explosives. (Arran + Violet + kordid)
- Added 'Toyota Supra' to '/carmods' on the Jester. (Arran + Aerith)
- Fixed some GUI's causing the game to freeze for a second, if language is set to non-English. (Arran + Vampire)

Sunday 19th September 2021
- Disabled being able to hire guards. (Arran + Haisum)
- Fixed a rare bug in criminal events where you could get warped to another criminal event map. (Arran + Harshil)

Saturday 18th September 2021
- Added a new armed robbery 'Cortez's Yacht', located at Santa Maria Beach. You can use /gps to find it aswell. (Brian + Vampire + Danzy + Happy)
- Fully reworked group and squad alliance system. Groups are now shown with their level and official color inside the GUI. (Nuko + Vampire)
- Allow animations in LV bases if the player is whitelisted or in alliance. (Arran + Nuko)
- Optimized a script which might give some players +1 FPS. (Arran + Konafa)
- Set "enable engine automatic ignition" setting to no as default due to it not working properly for some players. (Arran + BadBoy)

Wednesday 15th September 2021
- Removed redundant vehicle restrictions regarding not being able to recover vehicles in certain places in LV. (Arran + daddy)
- Added a delay switching from Deagle to Combat-Shotgun in LV. (Arran + daddy)
- Removed the restriction on VPN's that treated them like they have high ping after verifying pings are correct. (Arran + Slow + OhhKarim + Senza + Pilovali)

Monday 13th September 2021
- L1. Nex0, Egekan, Darius, iFrank passed trial period. (Head Staff)

Sunday 12th September 2021
- The_ReNeGaDeS promoted to level 6 group. (GLM Team)
- Added 'Wim Hof Breathing' to '/courses'. Passing will nearly double your breath hold time and teaches you how to IRL. (Arran)
- Added ability for group leaders to toggle a 'Protected Area' inside own group bases. Use /basesz or X interface. (Brian + Goldnugget)
- Daily login rewards won't add to earn limit. (Arran + Barcode)

Thursday 9th September 2021
- Made Jefferson Sub Urban clothing, Burger Shot joints and Alphambra club open interiors. (Vampire)
- Opened up a 3rd entrance/exit at the PCB armed robbery. (Vampire)
- Added a double decker variant to 'Coach', in mod shop it's 'Variant 3'. Changed Unity Station's appearance. (Vampire)
- You can now quickly ignore players using: '/ignore partial name here'. (Arran)
- Removed admin / punish log lines from before 2016. (Arran + Nikos)
- Removed forum rank requirement for '/main' chat. (Arran + Brian)
- Fixed not being able to do an armed robbery if you logged in after it has already started. (Arran + Brand)
- Fixed being able to get inside buildings by recovering a coach at a wall and then immediately hiding it. (Arran + Vampire)

Wednesday 8th September 2021
- Fixed not being able to buy houses from the estate agents. (Arran + Raddy)

Tuesday 7th September 2021
- Fixed Voltic's weak handling which made it impossible to steer. (Danzy)
- Added 'Sabotage' (such as kicking members from a group) to in-game and forum rules. (Arran)

Monday 6th September 2021
- Made the rules even more clear so that everything punishable is listed, so if it's not in the list you can't be punished. (Arran)

Sunday 5th September 2021
- 1337 promoted to level 6 group. (GLM Team)
- Rewrote the rules so that semi exploits (like hiding in safe zone during a fight) aren't punishable. (Arran + TheHacker)
- Reduced criminal event anti rush to 3 minutes. (Arran + Farhan-Khan)

Saturday 4th September 2021
- Fixed turfing in LS not increasing turf control when killing an enemy. (Arran + WooDy)
- Removed 'LV Deaths' and 'Died most times' from Today's Tops. (Arran + Jason)
- Removed remaining preferences using my own judgement for the 50:50 ones. (Arran + ManeXi)
- Removed a load of preferences that weren't necessary due to support being clearly 1 sided. (Arran + ManeXi)
- Criminal Events: Disabled re-entering, reduced max duration to 10 minutes, reduced wait time to 10 minutes. (Arran + Farhan-Khan)
- 18thStreetGang promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Added PIN code check when buying a property. (Arran + Rbby)
- Added second exits (exit position will be randomly picked) to every criminal event. (Farhan-Khan)

Friday 3rd September 2021
- New players will be automatically assigned to a squad of their country code. (Arran)
- Added Andromada to vehicles that can be glued to without needing VIP. (Arran + Origami)
- Improved the armed robbery ped locations of NRH, CPD, GT, LSO. (Arran + Chetan)
- Added an AI trader that buys miniguns. (Arran + ManeXi)
- Increased criminal, gangster and police earn limit by $50,000. (Arran)
- Increased main earn limit to $400,000 (+$90,000). (Arran)

Thursday 2nd September 2021
- Added various settings for 'Police and criminal side missions' to '/settings' command. (Senza + GrandGhost)
- Significantly reduced the group board requirements. (Vampire + TheGam3r23)
- Fixed an exploit where cops could enter the armed robbery area too early in the robbery. (Arran + ABC)
- Reverted to the old house sale system where players can put their houses up for sale. (Arran + IDriver)
- Fixed getting wanted from throwing a Molotov when not in main dimension. (Arran + Haisum)
- Gangsters in LV will have $200,000 higher earn limit. (Arran + Stockholm1738)

Monday 30th August 2021
- Fixed getting stuck if disconnecting while in a suspect's (police detective job) house. (Arran + Sheriff)
- Fixed riot kill stats counting deaths as kills. (Arran + Phoenix)
- Fixed exploits related to '/engine' being abused as the vehicle will no longer be frozen when engine is turned off. (Arran + Vampire)

Sunday 29th August 2021
- Added '/unlinkforumaccount' which will unlink your in-game account to whatever forum account it was linked to. (Arran + Coke)

Saturday 28th August 2021
- Fixed vehicle recovery sometimes not working properly if a player is nearby. (Arran + Senza)

Wednesday 25th August 2021
- CitiZeNs promoted to L7 group. (GLM Team)
- xCode promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed vehicles not counting towards CITy zone object limit. (Arran + Violet)

Tuesday 24th August 2021
- Forum: Added 2 new categories for organizing community group related boards and media related boards. (Arran + Coke)

Monday 23rd August 2021
- Fixed CITphone properties app showing rental costs of businesses that have no rental cost. (Arran + RaHuL)
- Fixed being frozen for 3 seconds if you buy armor from a box but don't get it due to recently hurt. (Arran + Arnold)
- Fixed being able to warp to other dimensions with the ammunation shop panel. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed City Engineer job not having a marker at LS employment office and LS mall. (Arran + Babushka)
- Fixed Waste Manager job being broken while playing co-op mission. (Brian + Ayoub030 + Coolwolf)

Saturday 21st August 2021
- Added a phone button that will open the most recent magazine of CIT News. (Vampire + Legacy)

Friday 20th August 2021
- Fixed being able to get negative explosives by making fireworks when insufficient explosives. (Arran + KakCraft)
- Re-enabled Java's health boost on kill script. (Arran + chaiNN07)

Wednesday 18th August 2021
- FightForHonor promoted to L7 group. (GLM Team)

Monday 16th August 2021
- Disabled minigun in criminal event dimension. (Arran + Farhan-Khan)
- Disabled all LV preferences, replaced with permanent settings based on the forum vote. (Arran + daddy)
- Disabled being able to shoot while tasered due to being invincible when tasered. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)

Thursday 12th August 2021
- Added Marshmello hat to '/viphats'. (Vampire)
- Fixed speed camera being broken. (Arran + Seville_blv)
- Fixed fully muted players being able to use group / squad deposit / withdraw / info to talk. (Arran + Ptole)
- Fixed fire fighters not being able to spawn a fire truck by standing at a static fire truck and pressing enter vehicle. (Arran + Vampire)
- Due to abuse only police chiefs and criminal bosses can place barriers inside criminal events. (Arran + iRaMoS)

Wednesday 11th August 2021
- Added Chevrolet Caprice, Vapid Torrence Police SF, Chevrolet Suburban FSB & Chevrolet Caprice Brougham to '/carmods'. (Arran + Monster)

Tuesday 10th August 2021
- Added a new criminal event called Goods Shipment (GS) at LS docks. (Farhan-Khan)

Monday 9th August 2021
- Added a search box to vehicle shops. (Arran + Lucky)
- Fixed an exploit where you could finish Cement Progress in City Engineer job faster. (Senza + Drago)
- Fixed cops being able to bypass armed robbery anti rush by entering with an aircraft. (Arran + WooDy)
- Improved readability and removed redundant info from house shop GUI. (Arran + iFrank)

Sunday 8th August 2021
- On foot civilians inside the armed robbery area won't be visible to cops and wanted players in the area. (Arran + ArroW)

Saturday 7th August 2021
- Disabled "extra air resistance" (some GTA SA feature that made cars slower in certain places). (Arran + Danzy)
- Fixed some vehicle models like Hydra not working in SOchase event. (Senza + Known)
- Fixed being able to use '/gojob' while falling to reset fall speed. (Arran + RaMoS)
- Added City Engineer support to '/go' for those with level 10. (Arran + Violet)
- Added information about '/lspd' and '/jobs' (commands for new players) to F3 Opportunities GUI. (Arran + Vampire)
- CODE promoted to L7 group. (GLM Team)
- Global_Army promoted to L9 group. (GLM Team)

Friday 6th August 2021
- Possibly fixed some gun mods randomly being disabled when reconnecting. (Arran + RaMoS)
- Fixed gangsters being able to avoid damage by being in a vehicle in a safe zone. (Arran + WooDy)
- Fixed exploits about using return to employment office while in event dimensions. (Arran + Magneto)

Thursday 5th August 2021
- Account recovery can now be done without entering an account name for those who forgot their account names. (Arran + Coke)
- Fixed a rare bug where Train Drivers sometimes get teleported from Las Venturas underground tunnel to Los Santos. (Nuko + Vorgus)
- Fixed Waste Managers being able to use static vehicles to collect trash bags faster. (Brian + RaMoS)
- Deleted 2 chimneys in KACC turf due to them being abused constantly by exploiters. (Brian + Goldnugget)

Monday 2nd August 2021
- Removed hourly costs from all businesses. (Arran)
- Fixed some exploits related to moving while buying clothes. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed not being able to apply tuning to vehicles in test drive dimension. (Arran + Fantasy)
- Added a settings tab for City Engineer job's GUI where you can change various settings. (Senza + Precious)

Sunday 1st August 2021
- '/modshop' can now be used when test driving a car from a car shop. (Arran + Coolwolf)

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