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26 01, 2021, 10:57:53 pm by Axe | Views: 1326 | Comments: 48

Well, I'm suggesting to decrease the timer of jetpack to be able to get it from 30 seconds to 10 seconds, many players including me find this annoying af. You should wait 30 seconds to get a jetpack  even you can recover a car and run away but it's not the problem, some people camping over buildings so they shoot me 1 bullet so I can wait 30 seconds till they armor and prepare themselves which doesn't make any sense So, i'm suggesting to decrease it for BOTH SIDES (Gangsters and Cops). It was suggested by a guy who doesn't play the game anymore (Inactive) 30 seconds are way TOO MUCH so 10 seconds sounds acceptable and decent for something like this. Share your thoughts below.
26 12, 2020, 10:04:38 pm by Cherry | Views: 1626 | Comments: 11

Hi, this discussion is based on criteria 2: reducing inconvenience.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a moron who accidentally presses enter while driving either due to trying to type in localchat or because I somehow press f instead of d. If you do this while being a bus driver, your entire route is cancelled. This is an inconvenience as you have to start all over simply for being a moron. Or, your route is cancelled because you're trying to fix your vehicle in the middle of nowhere, and if you're a terrible driver like I am, this happens quite often. I'd like to see this changed, perhaps by allowing bus drivers to exit the vehicle for up to 1 minute, or allowing them to exit the vehicle and stay within a certain range.

What do you guys think?
22 12, 2020, 07:15:08 pm by Emre | Views: 34212 | Comments: 24

Hi dear CIT C.,
Today I'm here with a car that was replacing Feltzer many months ago before it got removed by Brian. The car was basically a fast 2 door coupe with 1m as the price tag. Many people want this car back because it was a total classic carl and it was a fast one since it's handling was moded as well. I will add some comment logs about this car. And the logs are recent.
Show content
(LS) [CIT]Brian: I give you a task if you want to have Dragon RT back
(LS) [CIT]Brian: Find a low poly version of that car
(LS) CzN|MacMan: I used to win all classic car shows with it :sob:
(ADVERT) [ICM]IdleJoe[SAPD]: #BringBackDragonRT
(LS) [ICM]IdleJoe[SAPD]: Because I want the Dragon RT back
There was many more examples like these comments in various chats but these are the ones I could find.

I tried to find the lowest mb mod could possible on the internet as Brian wanted a low poly one of this car.
Mod 1
Mod 2
21 12, 2020, 07:32:37 pm by Avices | Views: 146821 | Comments: 11

hello everyone I have a suggestion, I found out two available skins are quite suitable for adding to Police Detective, but you also have skin 295 isn't he Mike he's a secret agent too covered, I feel pretty good adding to the Police Detective, besides this skin has a lot of people with Customskins on it and so I wanted to make it usable all but inside the deals. The Police Detective's appearance also has a lot of good skin, but it doesn't matter to the player to ask for it and It's quite like the police chief, don't get me wrong, it's just like that, skin 147 does looks like he should be added to the job for example, (Police Officer or Police Detective) for example, besides the skinning I requested seems quite suitable for Police sometimes players who have Customskins without permission Using the police job, that's the problem. As you know wanting to use these available skins is not available at the LSPD. That in the level 6 groups is only allowed to use them, so I would like to ask to add two skin 147 and 295  LSPD will match the police problem I explained to you, thanks for reading them and your time, best regards Avices

Note that this skin is available in the game for a long time, make no mistake that Mod it will take a lot of time
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* Changelog

Monday 8th March 2021
- Fixed 'X' -> 'Go Gangster' not working since yesterday. (Arran + WooDy)

Sunday 7th March 2021
- Removed the additional wait time that criminals, gangsters and police had to wait before they could equip jetpack after taking damage. (Arran + Axe)
- The weed drug effect will now apply in apartments. (Arran + kubeQQQ)
- Merged country chats: Lebanon (LB), Jordan (JO), Kuwait (KW), Iraq (IQ) and Qatar (QA) into M.E. (Middle East). (Arran + RicaRdo)
- Players with under 16 hours of play time will have to do 'have job' in the job description GUI when they do '/gangster'. (Arran + Emre)
- Added pilot altitude hold system for planes that can be used by '/assist' command. (Senza + HarwoodButcher + Pilovali)

Friday 5th March 2021
- Redesigned LSO Armed Robbery. (Danzy + Virus)

Thursday 4th March 2021
- Fixed assister name being large when using the Legend kill message. (Relerx + TheGam3r23)
- Fixed ignore lists not saving properly. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)

Wednesday 3rd March 2021
- PC/CB voice messages now show messages on team chat. (Senza + Traxex)
- Added 'Tony Cipriani' skin from Liberty City Stories (ID 1061). (Brian + Zombiie)

Tuesday 2nd March 2021
- Added 6 Racing/Bike helmets to '/viphats'. (Brian + Mohammad)
- Upgraded '/myheals' to show (won't show, if none) healing done at bottom left of screen and who has the most healing for the CE / AR. (Arran + Ptole)
- Fixed most firework abuse by not allowing fireworks to be placed if there are 5 wanted players within 100 meters. (Arran + Axe)
- The 'You have exceeded the x maximum amount that can be earned per hour.' will now only appear once. (Arran + 9R)
- Added the ability to ignore entire groups or squads using '/ignore'. (Senza + Mec0)

Monday 1st March 2021
- Added '/wepskin' (or '/weaponskin') to select your weapon skin. All Top 25 players from last season have been given a special weapon skin that will expire at the end of this season. (Relerx)
- Season 1 has been released! The season will run from 1st March 2021 to 9th June 2021. Many new rewards have been added and the final reward is a special skin pack for which more information will be released soon! (Relerx + Dimit + Gokberk)
- Added 3 new models to spoilers in vehicle modification shops. (Brian)

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