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15 11, 2020, 04:24:13 pm by SiFiras | Views: 390 | Comments: 18

Alright I'll not make it too long for you as it's super simple, my suggestion is to be able to dismantle you items in order to get materials (iron/oil etc..) and by that the players will be able to control more their earnings for example buying some melee weapons (knife/katana..) after usin them u can't sell them as none is buying em or usualy use em on fights as it's an RPG server the majority of the players are using heavy weapons or for example after buying a good amount of rings instead of just re trading and making 10% of profits u could dismantle em and sell the gold for more money and make more profits or sometimes your out of material (r) to craft (x) and the item (x) is not available on f7 (trading panel) or the prices are super high and you have another item (y) that contains (r) you'll be able to dismantle (y) in order to get (r) to craft (x)
Additional things to make the suggestion fair enough to be added:
The Item (x) will only give you 90% of the materials needed to craft (x)
12 11, 2020, 10:53:13 am by Axe | Views: 451 | Comments: 14

Howdy, I'd like to suggest this idea with the community, cops won't be able to enter the CE 6 mins before it starts

So basically, I've seen a lot of cops abusing this system by entering the CE when they're low then they craft armor inside the CE then they exit it and keep fighting the criminals at the AR (DS) for example, when they're low and had no armor they get in to avoid being killed by others criminals when they had full HP and full armor this happens for example DS (AR going on) and the CE (SR) they fighting the criminals then join the CE when they're low which doesn't make sense criminals are prevented from entering the CE 6 mins before it starts due to abuse so this suggestion must be implement to prevent them from abusing it. Share your opinion without being biased, thanks.
10 11, 2020, 07:54:52 pm by Slow | Views: 336 | Comments: 14

What criteria does your suggestion meet?

- Reduce inconvenience.
- Increase balance or fairness.

Some of the recent updates have improved the overall attendance rate in Criminal Events, but there's still a big issue. And before all of you come up with the statement of "Armed Robberies can't take place while a Criminal Event is in progress" then let me tell you that such a solution is not effective and this suggestion is different.

1) Issue: Imagine waiting 90 minutes for a Criminal Event but barely anyone attends because there's a bigger robbery in progress. Just to illustrate, take a look at the following screenshots:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Read the chatbox in the second screenshot: "AR was far more important. There were like 2 enemies in BR" which was a senseless statement because obviously everyone was at the Armed Robbery, thus, barely any people attended the Criminal Event. Thereupon, some individuals are valuing events based on useless and futile numbers rather than on the entertainment provided.

2) Solution: Make it so an Armed Robbery can't start within 8 minutes before a Criminal Event.

10 11, 2020, 06:34:59 pm by Vampire | Views: 349 | Comments: 14

You have access to teleport to your partner's houses using /rt or through the rapid transport pad if you are married, but when you die you don't see their houses listed when pressing 1, neither you have the ability to quickly respawn by pressing 2 although you should, as they are available in rapid transport as if they are your own houses.

To prevent players confusion and mess with your own houses, if you are married to someone and they have houses you can warp, they should be listed as * Marriage: when pressing 1, so they will appear at the bottom, such as the MPCC due to the usage of | symbol.
Developers can also add a new argument to 'Ignored Custom Respawns' if they think that players should have the ability to disable their partners' houses.
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* Changelog

Sunday 29th November 2020
- Vancouver promoted to L7 group. (GLM Team)

Saturday 28th November 2020
- Added '/soevent limit' which shows you how much time is left for the 30 minute SO event limit to reset. (Danzy)

Thursday 26th November 2020
- Added group and squad voice messages that can be accessed by /gvm and /svm. (Senza)

Tuesday 24th November 2020
- Added '/vm' for police chiefs and criminal bosses to play some voice messages to nearby team mates. (MacMan)
- Fixed stinger deployment via Enforcer and Regina Warthog not working since yesterday. (Arran + SquitZ)

Monday 23rd November 2020
- If a new player is asking something like "where to get a job?" you can tell them to use '/jobs' to be warped to SF employment office. (Arran + Emre)
- A stinger will only appear after the cop deploying the stinger has finished the animation. (Arran + purpleturtle)
- Increased reward for delivering LV briefcase by 100%. (Arran + Mode-XL)
- If you finish an armed robbery fast instead of having to wait before can start again, the start time will be increased. (Arran + thund3R)
- Fixed being able to abuse 'weed effect in vehicle' setting when using Hunter or Sea Sparrow. (Arran + #Nathan)
- You can now dispose of unwanted melee weapons by listing them for sale at the AI buys at price in F7. (Arran + iFiras)
- Fixed being able to list less than 10 hours of VIP on F7. (Arran + DraGo)

Saturday 21st November 2020
- Cops can't go AFK when a wanted player is within 100 meters. (Arran + TheGam3r23)
- Removed the no shooting for 8 seconds when switching to gangster while in LV. (Arran + Maximo)
- Re-added the anti team stacking feature (max 7 players unbalance) for criminal events. (Arran + IdleJoe)

Friday 20th November 2020
- Reduced cost of Tram from $2,000,000 to $5000. Reduced max speed to 40% of other trains. (Arran + Barcode)
- Added 23 more objects that can be added to CITy zones / apartments. (IDriver)

Thursday 19th November 2020
- Fixed LS turfs that were removed at prison releases and criminal villa re-appearing. (Arran + Syfear)

Wednesday 18th November 2020
- The earn limit will no longer apply to cash earnings. Instead there is a 90% tax on all earnings over your earn limit. (Arran)

Tuesday 17th November 2020
- When nobody wins the lottery, instead of your ticket lasting until someone wins, you must now enter again, so the prizes will be bigger. (Arran)
- Fixed the lottery not working. (Arran + Firebird)

Sunday 15th November 2020
- Removed the useless fence around LV airport. (Arran)
- Store robbery time left will reduce by 30 seconds when killing a cop. (Arran + Axe)

Friday 13st November 2020
- Added a new global server preference to '/settings' for 'Latency Reduction' feature that has bugs but increases sync. (Arran + KakCraft)
- Fixed not seeing "WP:" on HUD if using 'old HUD' and 'show uptime'. (Arran + TheGam3r23)

Thursday 12th November 2020
- Players will no longer be able to join the queue to enter a criminal event if it's been running for over 20 minutes. (Arran + Dimit)
- Blocked anyone from entering a criminal event if the event won't start within the next 6 minutes. (Arran + Axe)
- Increased the time that a new armed robbery won't start if a criminal event is starting soon, from 180 to 360 seconds. (Arran + Slow)
- MPCC spawn will not be accessible if the owner has not moved in 120 seconds. (Arran + Vampire)
- Added marriage partner houses to custom spawn list when re-spawning. (Arran + Vampire)

Sunday 8th November 2020
- Restored models of warehouses in LV. Made vehicles going near them get warped away, the owner gets also charged with some money for trying to exploit-blocking the entrances. (Brian)

Saturday 7th November 2020
- Getting a kill assist in an armed robbery will reduce time left to complete robbery by 30 seconds. (Arran + Axe)
- Increased car factory hourly productivity from 250 to 275 engine parts. (Arran + Zexeeo)
- Cops will get 10% of their damage done in armed robberies and criminal events in arrest points. (Arran + Barcode)
- Removed turfs where gangsters constantly deathmatch in outside the prison releases and criminal villa. (Arran + JimMys$)
- Fixed LV/JFM/SMW/DM zone top killer scripts not counting kills when the recently hurt player suicides. (Arran + chaiNN#)

Friday 6th November 2020
- Changed "Can't kill arrest non-violent criminals with less than 3 stars" to "30 wanted points". (Arran + Babushka)
- Fixed the armed robbery anti blocker script keeping players invisible who shouldn't be. (Arran + Arcanus)

Thursday 5th November 2020
- Non wanted players and non police inside the armed robbery area will be made invisible to stop blockers. (Arran + Dimit + IdleJoe)
- Moved the ped you aim at to start the 'Iron Storage' armed robbery to inside the small warehouse. (Arran + Maximo)
- Fixed '/fine' not working properly since the wanted points to wanted level ratios changed. (Arran + LouiseCook)

Tuesday 3rd November 2020
- Fixed the APB assist wanted level script giving too many wanted points since wanted level to points ratio changed. (Arran + Dimit)
- Upgraded '/settings' to now have 'Open Color Picker' to pick RGB colors easily and 'Open Crosshair Panel'. (Arran)
- Added a GUI to preview and select weapon and sniper crosshairs. Use /crosshairs to see. (Hanns + Danzy + TrippyXtraHot)
- Fixed a mechanic side mission location conflicting with a fire fighter mission. (Arran + MacMan)
- Increased balance between LS and LV turf earnings by doubling LV turf pay and removing weird random bonus from LS turf pay. (Arran + ManeXi)

Saturday 31st October 2020
- Added 'Press 2 to spawn at the nearest custom' when you die. (Arran + Senza)
- Increased lottery ticket price and prize 1000%. Increased number choices from 40 to 50. (Arran + Firebird)
- Fixed messenger attachment and map windows not being visible because they appear behind the main window. (Arran + Vampire)
- If you have set a default contact for default '/re' then the last person to SMS you will be reply-able via '/re2' (Arran + Vampire)

Friday 30th October 2020
- Bus Driver: Added a close replica of the old state route as '44B', look at the bottom of the routes window. (Danzy + Firebird)

Thursday 29th October 2020
- Fixed offline messages in '/messenger' never being deleted, now they are all deleted when opening messenger GUI. (Arran + Vampire)
- Cops will have to wait 30 seconds (like gangsters do) to equip jetpack after being last damaged. (Arran + Axe)
- Added '/shift' for quickly ending / starting your shift. (Arran + Raddy)
- Added '/re2 message here' to reply to the second person that SMS'd you. (Arran + Diamond)

Tuesday 27th October 2020
- CEMs can now place vehicles in the main dimension. (Relerx + Known)

Saturday 24th October 2020
- Fixed getting killed in the AFK dimension by a script that is meant to stop abusing network interruption. (Arran + Hanns)

Friday 23rd October 2020
- Fixed LV exploit about being able to shoot Desert Eagle and extremely fast. (Arran + daddy)
- The discord bot has been restricted to L1+ groups and squads due to new Discord limitations. (Relerx)
- Made custom cursor 23 in '/cursors' the default cursor because MTA's default cursor is too small. (Arran + rellic)
- Redesigned the buttons that appear top left when pressing 'X'. (Arran)
- Fixed 3D blips created by van heist, hijacker and briefcase not being removed when no longer needed. (Arran + Leonardo)
- Fixed a bomb disposal bomb location being slightly underground. (Arran + Vampire)

Tuesday 20th October 2020
- Added 5 variants to "FBI Rancher". (Vampire)

Monday 19th October 2020
- If you're fighting a player, then they suicide within 10 seconds of you harming them, you will be classed as the killer. (Arran + chaiNN)

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