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04 05, 2020, 01:26:28 am by Omar | Views: 726 | Comments: 27

I was at the LS Mall heping someone, after that he asked me how to change his moving style. So I had to take him all the way to the GYM so he can change it. there is already a place at the LS Mall that has a fihgting style marker, adding a moving style marker near it will really help newbies who want to change there moving style.
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03 05, 2020, 10:14:29 pm by Farhan-Khan | Views: 673 | Comments: 26

Hello Community,

So, recently we added a map called SR (Ship Robber) as a CE, we have been playing it for a while now but recently alot of players started complaining about it's map as  there have been some issues with it, Following are the reasons why it should be replaced.

  • The current map was made for a small number of players combat but few spots are really congested like the stairs at both sides which are really narrow and tight and make it impossible for the players to play which make it boring instead of having fun.
  • The map is small and confusing like a maze and after discussion with the community member I realized that they don't like it.
  • After making a poll to make the SR map big and replace it, we got the result where 60% were in favor to change it.
  • Recently we have tried some big maps like LC and after getting community opinions I got that majority of the community prefer big and open maps than a close map where they hold for ages till CE end.

What are the new changes?

  • Majority of the player miss the ACA CE so I have used the ACA ship for this CE which will also give it a taste of ship and after all we will get ACA ship to play once again as a CE which was loved my the community before.
  • The map is very open and wide comparing to the current SR CE.
  • The map has much more spots for hold/rush and some tactics if applied comparing to the current SR.
  • The map is not small and tight like the current one which get boring bcs of holding at tight spots for ages, the map will be open and none will be forced to camp at one place for a long time.

In Short the current map will be replaced with ACA ship map which is shown below in the video.

SR Map File:

Note for Arran: 
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EM[#EM + 1] = {-1427.126, 492.153, 179.351, -1422.290, 497.093, 168.218, 904, "SR", createMarker(2810.398, -2447.531, 13.632 + 0.6, "arrow", 1.5, 0, 255, 0, 150)}
cp[createMarker(-1368.411, 508.561, 180.506, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 255, 255, 153)] = {904, "Carrier Hall Way", 5}
cp[createMarker(-1370.339, 494.856, 172.346, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 255, 255, 153)] = {904, "Carrier Lowdeck", 5}
cp[createMarker(-1317.673, 490.645, 180.510, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 255, 255, 153)] = {904, "Ship Corridor", 5}
exits[createMarker(-1438.721, 497.164, 179.351+ 0.5, "arrow", 1.5)] = 904
exits[createMarker(-1406.507, 502.143, 168.218+ 0.5, "arrow", 1.5)] = 904
doors[createObject(14464 , -1432.199, 487.399, 182.300, 0, 0, 180)] = 904
doors[createObject(980, -1394.5, 490.700, 173.699, 0, 0, 90)] = 904
cePos[#cePos + 1] = {2809, -2447}
exitPos[#exitPos + 1] = {2801.056, -2437.011, 13.630, 90}
antiRush[#antiRush + 1] = {-1368.41138, 508.561, 180.506, -1386.161, 490.173, 172.346}

02 05, 2020, 02:08:35 pm by Endurna | Views: 8051 | Comments: 11

Hi, as the title says I'm suggesting that "/basekick all" will only kick non-whitelisted members! For example, if X is in the group whitelist (either whitelisted account it or X is member of a whitelisted group), and a member of the group that owns the base do "/basekick all", X will not get kicked out of the base.
Note: This applies only to "/basekick all". If you run the command "/basekick X", X will get kicked out.
In addition, we should have a feature to kick a specific group with "/basekick <group name>". (even if a player is a using his group name as a nickname, the whole group will get kicked) (even if the group is whitelisted, Its members will get kicked)
Why this is needed: For those who check the complaint board frequently, maybe you have noticed that in the last few weeks, the number of complaints against base invasion has risen a bit. And most of them got invalidated with reason "/basekick". However, sometimes you just don't have enough time to type "/basekick <nick>" to kick the guy before he kills you or one of your group mates. so you either do "/basekick all" and risk kicked alliance members or you risk letting yourself/your groupmate die.
01 05, 2020, 03:04:50 pm by Harb | Views: 894 | Comments: 41


Law farm is an area used by law side groups to organize trainings, meetings and large anti-crime operations. Inside this special base, law members will find car spawners with every kind of vehicle and equipment necessary to their purposes of fighting crime. Law units have been facing a problem trying to improve their fighting skills since there isn't any area which they could use to train without being disturbed by other players. I'm here suggesting the ability for law units to hurt each other inside of the Law Farm in order for our units to train hard and get to improve their tactics.

The Law Farm aims to help police officers improve their skills, get used to some tactics and prepare them for the field. Implementing this suggestion would be supporting many groups who fails to host their training session with the most efficient way possible and get their officers to change their jobs so it suits the training. Not to mention that hosting such trainings in main dimension leads to a lot of trolling from other players.

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* Changelog

Tuesday 14th July 2020
- Vancouver promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)

Monday 13th July 2020
- Fixed news reporter being able to see some news reporter blips on players in event dimension. (Arran + Liso)
- Added an additional 500 ms cool down to switching weapon after firing desert eagle to fix "fast deagle spamming". (Arran + Tommy)
- Groups that own a DD interior can now use '/createveh' command instead of the old limited vehicles marker. (Brian)

Sunday 12th July 2020
- Possibly fixed carshow car parkings being messed up by previous carshows. (Brian + Omer)
- Added new poses and new crack-idle animations. (Brian)

Friday 10th July 2020
- Fixed being able to drop an LV grenade if money is less than $2000. (Arran + Violet)

Tuesday 7th July 2020
- Added some new custom sniper crosshairs in /settings made by Xorke. (Brian + MeD)

Sunday 5th July 2020
- Made LS's 'Inside Track Betting' store robbable. (Vampire)
- You can craft a maximum of 2 barriers in store robberies areas to prevent abusive behaviour. (Brian + Omar)
- Fixed a way briefcase can be brought into a safe zone. (Arran + Sinon)
- Fixed when a cop releases an arrested player, they will see the message meant for the criminal. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed becoming invisible if doing '/pt' while buying CJ clothes. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed kills / deaths in law farm and apartments counting towards stats. (Arran + Combat)

Saturday 4th July 2020
- Fixed being able to keep cancelling criminal trucker missions in order to get a closer mission. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed being able to bypass certain job changing restrictions when using '/gojob'. (Arran + Combat)

Monday 29th June 2020
- Fixed the last online time shown in the messenger panel being very wrong. (Arran + Toby)
- Fixed seeing team count down even after dying. (Arran + TheHacker)

Sunday 28th June 2020
- Police can damage each other in law farm. (Arran + Harb)
- Fixed the restriction that prevented recovering vehicles in the armed robbery area being unreliable. (Arran + Harb)
- Fixed getting stuck after cancelling '/kill'. (Arran + Combat)

Saturday 27th June 2020
- Fixed the price of spanking being $500 instead of $5000. (Arran + EfeC)
- Fixed barrier 19 (police shield attached to player) being able to push vehicles. (Arran + Combat)

Thursday 25th June 2020
- Guards will stop shooting at their target when their owner dies. (Brian + Stone)
- Fixed being able to warp events while using space rocket. (Arran + Liso)
- Fixed losing any RPG ammo you have if you buy a minigun from ammunation. (Arran + SalaR)
- Fixed wanted players and hits being able to be inside a vehicle that is attached to another vehicle. (Arran + Diamond)
- Fixed certain payments that shouldn't be shared with other unit members being shared. (Arran + Vampire)

Tuesday 23rd June 2020
- Created a new staff position called Non Administrative Staff, meaning no punishment stuff. Added Vampire as first NAS. (Arran)

Monday 22nd June 2020
- Fixed still being able to craft 'Driller' even though it has no use still. (Arran + Vampire)
- 1337 promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)

Saturday 20th June 2020
- Frozen passed Trial. (Head Staff)
- Fixed breaking glass in some Armed Robberies. (Brian + SalaR)

Thursday 18th June 2020
- Fixed train driver getting spammed with duplicate messages when entering and exiting a low speed area. (Arran + Pollux)
- Fixed being able to attach the MPCC Truck to other vehicles like the cargobob which was exploitable. (Arran + Combat)
- Fixed players being able to capture an LV turf if they did an exploit that puts them in stealth mode. (Arran + Sinon)

Wednesday 17th June 2020
- Added a search box to the group and squad member lists. (Arran + Alexcho)
- Fixed the LS turf being attacked message almost never appearing and made it tell you the area of the turf. (Arran + reket)
- Reduced taxi driver level up requirements by 15%. (Arran + Sinon)
- Fixed being able to rob a house while doing a store robbery. (Arran + Combat)
- Fixed being able to unfreeze yourself when warping to an event where players are frozen if you warp there while being already frozen. (Arran + Harb)
- Fixed some casino prize winning text not matching the prize given. (Arran + EfeC)

Monday 15th June 2020
- Added a distance limit of 100 meters when placing fireworks to reduce possible trolling. (Arran + Sinon)
- Fixed a bug where the shamal and train passenger marker can remain even after the vehicle has disappeared. (Arran + Vampire)

Saturday 13th June 2020
- Criminals doing the armed robbery event can no longer be tasered. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- Fixed banned players being able to send screenshots. (Arran + Haisum)
- Fixed being able to place fireworks inside criminal events. (Arran + TheHacker)

Friday 12th June 2020
- Re-made the ship robbery map to use the inside of the aircraft carrier. (Farhan-Khan + Arran)
- Police stingers will disappear soon after whoever placed it dies. (Arran + fizz)
- Fixed traffic officers being able to catch people speeding outside of the main dimension. (Arran + Slow)

Thursday 11th June 2020
- Fixed mechanic repairing vehicle unable to change vehicle after repair complete that was introduced yesterday. (Arran + Omar)

Wednesday 10th June 2020
- Fixed not being able to select another or hide your vehicle if you try to get your car fixed inside the car show dimension. (Arran + Omar)
- Fixed not getting reputation points when completing a store robbery if money income limit has been exceeded. (Arran + Roxen)
- Fixed being able to get tazed in combat if aiming and moving with desert eagle, but you'd still get tazed if using a faster one like pistol. (Arran + Vibe)
- Fixed not being able to enter a criminal event in some cases like when it's 0 v 0 but 4 criminals and 0 cops outside it. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- Fixed an exploit where a troll mechanic could prevent you from selecting another / hiding / driving your vehicle. (Arran + Sinon)

Tuesday 9th June 2020
- Probably fixed an exploit where you could enter LV but be able to do certain things that are restricted in LV. (Arran + Sinon)

Sunday 7th June 2020
- Removed old car show areas and made a new indoor car show in Downtown LS (/gps). (Brian)

Saturday 6th June 2020
- Fixed being able to glue vehicles onto the Stafford, instead of non VIP players being able to glue to it. (Arran + Ptole)
- Removed 2 LS turfs that were in the LS mall protected area. (Arran + fr3o0on)
- Removed the warp back when you try exit LV as it was buggy. Now when you exit LV after just being hurt, you can still be hurt for 10 seconds. (Arran)
- Fixed '/sasc' (squad alliance staff chat) not working. (Arran + Stone)

Wednesday 3rd June 2020
- Added a squad alliance system (copied from group alliance system). '/squadalliance', '/sac', '/sasc'. (Arran + kubeQQQ)
- Fixed banned players being able to change their names. (Arran + Magnum)
- Fixed 3 players being able to exploit together to farm mechanic job progress. (Arran + Sinon)

Monday 1st June 2020
- Added a warp back if you try run out of LV when hurt in the last 10 seconds. (Arran + DarBka)
- Fixed sometimes getting kicked out of the van heist vehicle. (Arran + Diamond)

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