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31 07, 2022, 07:47:50 pm by MetallicaGR | Views: 543 | Comments: 28

Hello everyone !
I know that this suggestion might sound weird :cringe: but hear me out !

The reason I am making this suggestion is that recently I was looking through the different weapon mods that the server provides out of couriosity since I like to look/try different mods and it came to my attention that there is a mod for every weapon in the game except the Dildo.

So I went online and
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did something that I never thought I would say seriously
I started looking out for different dildo mods that might look nice fitting to be used on the server. I found a few that looked interesting and I added each and everyone of them bellow along with their respected link and pictures. Some of them are basic and others are total re-skins so I added them in order bellow from the most basic one to the weirdest ones.

I know this sounds weird but I think it would be nice if the dildo got some love in the form of a modded skin :D . Even though it's a useless weapon that doesn't see much use on a daily basis it still has a Role Play purpose.

Original HD Dildo 1

Original HD Dildo 1

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This was the first one I found which is the simplest one out of them all. It is just a HD version of the original dildo upscaled with not much going on. I only added it just in case there is an issue with the rest of the mods.

HQ Dildo

HQ Dildo

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With this one we are starting move into the modded territory. Out of all I would say that this one is my least favorite but I added it in case that people might like it.

Remastered Gun Dildo

Remastered Gun Dildo

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This one is one of the best looking ones if not the best one. It's a remastered version of the original dildo in all of it's glory.

Hot Dog

Hot Dog

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So this one I think it's one of the funniest and my personal favorite so that's the reason I included it. If I had to choose one that doesn't look like the real deal then it would be this one.



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Well it speaks for itself... Not much need to be said about this one. Putting it into salads isn't its only use ;).

29 07, 2022, 12:07:33 pm by DeathWish | Views: 313 | Comments: 18


Today I was playing firefighter and after an hour of playing I found something that seriously annoyed me which was my inability to know how much time left for the mission to fail and how many fires I extinguished so I came to the forum to suggest they should be added.

My suggestion: Adding a mission timer one like the CE where once you are inside the zone of the fire as a firefighter it shows you how many minutes and seconds left.

Also, a counter to many fires were extinguished for example if there's 70 fires to extinguish it should show 70/70 and every fire we put down it should go down 69/70 68/70 etc.

Why? Well, it's a quality of life update that make firefighter a bit more bearable and helps you knowing some info on how good you're doing
27 07, 2022, 07:41:56 pm by daddy | Views: 787 | Comments: 52

What is the suggestion going about?: Adding a delay switching weapon after firing sawed-off
Description: I've reported a bug about Deagle-sawed and the delay of firing wasn't enough so I was discussing at LV discussion discord with players about the current situation and they suggested making the delay instead of putting increasing Deagle delay then another meta will come with tec sawed meta for example.
What would this suggestion improve: current combat fights are Deagle-sawed and repeat or other weapons with single sawed-off and repeating it while single sawed-off is still op even after nerfing the double one since LV game speed is more than LS so the reload is not that slow in LV for single sawed-off yet high damage.
Why does this need to be added?: It's totally unwanted in LV because single sawed-off deals with high damage + Deagle damage so it's annoying here.
Can you provide us with any examples?: here is a video of a sawed-off reload being easily bypassed
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Another example of another way is the Deagle-Sawed combo:
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26 07, 2022, 12:57:08 pm by MetallicaGR | Views: 544 | Comments: 16

Hello CIT community !

Today I got a suggestion that came to me recently based on a new players question.

So recently there was a riot in JFM and uppon calling on more criminals on the team chat there was a new player that barely had 10 hours who wanted to join the riot. We told him to come and join us on JFM and the first thing he asked was how to recognize JFM on the map. We told him to use /gps to find JFM and that there is no blip on the map.

After that I thought to myself that it will simplefy things a lot for newer players if there was an actual blip icon for JFM since most of them wouldn't know about the /gps command or even know how to use /gps.

I am aware that the location of JFM has currently a lot of blips surrounding it so I came up with a solution to this problem. I suggest that the blip will only appear every time there are more than 2 players inside JFM and it will marked on people's minimap the same way other blips do.

This will help people know if there is any riot going on inside JFM and will especially help newer players since most of them might even go there just out of curiosity.

I found 2 blips that might do the job and made a 3rd one myself. The first one is from GTA III, the second one from Vice City and the last one is the dollar sign from San Andreas which I took and changed it's color to red since there is already an organge one for hits.

Suggested blip 1 GTAIII:

Suggested blip 2 Vice City:

Suggested blip 3 Custom:
Pages: 1 2 [3]

* Changelog

Thursday 11th August 2022
- Added 2 new event manager settings (/emset). U: Disables drugs. V: Whole map is like being in LV. (Arran + daddy)
- Increased the price of super adverts from $150 per receiver to $300. (Arran)
- Set max FPS to 100 if using the newest version (get from as MTA contributor, Merlin, fixed many FPS bugs. (Arran)
- Removed the unnecessary mutable chat offence about posting non English super adverts. (Arran)

Tuesday 9th August 2022
- Added a new armed robbery, 'Construction Site'. Located south of Glen Park in Los Santos. (Brian + Vampire + Danzy)

Sunday 7th August 2022
- Added Electrician job to today's top list inside F1 documentation GUI. (Danzy + Legacy)
- Replaced not being able to enter the criminal event if hurt in last 10 seconds with can't enter if fired weapon in last 8 seconds. (Arran + Axe)
- Fixed being able to abuse house sales to transfer money by counting buying a house as a cash transfer. (Arran)
- Added salute emoji in-game (say o7) and on forum (:o7:). (Arran + CwN)

Thursday 4th August 2022
- State Officials can now enable / disable job competition scores from being seen by players. Use '/soevent score' to view. (Nuko + Jokey + SO Team)
- Added 'Yesterday's Top' column to 'Todays Tops' in F1. (Arran + Jokey)
- LV: Added 500 ms delay switching weapon after firing with sawed-off. (Arran + daddy)
- Fixed Roleplayers team not showing job level on scoreboard. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- Fire Fighters can now use '/firesleft' to get an updater much like /ce update, shows mission time left and fires put out. (Danzy + DeathWish)

Tuesday 2nd August 2022
- Fixed custom group job skin for criminal and gangster teams not being loaded when reconnecting. (Arran + WooDy)
- Fixed message about criminal event ending in 2 minutes appearing when there's only 1 minute left. (Arran + TheA14x)
- Fixed being able to start Vagos House and Sprunk Factory armed robberies from outside the buildings. (Danzy + Zeth)

Sunday 31st July 2022
- The_ReNeGaDeS promoted to L9 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed being unable to change account password from CITphone. (Danzy + Crash28)

Saturday 30th July 2022
- Fixed official groups' members being able to set their own job occupation to opposing teams. (Danzy + Zeth)

Friday 29th July 2022
- Added the ability for State Officials to create job competition events. Currently supports the following jobs: Fire Fighter, Fuel Transporter, Trucker, Taxi Driver, Waste Manager, Street Cleaner, Bus Driver and Electrician. (Nuko + DeathWish)
- Added another method of placing a mystery box for State Officials. (LiL_BabY + Nuko)
- Replaced '/logs' command with a tab inside the F7 market GUI called 'Trading Logs'. (Danzy + Cerberus)

Wednesday 27th July 2022
- Fixed peds from the police chase mission getting stuck inside of a car at times. (Nuko + Mohammad)
- Fixed being able to kill peds from police chase and vehicle robbery using vehicle weapons. Added a red message to make it more clear. (Nuko + Crash28)
- Added ability to ping location '/cping' for PC/CB to communicate with team, can by disabled in '/settings' (Riddy + T0Y-B0Y + Arya)

Tuesday 26th July 2022
- Fixed custom respawn window being outside screen borders/not allowing players to spawn at certain spawns. (Arran + R0T)

Monday 25th July 2022
- Fixed cops not being able to enter criminal events when an armed robbery is in the same place as the criminal event entrance. (Arran + TheCwN)
- Moved DPD Armed Robbery's ped to a more criminal-friendly position (inside garage). (Brian + T0Y-B0Y)

Sunday 24th July 2022
- Added '/cat'. (Vampire)

Saturday 23rd July 2022
- Added Silver Chrome Weapon Pack to /gunmods. (Vampire + MEGO)
- Fixed being able to finish State Official events with disabled vehicles. (Danzy + CoPe)
- Fixed music speakers getting deleted if placed inside a group base that's a safe zone. (Danzy + Jagwar)

Friday 22nd July 2022
- Added 'hold' (hold this position) to '/vm', '/gvm' and '/svm'. (Nuko + TomHartS2)
- Added a $150,000 reward for becoming APB. If a cop kills you they earn $150,000 too. If you made an assist, you get $50,000 and the killer $100,000. (Nuko + R2003)
- Fixed an exploit where you could manipulate global average sale price of an item on the market. (Brian + Impostor)

Thursday 21st July 2022
- Group leaders can block their base gate open to allow free entrance to players. (Danzy + Uzaki)

Wednesday 20th July 2022
- Added 33 new vehicle mods to /vehmods. Check topic=385347 for the full list. (Vampire + Traxex)

Tuesday 19th July 2022
- Re-enabled house selling. (Arran)
- Restored houses that were bought due to the for sale bug to their rightful owners and reverted the cash transactions. (Brian)
- Fixed AI Trader listings being missing from F7 market. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- If you login with less money than you had it's because you received exploiter money from FFH_FR / [FFH]Nvidia. (Arran)
- Blocked the sale of houses until the houses that were wrongly sold are returned to original owners. (Arran)
- Set every house not for sale due to some random bug which caused houses to all be set for sale. (Arran)
- Fixed a bug where you could receive $90,000,000 from the todays tops reward. (Arran + 9R)

Sunday 17th July 2022
- Added Sultan and Huntley mods to /vehmods (Vampire + DanzYT)
- Added 2 Raindance mods to /vehmods. (Vampire + TomHartS2)

Friday 15th July 2022
- HazardClique promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)

Thursday 14th July 2022
- Fixed F7 offers system not working. (Arran + Legacy + Mazenolla)

Thursday 7th July 2022
- Added the ability to make offers in F7 trading GUI if the seller enabled receiving offers. (Arran + zan)

Monday 4th July 2022
- Redesigned F7 trading GUI with buy and sell put into different tabs. (Arran)
- Re-enabled showing the remaining time to re-enter the CE when using '/ce' (Arran + Axe)
- Added team win streak to criminal events. (Arran + 9R)
- Fixed civilians not being made invisible to cops and criminals when they're in the riot area. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)

Sunday 26th June 2022
- Added support for dynamic highlights. '/highlights' GUI gives a small explanation on how to add them, what they do and which ones are supported. (Danzy + Freezing + Egekan)

Saturday 25th June 2022
- Police Chiefs are now able to create an anti riot plan. Use '/arwarp' to be warped when it is active. (Nuko + T0Y-B0Y)

Thursday 23rd June 2022
- Added a bonus payment after finishing all of your tickets as Electrician. (Riddy + Monster)
- Added 'Pin all' button to Electrician job panel. (Riddy + Risbo)

Saturday 18th June 2022
- Added new models for bigger bikes in /vehmods. Check topic=384614.0 for info. (Brian + R2003)
- Changed criminal event max duration from 10 to 15 minutes. (Arran + Cerberus)

Friday 17th June 2022
- Bank transfers can now include a transfer note, unless muted. (Arran + iFrank)
- '/buyrpg' can now be used in most dimensions. (Arran + Freezing.)

Monday 13th June 2022
- Added Electrician job rank and progress to player '/stats'. Added '/qs electrician' for a quick stat message. (Danzy)

Sunday 12th June 2022
- Added 'Electrician' job. Use /gps to find where to get the job. (Riddy)
- Added a fence at LV DM Arena to prevent players attacking those in the arena from the stadium roof. (Arran + Punjabi)
- Fixed graffiti count in squad tab of F6 always being 0. (Arran + Ahmed)
- Police computer configuration is saved over play sessions. (Arran + Mohammad)
- Removed the restriction that you can only attend a criminal event once. (Arran + Danzy)
- You can now recover your personal vehicles while inside the race track, blood bowl, demolition derby. Added recovery pads in them. (Arran + R2003)

Friday 10th June 2022
- Fixed exploit where an armed robbery reward could be given twice. (Arran + WooDy)

Saturday 4th June 2022
- Added graffiti count to group and squad tabs of the F6 GUI. (Arran + Miel)
- Fixed LS and LV take over messages appearing for players that shouldn't see them. (Arran + Zanpacto)

Friday 3rd June 2022
- Daily challenges GUI ('/dc') will now show time left until the daily challenges reset. (Danzy + TwCafe)
- When every turf in LS is taken by the same group, every gangster not in LV will receive a notification. (Arran + Uzaki)
- When every turf in LV is taken by the same group, everyone in LV will receive a notification. (Arran + Uzaki)
- Logging in during a triple XP or double pay event will output a message to your screen. (Arran + TwCafe)
- The 'Disable Group Tag Colors' setting will now work correctly when in LV. (Arran + Zanpacto)
- The mini-map GPS navigation line will now update as fast as what's set inside '/settings > Minimap update frequency'. (Danzy + BabY)

Thursday 2nd June 2022
- Added daily challenges for criminals that require finishing illegal trucker and drug trafficking missions. (Danzy + MrPringles)
- Increased criminal reputation points earned from robbing stores to 550 per robbery. (Danzy + 9R)

Wednesday 1st June 2022
- Added daily challenges for defending turfs and killing bounties. (Danzy + daddy + Nuko + Happy)
- Added civilian daily challenges for Fuel Transporter, Pizza Boy, City Engineer and Bus Driver. (Danzy + Coolwolf + ThanaReal + MrPringles + MiDo)

Monday 30th May 2022
- Made it easier for mechanics / traffic officers to identify the vehicle that needs to be towed, the engine will be smoking. (Arran + Freelimo)
- Disabled the anti respawn spam feature. (Arran + Ou$$aMa)
- Fixed group deletion GUI not fully displaying a message about how groups with less than 3 members get automatically deleted. (Arran + 9R)
- Fixed 'WARNING: LOW FUEL' message disappearing when the fuel drops below 1%. (Arran + MEGO)
- Fixed being able to recover your vehicle while picking up a box as a Delivery Man. (Brian + Magneto)
- Fixed being able to throw projectiles inside Secret Military Warehouse. (Danzy + VulKanN)
- Fixed not being able to search CITbook friend list by account name. (Danzy + Ramses)

Saturday 28th May 2022
- Added missing 3D blips for jobs that have drop-off points and similar tasks. (Danzy + Royal + Uzaki + Counter)

Thursday 25th May 2022
- 1337 promoted to L9 group. (GLM Team)

Tuesday 24th May 2022
- Lowered State Official event participation cooldown to 10 minutes. (Danzy + KaceM)
- If you type '/gps pns' '/gps mods' or '/gps gas', you will activate quick GPS to the nearest Pay 'n' Spray, modshop and fuel station respectively. (Danzy + BabY)

Monday 23rd May 2022
- Fixed 2 GUI's that would appear behind other GUI's when opened. (Arran + iFrank)

Saturday 21st May 2022
- Police Chiefs can now issue a team note visible to every online, on duty police officer. (Danzy)
- Fixed being able to put a minimum purchase quantity higher than the amount of goods you're intending to sell. (Danzy + Uzaki)
- L2. WooDy, Medusa and WizarD promoted to L3. (Head Staff)
- T0Y-B0Y, remaked, Revo, GaMeFeR, Drago and Ghost passed trial. (Head Staff)

Friday 20th May 2022
- Added ability to change F11's map text fonts through '/settings'. (Brian)
- Added minimap navigation (Press 'N' for directions) between bus stops for Bus Drivers if 'Automatic GPS' isn't set to 'Completely Off'. (Danzy + BabY)

Thursday 19th May 2022
- Auto APB script will now issue APBs on players that aren't in the main dimension. (Arran + mcdo)
- '/apartmentvalue' will now include how many items you have in your apartment. (Arran + CJGIANNHS)

Tuesday 17th May 2022
- Civilian job (except Medic) promotion requirements for all levels are now listed inside F3 opportunities. (Danzy)

Monday 16th May 2022
- Fixed dual sawn-off damage reduction not being applied since server restarted. (Arran + 9R)
- Fixed 'Group Whitelist' + 'Squad Whitelist' GUI's having incorrect position, missing close buttons and appearing behind other GUIs. (Arran + iFrank)
- Large planes can now only be recovered at airports. (Brian + Ptole)
- Fire fighters will now see a 3D blip placed at vehicles that have to be extinguished. (Danzy + Uzaki)

Saturday 14th May 2022
- Added '/addsquadspawn' for squads to create a respawn point near their interiors. (Brian + Dokt0r)

Thursday 12th May 2022
- Fixed being able to reverse when vehicle has no fuel. (Arran + Shinya)
- Re-designed the '/gps' panel. (Vampire + Danzy)
- Added City Engineer tasks completed amount to /stats. (Danzy + KaceM)
- Civilians can now respawn to 'Los Santos Mall' via the custom respawn feature. (Danzy + TwCafe)

Wednesday 11th May 2022
- Buying health from vending machines will now give you 200 food along with health. (Danzy + TwCafe)

Monday 9th May 2022
- Criminal trucker missions can now be performed with Flatbed, Yankee and Mule trucks. (Danzy + Happy)
- Added a 3D blip/distance indicator to Pilot job's destinations. (Danzy + Sasori)
- Added '/followanim <player name>' to mimic somebody's current animation. Same can be done through X > Click on the player. (Danzy + Egekan + SuperSonic)

Sunday 8th May 2022
- Civilian players will be invisible in the riot area. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- Added all Rapid Transport markers to '/gps' under the 'Rapid Transportation' category. (Danzy)

Friday 6th May 2022
- Modified '/vanheist' so that if it's in progress you can 'Press 'N' for directions'. (Arran + TomHartS2)
- Moved SAB to Star Tower. (Arran + iFrank)

Tuesday 3rd May 2022
- PC / CB / SO duty tags will be added to local chat messages. (Arran + TwCafe)
- Added 'Group Stats' button to F6 that displays statistics about your group. (Arran + HosttyBoy)
- Fixed being able to enter car shop mode if recently hurt when already entered the marker. (Arran + Tpac)
- Fixed not being able to recover the Articulated Coach. (Arran + HomoS)
- Fixed a recently introduced bug where vehicle weapons could damage vehicles that shouldn't be able to take damage from that player. (Arran + WizarD)

Saturday 30th April 2022
- Added back pickpocketing feature for criminals and gangsters. Press X, select a player near you and press 'Pickpocket'. (Brian + Starkid)
- Added PepeCop + PepeCop2 for L60 police and PepeCrim + PepeCrim2 for L60 criminals. Requires reconnect. (Arran + TomHartS2)
- Medics will earn an additional 50% more when healing players. (Arran + Cerberus)
- Added 'Top cop' (based on law points) to 'Todays Tops' of F1. (Arran + 9R)
- After dying and pressing 2 to select the nearest spawn point, if the default spawn point is closer, you will spawn there. (Arran + TwCafe)

Tuesday 26th April 2022
- Fixed some GUI's not having 'X' buttons to close them. (Arran + Brian + iFrank + Vampire)
- Fixed LS miner gold payments not taking into account payment multipliers like double pay event. (Arran + Seville_blv)
- Fixed the occupants of broken down aircraft not taking damage like they should. (Arran + 9R)
- Fixed '/carmods' search box not working properly for some vehicles. (Arran + TwCafe)
- Fixed LS miner job progress not increasing if above earn limit. (Arran + TwCafe)

Thursday 21st April 2022
- BGAT promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed hunter rockets hurting players on foot if the driver exits vehicle while rockets are in the air. (Arran + 9R + Drago)
- Fixed food sometimes being set to 1000 on login even if you had higher food than that. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)

Tuesday 19th April 2022
- Fixed VIP hats and all attached-to-player objects being broken for at least 20 days. (Brian)

Sunday 17th April 2022
- Added a character counter to the 'detailed explanation' section in /reports. (Danzy + Uzaki)

Saturday 16th April 2022
- All prices for group/squad bases/interiors and features has been doubled. Groups/squads with existing bases or interiors won't be charged anything extra until new changes are requested. (Land Development Team)

Friday 15th April 2022
- Improved F6 (Group, squad, unit) panel. (Vampire)

Wednesday 13th April 2022
- '/tagcolor' will now open a GUI to select custom tag color. To turn off a tag color use: '/tagcolor off'. (Arran + MEGO)
- When listing an item on F7, you will automatically post a message about it to 'Trading' tab of 'J'. (Arran + TwCafe)

Sunday 10th April 2022
- Made criminal event entrance safe zones larger. (Arran + No_Name)
- Fixed cops being able to issue speeding tickets while AFK camping in a safe zone. (Arran + TwCafe)
- 2022 Easter Eggs event is getting started 17th of April. Prepare yourself, check for more info.
- Players that are idle for more than 50 seconds will not take damage from hit targets. (Brian)
- Players will receive no damage from hit targets for 60 seconds if the attacking player went hit near them. (Brian)

Saturday 9th April 2022
- Halved promotion requirements of Waste Manager job. (Brian + Revo)
- Restored default skin ID 129 and moved its old mod to ID 1065. (Brian + TheGam3r23)

Wednesday 6th April 2022
- Ghost added as Trial Staff. (Head Staff)

Monday 4th April 2022
- Fixed squad blips not being shown when someone from your squad logs in. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- Fixed L9 vehicle refuel at base feature not refuelling to 120 when passed the fuel course. (Arran + iFrank)

Sunday 3rd April 2022
- Fixed base markers randomly disappearing every now and then. (Brian)
- You can now use /gpoll (same for /spoll) <time in seconds> <message> to set a custom duration for group/squad polls, minimum is 15 seconds, maximum is 1200 seconds (20 minutes). (Danzy + CJGIANNHS)

Thursday 31st March 2022
- Added a restriction that prevents players disrupting fights when they jump out of a hydra that then hits players. (Arran + Happy)

Saturday 26th March 2022
- SCORPIONS promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)

Friday 25th March 2022
- Remaked, Revo, T0Y-B0Y, Drago, GameFer, Rubby added as Trial Staff. (Head Staff)

Thursday 24th March 2022
- Fixed being able to drive the hijack vehicle with no wanted level if you entered it once and then was imprisoned. (Arran + Abdelrhman)

Wednesday 23rd March 2022
- Fixed being able to recover vehicles while on the moon. (Brian + HomoS)

Tuesday 22nd March 2022
- Reduced dual sawn off damage by 17%. (Arran + 9R)
- Fixed damaging yourself if you're in drive-by mode and hit your own car. (Arran + TwCafe)

Monday 21st March 2022
- Increased rewards for long hijack deliveries even more (up to 2.1 multiplier for 5000+ meters). (Arran + Thug)

Saturday 19th March 2022
- Players with less than 15 hours of playtime will be able to use '/rt'. (Arran + iFiras)
- Fixed sometimes not seeing criminal XP rewards if you are given XP multiple times around the same time. (Arran + Thug)
- Fixed hijacker extra pay / XP for long distances not giving as high as should be for extra long distances. (Arran + Thug)
- Added a confirmation message telling the costs when a player tries to create a new static vehicle. (Brian + HomoS)
- Added a female skin (ID 88) to Delivery Man job. (Vampire + Amy)

Friday 18th March 2022
- Improved LSPD and Bowling models so you have slightly better FPS in that area. (Vampire)
- Fixed vertex colors being too bright in Marina Office and Magneto Villa if the game is set to 'night'. (Vampire + Amy)
- Fixed large FPS drops around the open Burger Shot stores in LS with a lot of players/activity nearby. (Vampire)

Tuesday 15th March 2022
- Cops will only spawn with free armor if danger level (ratio of cops to wanteds) is 2+. (Arran + MEGO)
- Fixed being able to go AFK right after going gangster which was abusable. (Arran + HomoS)
- Removed not getting extra wanted level when starting an armed robbery if already got 2+ stars. (Arran + iFiras)
- Gangster team can't use jetpack in the main dimension. (Arran + 9R)

Monday 14th March 2022
- Long distance hijacker missions will now give more reputation points, using same multiplier as pay. (Arran + Thug)
- Fixed food truck saying Health+Food+Armor when it should only say Armor. (Arran + Shattah)
- Fixed a mechanic tow mission location being inside a group base. (Arran + Antonys)

Saturday 12th March 2022
- Double earning hour event will now include all resource payments. (Arran + TwCafe)

Friday 11th March 2022
- Disabled drop satchel when running feature due to being abusable. (Arran)

Thursday 10th March 2022
- L1. WizarD and Medusa passed trial. (Head Staff)

Wednesday 9th March 2022
- If auto craft food setting is enabled and not enough ingredients to make food, failed to craft message will appear. (Arran + MEGO)
- Fixed a criminal getting wanted if aiming out of a car that's driven by a cop. (Arran + MEGO)
- Fixed a hijack mission location being inside a group base. (Arran + Azot)
- Fixed not seeing the seconds left until '/criminal' works when recently playing as cop. (Arran + WildClawZ)

Saturday 5th March 2022
- Fixed vehicle and weapon mods that are enabled in '/vehmods' or '/wepmods' sometimes not staying enabled. (Arran + VulKanN)
- You can only place up to 12 satchels without detonating them to prevent a projectile limit bug. (Arran + daddy)
- Merged KZ (Kazakhstan) country chat with RU, BY and UA. (Arran + Azot)
- Fixed not being able to select your own group base from rapid transport GUI if recently died near it. (Arran + Thug)

Friday 4th March 2022
- Added unlockable emojis to '/stats' click on the names to see picture. Also added list of emojis to Help tab of F1. (Arran + TomHartS2)
- Improved ability to see hit targets on the map. (Arran + TwCafe)
- Added 'LS Turf Scores' to F1 GUI. (Arran + iFiras)
- Added a search box to CITphone radio app. (Arran + WildClawZ)

Thursday 3rd March 2022
- CAMORRA promoted to L9 group. (GLM Team)

Wednesday 2nd March 2022
- Fixed being able to be switched to gangster near hijacker vehicle using group job assignment. (Arran + HomoS)
- Added extra payment to hijacker missions when the delivery distance is long. (Arran + Thug)
- Fixed message when an LS turf is captured saying 'Unknown' for the turf's location. (Arran + DeathWish)
- Fixed getting wanted up to 3 times for entering the same hijacker vehicle. (Arran + WizarD)

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