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26 08, 2020, 02:28:20 pm by Vampire | Views: 373 | Comments: 9

I will make it short as this suggestion is pretty much simple. You all know that the armor pickout in this AR is very exposed and basically you become an easy target if cops are in a high place.
I'm proposing to move it to the following place:

Either way, the armor pickup will be moved slightly as some criminals are abusing it as they can buy armor through the wall, so I'm suggesting moving it to another place.
15 08, 2020, 12:50:20 pm by Extreme | Views: 594 | Comments: 20

I have recently noticed that the sport car Super GT has gained quite a lot of popularity in the server, as it's a really great car with good acceleration, almost no drag (if properly tuned) and has a solid price. The car is somewhat limited in terms of modding, as it currently doesn't have any variants. Sure you can change the wheels and the color, but I (and many others) don't think that's sufficient for this car.

Anyway, I'm suggesting to add a new variant, which turns the car into a convertible. I'm sure many players will appreciate and use this variant because the car will get a cool alter look, therefore making it distinctive from other Super GTs. The car also has custom default wheels, but it's up to the developer to decide whether to keep them or not.

It's also important to point out that the model is low poly, both .dff and .txd files count up to just 240kb, which will have little to no impact on the overall server performance.

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Download link:

I have re-uploaded the model files as the download link on the original site is broken. Though I have still managed to extract the required contents of the mod, but incase anyone wants the original download link site you can find it here.
30 07, 2020, 04:01:22 am by TactiX77 | Views: 965 | Comments: 31

Hey. I'm suggesting an addition of a new variant for Freeway which is removing this part:
and keeping the saddlebags which gives us more options to change the style of the bike since it's so limited, MC community is getting bigger day by day yet we only have a few options in terms of customization.

Brian said it's possible to split it here but the topic was locked due to inactivity I suppose.

I hope to see this addition soon in the server, simple but really matters for us.

Adding this as an additional option for Brian to add, if possible.
More variants for freeway? :cool:

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Download link:

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Download link:

Note: Any part could be removed from the freeway variant if the developer feels about making it look cooler.

Found by @Chapo, credits go to him. Add this into your topic @TactiX77
21 07, 2020, 07:44:37 am by Omar | Views: 1229 | Comments: 40

The suggestion: Adding a new icon for the armed robbery, replacing the current one with something like this one:


In case you don't want to use Triads icon.

The reason to get implemented: I've seen many criminals, that get mixed between the ammunition shop and the armed robbery icons since they both have the same icons. Several ammunition shops exist near armed robberies, so it makes it harder to define the current armed robbery location especially for newbies. I guess this is a simple replacement it's just an icon. In addition to that if you have a better icon you can post it below in a reply, I'll consider it for sure.
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* Changelog

Saturday 19th September 2020
- You will see who wins 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in '/race' races if you've already won / left the race. (Arran + PiNo.)
- You can now see your own deaths and kill death ratio in '/stats'. (Arran + BlackBear)
- Added a new taxi passenger type, intercity passenger (blue icon) which are long journeys. (Arran + UncleDrew)
- Added custom address to CITphone radio for personal, house, apartment and car radio. (Arran + Harb)
- Kill assisters in armed robberies will now get 30% of the rewards. (Arran + North)
- Reset all race timers on '/race'. (Arran + Known)
- Forum: Added links to the rosters of EMs, CBs, PCs, SOs, guiders, DJ hosts and news publishers to the community roster. (Arran)
- Fixed miner job being able to earn around 50% more than other jobs. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)

Friday 18th September 2020
- Added a new armed robbery 'car parts dealer' which gives engine parts instead of money as a reward. (Arran + EfeC)
- Fixed having to pay $2000 for firing hydra missiles in non main dimensions. (Arran + ManosGR)
- Fixed criminals and gangsters getting a wanted level for assisting with the van heist even if they are AFK. Also reduced the range from 40 to 20 meters. (Arran + Omar)
- Reduced fuel transporter level up requirements by 10%. (Arran + Liso)
- Added 'Alliance Chat Color' and 'Squad Alliance Chat Color' to '/settings'. (Arran + BlackHeart)
- Possibly fixed the script bug that caused the server to freeze. (Arran)

Thursday 17th September 2020
- L3 groups' leaders and deputies are able to access '/groupspt' panel to see anonymous information on L3+ groups average activity. (Brian + Dredd)

Wednesday 16th September 2020
- AI Trader will only buy stuff once listed for 5 seconds so you have a chance to cancel accidental trade. (Arran + Toby)

Thursday 10th September 2020
- Added 2 new variants to Infernus. (Vampire)

Friday 4th September 2020
- Made monster trucks not collide with other vehicles even if driven by a wanted player. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed being able to use '/hitme' while hurt recently. (Arran + Vampire)

Wednesday 2nd September 2020
- Moved all existing vehicle shop locations to a new category in /gps called 'Vehicle Shops', also added some missing locations. (Vampire + Jaguar)

Tuesday 1st Spetember 2020
- Salar promoted to L4. (Brian)

Saturday 29th August 2020
- Omar added as trial staff. (L4+ Staff)
- Account name of punished player will show at end of punishment lines for groups that use '/gmp'. (Arran + Addicted)
- Fixed being able to craft armor while repairing a vehicle. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed 'Miner' not showing correct job progress in 'F3' opportunities GUI. (Arran + Slash)
- Fixed the 3 second freeze not working that cops get when entering armed robbery area with a jetpack. (Arran + Vampire)

Friday 28th August 2020
- Modified armor pickup position in DPD and LSA due to being in an open and unfair place. (Vampire + TheGam3r23 + Community)

Thursday 27th August 2020
- Moved Ghost Town armor pickup to inside the wooden house, a better and safer place for criminals. (Vampire + Community)

Wednesday 26th August 2020
- Kuldeep, Slow, Toby, Extreme, FalconHawk, EfeC, Danzy added as trial staff. (L4+ staff)

Tuesday 25th August 2020
- You can now unlink your discord account by using '/dunverify'. (Relerx)

Sunday 23rd August 2020
- When a cop enters the armed robbery area while using a jetpack, they will be frozen like if they removed it near a wanted player. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- The setting 'Choose Alliance Nametag' now accepts an RGB color code instead of just 'Green'. (Arran + Roxen)
- Jetpacks will not require or consume any nitrous in the event dimension. (Arran + Sinon)
- Made the vehicle 'Dune' unable to collide with other vehicles like how the monster trucks are, for the same reason. (Arran + Vampire)

Friday 21st August 2020
- Fixed shamal interior passenger script repeatedly warping you out of the interior when the plane sinks in water. (Arran + Combat)

Wednesday 18th August 2020
- Updated some out of date information in the 'F3' opportunities GUI. (Combat + Arran)

Tuesday 18th August 2020
- Added a new variant to Freeway and a roadster variant of Super GT. (Vampire + Extreme + TactiX77)

Saturday 15th August 2020
- Fixed an important bug that left PC/SO members with access to features even after their removal. (Vampire + Brian)

Friday 14th August 2020
- Fixed squad join in squad history being recorded twice each time someone joins. (Arran + Toby)
- L2. Ptole, L2. Sugar and L2. Brand promoted to L3. (Brian + Burner)

Tuesday 11th August 2020
- Fixed the armed robbery script killing people waiting for ship robbery criminal event when drug shipment armed robbery starts. (Arran + Cytrx)
- Fixed the shown ID not working when pressing X and clicking on a barrier to request the barrier placer to remove it. (Arran + Vampire)

Sunday 9th August 2020
- Replaced Armed Robbery blip with a more visible and unique blip. (Brian + Omar)

Wednesday 5th August 2020
- Fixed group and squad warnings daily reduction only going down to 1% instead of 0%. (Arran + Toby)

Monday 3rd August 2020
- Fixed the random invincible ped (MTA sync) bug. If a buggy ped does not appear to die they will become semi visible and no longer attack you. (Arran + Diamond + Combat)
- Fixed being able to enter a house while robbing a store. (Arran + Combat)

Saturday 1st August 2020
- Fixed not being able to deliver the hijack vehicle if the delivery point is within a riot area. (Nuko + AsTa)
- Fixed being able to detonate satchels using key bind even when firing is disabled. (Arran + chaiNN)
- Fixed / made it harder to abuse a GTA / MTA bug that caused you to get more ammo in your clip from reloading. (Arran + chaiNN)

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