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01 08, 2019, 12:20:06 am by Pepe | Views: 992 | Comments: 40

Hey there.

I know the all usual reactions to ''bring back'' and ''revert an update'' by our developers. But I've seen way, and I mean it, way too much confusion between the new players. I keep reading players in the civilian team chat who offer items and keep advertising the very same items over and over within minutes, just to end up asking why their stuff is not being sold. Both support chat and civilian chat, players keep seem to be confused about the system and even ignorant of it.

That said, it's not only highly confusing, but even annoying to start with. There's absolutely no reason for the system to be restricted to Market Areas, just with the justification of ''Role Play''. CIT was and will never be a solely based Role Play server.

Just revert the system and make the system back to what it was, solving many problems, one of which affect the new player base of CIT.
16 07, 2019, 10:22:29 pm by Cristiano | Views: 522 | Comments: 12

Hello to everyone. People use the factories to a great extent. They get other and profitable materials from the materials they have. But in doing so, they have to constantly check. My suggestion is this. For example, we can see how much time is left in the settings section to receive the daily entry prize. In this way, we can keep track of the duration of daily play. With the same logic, we can see the conversion times of the products in our factories. In this way, players who do not want to lose their factory will constantly try to get materials to put in the factory. Which means more labor. For example get the counter set for 1 hour. If the product we put in the factory is only 1 hour conversion, the counter will be 1 hour. However, the counter will change if it is 2-3 hours. Is there anything you'd like to ask? What are your ideas?

Edit: Photo added.
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* Changelog

Saturday 24th August 2019
- Fixed detail shader not disabling when FPS drops below the "Detail Shader" value in '/settings'. (Arran + speedy)

Friday 23rd August 2019
- Added "Disable Ped Sounds When FPS Below" to '/settings' to disable injury sounds and such. (Arran)
- Added "Disable Idle Engine Hum When FPS Below" to '/settings' with a default of 999. Pretend all cars have stop start technology! (Arran)
- Added "Disable Gun Shots When FPS Below" to '/settings'. Definitely recommended to edit this if you get unstable FPS in combat areas. (Arran)
- Added "Disable Foot Steps When FPS Below" to '/settings'. (Arran)
- Added a new setting to '/settings' called "Disable All Sounds When FPS Below". If you play without sound, set that high for more FPS. (Arran)

Thursday 22nd August 2019
- Far clip distance will automatically reduce itself when FPS is low as far clip distance (you can change it in /settings) hugely affects FPS. (Arran)
- Re-enabled a GTA SA performance feature (bit more FPS in some places now) called occlusions which we no longer need disabled. (Arran)

Wednesday 21st August 2019
- Updated /race with 20 new race tracks. (Vampire + kubeQQQ + Senza + remaked)
- When the criminal event 18 minute duration limit occurs, all players will be warped out instead of killed. Also added a warning 2 minutes before. (Arran)
- Fixed the rare occurrence of criminal events never ending due to 1 player being able to stay inside after the duration limit. (Arran + Vampire)

Friday 16th August 2019
- T0keN added as Trial Staff. (Leaders of the Staff Team)
- Trapsfall added as Trial Staff. (Leaders of the Staff Team)

Thursday 15th August 2019
- Fixed getting kicked if you press 'Z' many times very fast. (Arran + noax)
- Fixed criminals being able to enter over and over and without team balance restriction to criminal events. (Arran + Ismail)
- Added a new forum rank called New Community Member which all L4+ staff can assign without restriction. (Arran)

Wednesday 14th August 2019
- Scary_Killers promoted to L9. (GLM Team)

Tuesday 13th August 2019
- Criminal Events: Criminals can now join late but if they do won't receive the completion reward. (Arran)
- Set the default running style to 'Run With Most Weapons'. (Arran)
- Fixed criminal event anti rush script being broken. (Arran + Eleanor)
- Fixed LV turf spawn protection not working. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed group and squad history promotion and demotion filter not working properly. (Arran + MimoS)
- Fixed the cool down time message of '/res' being wrong and made the cool down time 2 seconds instead of 10. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed (not 100% sure) sometimes peds being invincible. (Arran + 3bood)
- Teams that have no players in them, won't take up space on the scoreboard. (Arran)
- Fixed marriage partner blip being visible in scenarios where it shouldn't be. (Arran + HomoS + Chin)

Sunday 11th August 2019
- Added a preference vote to '/settings' called 'Disable Pickpocketing'. (Arran + Dredd)
- Removed the market area requirements for listing and selling items on F7 as it just confuses new players. (Arran + Pepe)

Saturday 10th August 2019
- Removed the kill assist from kill messages due to people not understanding what basic means. (Arran)
- Increased max membership of squads from 150 to 200. (Arran + methodman)
- Fixed being stuck and dying if you enter a CE anti rush area while 1 enemy then another enemy joins. (Arran + Mec0)
- Fixed the update from yesterday doing too much damage to the player entering the vehicle. (Arran + applz')
- Added 'Forum' and 'Forum Rank' to '/stats'. (Arran)
- Added 'Rank' to the scoreboard which shows the users forum primary member group. (Arran)
- Added '/linkforumaccount ForumUsername ForumPassword'. Username isn't display name! (Arran)
- Updated /race. (Vampire + kubeQQQ)
- Fixed military and rebel medic not being able to heal team mates. (Arran + Ptole)
- Disabled cruise control in race dimension as it was exploitable. (Arran + kubeQQQ)
- Added a preference to '/settings' to make LV grenades not drop-able when running. (Arran + Mr.Sultan)
- Added a preference to '/settings' to make Molotov damage gangsters only. (Arran + MarK)
- The output of '/pr' now appears in a GUI window. (Arran + Vampire)

Friday 9th August 2019
- Hack fixed players being invincible while entering a vehicle, by allowing you to damage them by shooting the vehicle. (Arran)

Thursday 8th August 2019
- Added a preference to disable the use of '/guard'. (Arran)
- Added a preference to increase max hourly kills on the same player counted in kill stats. (Arran + PUMA.)
- Fixed kill messages sometimes being the wrong color for players since yesterday. (Arran + Haisum)
- Added 'Disable Minigun' to preferences in '/settings'. (Arran + Brand)
- Added 'Switch When Throwing Exploit' to LV preferences in '/settings'. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Added a preference that disables RPG cool down time. (Arran + Tazo)
- Criminal event anti rush won't take effect if there is only 1 player left. (Arran)
- Fixed deaths showing up in '/stats' when the preference to not show deaths is activated. (Arran + Jonio)

Wednesday 7th August 2019
- The anti vehicle rush that removes cops from vehicles to stop them driving right into an armed robbery won't apply to aircraft. (Arran)
- Added a new crime (Felony Transporting Felons) for those who abuse instant VIP recovery when not wanted. (Arran)
- Added a basic (for performance reasons even attacks that don't hurt are counted) kill assist to kill messages. (Arran)
- Quartz added as Trial Staff. (Staff Management)
- Removed redundant message about ammunation being out of stock. (Arran + Lazio.)
- Fixed being able to do criminal trucker missions without the trailer. (Arran + Haisum)
- Fixed the 'Nothing' walk style not working, you may see "Reset moving styles due to having invalid moving styles." (Arran + Ray)
- Fixed being able to drop a grenade in cases when your ability to throw one is blocked. (Arran + chaiNN)
- Redirected to the new domain. (Arran)

Tuesday 6th August 2019
- L3. Pilovali promoted to Senior Staff. (Staff Management)

Monday 5th August 2019
- Added the first ever global preference to '/settings' (Show Deaths / KDR in Stats) also added 1 for LV KDR. (Arran)

Sunday 4th August 2019
- Fixed being able to remain part of the battle royale event while using an exploit to get out of the dimension. (Arran + MaX15)

Saturday 3rd August 2019
- Removed the useless refresh button in '/stats'. (Arran + HomoS)
- Fixed 'Unoccupied' team not having their vehicles become collision-less like the civilian team. (Arran + Ismail)
- Fixed getting 5 seconds of invulnerability when using '/rt' on the location you're already at as it can be abused. (Arran + 3bood)
- Fixed being able to continue mining (Iron Miner job) after recovering a vehicle to yourself. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed being able to use '/eventwarp' while repairing a vehicle which resulted in being unfrozen in the event dimension. (Arran + Known)

Thursday 1st August 2019
- Fixed losing a grenade if you try dropping a grenade while in an LV safe zone. (Arran + Hazard)

Saturday 27th July 2019
- LS and SF main chats are merged so you will see both in chat box, if you have it show in chat box. (Arran)
- Added another LV preference to '/settings' called 'Sniper Instant Shoot'. (Arran)
- Fixed criminals being able to warp inside a house to rob it even if they were just recently hurt. (Arran + .Combat)
- To search for a vehicle in F2 GUI you will no longer need to remove 'Search' from the box. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to go underground by hiding the Kart when driving it. (Arran + Chin + Gzenpro)
- Redesigned the alliance GUI's. (Nuziakano + Arran)
- Temporarily disabled YouTube to MP3 convertion services inside '/mplayer' panel due to technical difficulties. (Pilovali)

Wednesday 24th July 2019
- Made 'DJ Shout' enabled by default. (Arran + eXpire + Mora)

Tuesday 23rd July 2019
- Business properties hourly payment + chance of being reset will occur in sync with the start of a new real life hour. (Arran + Cristiano)
- Fixed being able to use '/buyrpg' outside of the main dimension which can be abused in some events. (Arran + Chin)

Monday 22nd July 2019
- FBI promoted to L9. (GLM Team)

Sunday 21st July 2019
- Volcano added as Trial Staff. (Staff Management)
- RiDz passed Trial. (Staff Management)
- Dropping a grenade in LV will now charge $2000 instead of removing a grenade because of some weird bug that causes all ammo to be lost. (Arran)

Saturday 20th July 2019
- Fixed losing ammo if you drop a grenade just before dying. (Arran + Mr.WaFu)
- The_ReNeGaDeS promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed getting 200 HP when in LV in the Battle Royale dimension. (Arran + HomoS)

Friday 19th July 2019
- Fixed being able to drop a grenade while throwing another. (Arran)

Thursday 18th July 2019
- Removed 660 unnecessary bans for trivial stuff like advertising. (Arran)

Wednesday 17th July 2019
- LV: Increased turf payment by 25%. Removed the 1 in 5 chance of being paid in drugs due to oversupply. (Arran)
- Reduced single sawn off damage from 10.5 to 9 due to 68% agreeing. (Arran + chaiNN)
- LV: Added the old Buy RPG command as a preference in '/settings'. (Arran + chaiNN)
- Disabled the ammunation out of stock feature as players just find it annoying. (Arran)
- Removed 'Tec Terror' due to popular demand. (Arran)
- LV: Re-enabled the switch when shooting preference. By voting for this YOU are responsible for any unfair game play that it may create. (Arran)
- LV: Added 200 max HP as a preference in '/settings'. (Arran + chaiNN)
- LV: You can now drop a grenade while sprinting. (Arran)
- It is no longer necessary to release your fire key when switching weapon, as my script will do this for you. (Arran)
- Reduced sniper switch to cool down before firing from 700ms to 600ms and 300ms in LV. (Arran)
- LV: Added another preference called 'Super Game Speed'. (Arran)
- Removed all bans that were issued over 4 years ago (about 1500) any accounts have been deleted. (Arran)
- Mero added as Trial Staff. (Staff Management)

Tuesday 16th July 2019
- Fixed cops not being able to use law code !SMB for the new criminal event. (Arran + HomoS)
- Fixed the minimum trade price of grenades and satchels being too high since their price at ammunation was reduced. (Arran + Dust)

Monday 15th July 2019
- Fixed a missing armor pickup in Oil Factory armed robbery. (Vampire)
- If you want to submit new tracks to /race or want to report some badly made races, you can post here: (Vampire)
- Updated /race with some new tracks. (Vampire + Burner)
- Moved the LV sea hospital boat shop marker so it's not right next to the ammunation marker. (Arran + OhhKarim)

Saturday 13th July 2019
- Fixed GPS for Saint Marks Bistro (SMB) not working. (Vampire + HomoS)
- Fixed the possibility of falling from the map in Saint Marks Bistro criminal event due to some misplaced objects. (Vampire + HomoS)
- Updated /race. (Vampire + Known + Mazika + MacMan)
- Decreased grenade and satchel cost from $3000 to $2000. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Re-added Saint Marks Bistro criminal event, entrance is at LS Airport. (Arran + Shogun)

Friday 12th July 2019
- Fixed being able to shoot inside the car test dimension. (Arran + 3bood)
- Fixed CITy island car shop not being able to test vehicles as the vehicles would fall in the water. (Arran + eXpire)

Thursday 11th July 2019
- Countdown text that appears in the middle of the screen will now appear higher up to not block aim. (Arran + OhhKarim)

Wednesday 10th July 2019
- Players can now run while inside a riot area. (Arran + Shogun + Nikos)
- Fixed armed robbery and criminal event law codes ('/codes') being outdated. (Arran + Known)

Tuesday 9th July 2019
- Fixed the yes / no window (used by various scripts) being too small for some translated texts. (Arran + Vampire)
- 5thStreetSaints promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)

Monday 8th July 2019
- Brand and Dream promoted to L4. (Staff Management)
- Chin and Combat passed Trial. (Staff Management)
- Added 150 new paintjobs for most shaderable vehicles. (rage + Trapsfall + Humax + Fantasy + hajnika + Furix + Senza + OldTruckerJoe + Anuran + Meruem + Rollermine + eXpire + MandM + Francis + Pingspike + RahulJ + qtqkqn)

Sunday 7th July 2019
- AI Trader will now buy items not listed while in the market area. (Arran + Pepe)

Friday 5th July 2019
- Fixed battle royale being broken for the past 2 days. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed some criminal event payments not being limited by money income limit. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed clicking exit in the car shop not teleporting you back to the main dimension. (Arran + Known)

Thursday 4th July 2019
- Fixed getting stuck in test vehicle dimension if selecting a vehicle you can't afford. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed LS recovery pad (Temple) not working as expected. (Vampire + Roman.)
- Groups or squads that have a vehicle or player shader will not be deleted by the inactivity checker. (Arran + chaiNN#)
- Added a 'Test' button to test drive vehicles for sale. (Arran + Cristiano)
- Disabled '/ds' (Development Suggestions) as none of the suggestions will make a meaningful difference. (Arran)
- Fixed off duty mechanic not being able to fix a vehicle even if they have DL1+. (Arran + Pepe)
- Disabled column sorting in the today's tops grid list to stop it being possible to get messed up. (Arran + noD3)
- Fixed some instant reload from switching weapon exploit. (Arran + Known.)

Wednesday 3rd July 2019
- Cave Miner: Fixed some places that allowed you to go underground and farm resources. (Vampire + TactiX + Fantasy)
- L5 Staff can now modify races. (Arran)
- L5 Staff can now modify GPS data. (Arran)
- Fixed military and rebels being able to capture checkpoints when glued to a vehicle. (Arran + Harley)
- Fixed getting GUI's stuck on screen if you click multiple times on "BUY" at ammunation on the laser. (Arran + Rampage)
- Fixed all military classes being able to spawn a Barracks which is restricted to engineers from 2 locations. (Arran + Pepe)
- Fixed fully muted players being able to send screenshots to other players. (Arran + Brand)
- Fixed radio stations in CITphone not playing. (Arran + Pilovali)
- Fixed tazer being able to be used in LV safe zone to kill players who came in the zone after taking damage. (Arran + HomoS)
- Hack fixed that bug where you have to repress aim key when switching to sniper. (Arran)
- Reduced max FPS (in LV) from 100 to 84 as players with a higher FPS won't be able to (or see others) aiming and walking. (Arran)
- When switching weapon via CIT HUD binds, it will now switch straight away as tests show the scroll thing didn't even help. (Arran)

Monday 1st July 2019
- Fixed nightstick not working in LV hospital safe zone. (Arran + HomoS)
- 'Beep on Message' in 'J' chat interface will now be saved for next login. (Arran + Pepe)
- Fixed VIP hours being removed from F7 if they go below 10 hours, as long as they're under $15,001. (Arran + Senza)
- Fixed group and squad history sometimes becoming duplicated when entering search text. (Arran + Destiny)

Sunday 30th June 2019
- Made Shotgun allow crouching as MTA bug related to animating while crouching was fixed. (Brian)
- Added 26 more paintjobs for vehicles. Visit Mod shops around San Andreas. (Trapsfall + PokolAngyala + zeus + Pinkspike)
- Updated CITphone's radio list. (Pilovali + Vampire)
- Reduced the chance of police detective clues being placed in unreachable positions. (Arran + Dream)
- Elections for the July councillors have now opened. Use '/vote' to vote.

Saturday 29th June 2019
- Added a new staff level so that certain accesses could be delegated from L4 (now L5) to the new L4. (Arran)
- Added 34 new paintjobs to various vehicles. (Many Contributors)
- Added a system which will allow L4 staff to edit more things in-game like armor pickups. (Arran)

Friday 28th June 2019
- You can lay down prone with any rifle if you press WALK button while crouching (usually it's 'Alt' key) . (Brian + Arran)
- Fixed an exploit in taxi driver where you could still deliver a passenger even after hiding your taxi. (Arran + Chin)
- Jetpack will be removed when nitrous reaches 0. (Arran + MacMan)
- Added a text that will appear underneath blips like shops on F11 when zooming in on them far enough. (Arran)

Thursday 27th June 2019
- Opened registration for next councillor election.
- Increased LS briefcase criminal reputation reward from 325 to 800. (Arran + iShadow)
- You can change weapon without having to release aim key as the script will do it for you, might be exploitable and get reverted. (Arran)

Wednesday 26th June 2019
- Simplified the way criminals get wanted when entering a riot area. (Arran + Shogun)
- Fixed the blip positions on 'F11' map getting less and less accurate the more you zoom in. (Arran)
- Zooming in far enough on 'F11' map will show a name for each player blip. (Arran)
- Separated 'Todays Tops' in 'F1' into 5 sections. (Arran + Dream + Lazio)
- Jetpack will consume nitrous. (Arran + Nightwolf + Chin)
- Fixed the color of your job name at the bottom right not changing when changing team if job remains the same. (Arran + Dizzy)
- Added a GTA sound when opening and closing the vehicle inventory. (Arran + Anuran)

Tuesday 25th June 2019
- KLM promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)
- Added a GTA sound when buying a different CJ hair. (Arran + MacMan)
- Added a GTA sound (8 different random picked sounds) when being arrested by nightstick. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Added a GTA sound when almost drank too much and a sound to go along with the vomit animation. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Added a GTA sound for '/havesex' and when it's over. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Added a GTA sound for '/marryconfirm' and '/divorce'. (Arran + OhhKarim)

Monday 24th June 2019
- Enabled the 'sfxbrowser' script on the main server, use '/sfx' to play GTA sounds. (Arran)
- Added a GTA sound when repairing (mechanic or pay and spray) or when exiting mod shop. (Arran)
- Added a GTA sound for when you are promoted in a civilian job. (Arran + Anuran)
- Added a GTA sound for when buying something from ammunation or F7. (Arran + Anuran)

Sunday 23rd June 2019
- Fixed mechanic being able to fix vehicles that aren't in the main dimension. (Arran + TactiX77)
- Added GTA SA eating sound to when you eat food. Idea for more sound usage? Visit (Arran)

Thursday 20th June 2019
- Disabled 'Dynamic damage resistance' feature from AR. (Brian)

Wednesday 19th June 2019
- Added every civilian worker statistic to '/stats'. (Arran + CooLDuDe)
- Fixed 'X', click 'My Stats' at the top left of screen not working. (Arran + Dizzy)
- Achievements can now be seen in '/stats'. (Arran)
- Fixed fire fighters not being able to join races. (Arran + HomoS)
- Fixed custom tag color being black if logging in after removing tag color. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed the apartment exit marker blip not being visible. (Arran + KRibToN)
- Fixed a rare case of gangsters becoming invincible to other gangsters after they'd been in an armed robbery. (Arran + 3bood)
- Fixed not being able to use jetpack while playing as 'Jump Jet Infantry' when not having VIP hours. (Arran + MaHMouD)
- Fixed seeing text about SO event when switching jobs / teams. (Arran + Cytrx)
- Fixed the GPS position for LS real estate being wrong, as it was moved to LS mall. (Arran + Chin)
- Fixed 'X', click self, 'My Stats' not working. (Arran + Known)
- Discord team messages won't appear in the chat box if team chat is disabled in chat box. (Arran)
- Fixed players being unfrozen when they shouldn't be if they warp to an event while iron mining. (Arran + iShadow)

Tuesday 18th June 2019
- Homeless peds will now pay your used projectiles 75% of their ammunation value. (Brian)
- Fixed rebels and military being able to spawn a vehicle while wearing a jetpack. (Arran + MaHMouD)
- Fixed not being able to sell VIP hours in quantities less than 10 hours to the AI Trader. (Arran + InSeeN95)
- Fixed some CITy zone boundaries that are visible being wrong when adding an entity. (Arran + KaZMa)
- Fixed stats of a player not appearing if you pressed 'X', clicked on a player, and clicked 'Stats'. (Arran + MacMan)
- Cops will now see a blip for the armed robbery, it will appear 1 minute after criminals see it. (Arran + Ariana)
- Added a 'View Text' button to '/stats' to view it the old way. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- Added a forum dark theme. To change theme go to "Look and Layout". (Arran + Ariana + Mick. (The theme maker))
- Group and squad applications can't be submit unless something has been changed in the application form. (Arran + Ismail)
- Removed LV preferences that allowed exploiting. (Arran)
- Fixed '/notify' sending you notifications even tho you haven't added anyone. (Brian)

Monday 17th June 2019
- Added '/tarddance', '/tarddance2', '/tarddance3', '/oldmandance', '/breakdance5', '/breakdance6'. (Vampire + Brian)
- Race: Fixed some missing objects such as LS Mall and Graveyard that prevented you from completing races. (Vampire + Known.)
- Cops won't be able to enter a criminal event after it starts if there is already 4 or more cops than criminals inside. (Arran + noD3)
- Vehicles will consume nitrous twice as fast. (Arran + noD3)
- Moved racing back to it's own dimension. (Arran + noD3)
- Councillors can make a vote that all players will see instead of having to do a seperate vote for each team. (Arran + Shogun)
- Re-added the old SFB criminal event, now called San Andreas Bank (SAB) which is just opposite and after BR. (Arran + JimMys$ + CooLDuDe)
- Fixed being able to use some chats in the 'J' chat interface while muted from using those chats. (Arran + Jasper)
- Fixed being able to select a job vehicle to spawn while wearing a jetpack. (Arran + HomoS)
- Removed the vehicle buy marker from military and rebel base as these teams can't use personal vehicles. (Arran + Ptole)
- Fixed LV team votes being seen by all players and appearing twice on screen for LV players. (Arran + OhhKarim)

Sunday 16th June 2019
- Vehicle health when viewing "vehicle information" now shows percentage rather than the old way (broken down was 30 HP). (Arran + KaZMa)
- Leaders of groups with base can use /addbaseped and /delbaseped to change their own group peds location. (Brian)
- Re-enabled '/wanking' and '/wankingend'. These animations can be disabled in '/settings'. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed group and squad apps grid lists getting messed up an MTA bug when you sort them, by disabling sorting ability. (Arran + noD3)
- The health displayed when aiming at a vehicle will now show the percentage rather than the old way (broken down was 30 HP). (Arran + HomoS)
- Fixed military and rebels not seeing the blips of some of their team mates. (Arran + HomoS)
- Fixed the CITy zone object limit being wrong as some non CITy objects were being counted in it. (Arran + KaZMa)
- Added 'Show Duty Chats in Chat Box' to '/settings'. (Arran + UlasDO)

Saturday 15th June 2019
- Restricted certain police vehicles to certain police levels. To see which press F1, search 'police levels'. (Arran + MarK + Ariana)
- Upgraded '/stats' so it can be used to compare the stats of 2 different players. (Arran)

Friday 14th June 2019
- Lowered job levels requirements as explained in topic=340295.0. (Brian + noD3)
- F1 documentation can now have articles only visible to players using a certain language. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Re-added 'the hooker job'. (Arran + TheHacker)

Thursday 13th June 2019
- L2. Uber promoted to L3. (Staff Management)
- Added 'Automatic GPS' to '/settings' which can disable automatic job GPS way points and the press 'n' message. (Arran + Ariana)
- Moved the cop's armor in Jefferson Motel to some where criminals can't get to. (Arran + Dream)
- Added a confirmation window when buying a vehicle that costs over $500,000. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- Changed the script that blocked the controls of an unwanted criminal ambushing a cop to only block shooting. (Arran + SeeMi)
- Fixed being admin jailed counting towards achievements. (Arran + Destiny)

Wednesday 12th June 2019
- Taxi Driver: When delivering a VIP passenger the time left till bonus expiry will be on screen. (Arran + CooLDuDe)
- Forum: changed forum rule #5 and added: 'Posting on behalf of someone makes you responsible for possible rules infringement and will get you punished accordingly.' (Brian)

Tuesday 11th June 2019
- Slightly increased the LV area at the bottom oil turf. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed losing '/gmp" data for L3 groups when resource restarts. (Brian)
- Added a new "auto riot" (like JFM) called SMW (Secret Military Warehouse) do '/gps smw' for location. (Arran + noD3 + JayXxX)
- Removed all base vehicle spawners and replaced them with a new panel you can use to spawn vehicles inside your base areas. (Brian)

Monday 10th June 2019
- Added armor at Dillimore PD armed robbery area. (Arran + Known)

Sunday 9th June 2019
- Added a new team vote category for everyone inside LV. (Arran + Karim)
- Fixed redundant 'Buy RPG' button still being shown when pressing 'X' and clicking on self. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- You will only receive a message about a private listing trade if the seller is in a market area. (Arran + Pepe)
- Fixed '/sirens' not working for L10 medics. (Arran + HarwoodButcher + MacMan)

Saturday 8th June 2019
- vaNcouver promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)

Friday 7th June 2019
- Added 'Enable Squad Member Names in F11' to '/settings'. (Arran)
- Fixed 'Enable Group/Alliance Member Names in F11' in '/settings' not working. (Arran + thunderbolt)
- GPS: The list of GPS shortcuts (you do '/gps shortcut')) now appear in '/gps'. (Arran)
- GPS: Fixed '/gps ds' not working. (Arran + Known)
- Fire fighter: Peds won't follow you if you use a jetpack or a vehicle. (Arran + Maria)

Thursday 6th June 2019
- HoBoS promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Global_Army promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed GPS shortcut for CE hotel (HO) and nightclub (NC) not working. (Arran + HomoS)
- Fixed the GPS locations for criminal events being outdated. (Arran + Known)
- Moved the final outdoor CE (DPD) into an AR. (Arran + JimMys$ + Hoze)
- Fixed being unable to GPS mark the current CE when doing '/ce' if it's in progress. (Arran + Chin)
- Fixed medic level not appearing on the scoreboard. (Arran + Maria)
- Cash given when a CE ends based on damage will now be $5 (used to be $1) per damage, criminals won't get any. (Arran)
- Fixed the police dispatch call to market cluckin bell been to market pizza stack. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed not being able to interact with the CITy treadmill and wardrobe objects when pressing X and clicking on them. (Arran + HarwoodButcher)
- Fixed cops not being able to enter the driver seat of a group vehicle, to arrest a wanted passenger. (Arran + CyraX)

Wednesday 5th June 2019
- Fixed firing weapons or punching when pressing left click in LS miner dimension as left click is used to start mining. (Arran + TheHacker)
- Fixed pressing 'X' then clicking on yourself panel still having 'Equipment' and fixed 'Walk Style' not working. (Arran + Chin)
- Reverted hijacker getting a fixed payment as it was extremely overpaid. (Arran + noD3)

Tuesday 4th June 2019
- Guard will inherit a skin shader if you have one enabled in the skin ID you chose with '/guardsettings'. (Brian + Ariana)
- Fixed several bugs related to skin shaders, such as being able to use shaders you don't have listed in '/customskin'. (Arran + Brian)
- Combat added as trial staff (Staff Management)
- Fixed '/gps cc' not working as Country Club was spelt wrong. (Arran + Known)
- Forum: Implemented councillor proposals will be moved to the news board. (Arran + noD3)

Monday 3rd June 2019
- Fixed non military and non rebels seeing blips when they enter a war site. (Arran + Malone + MacMan)
- I would be announcing the winning councillors but I poorly designed the election script causing me to accidentally wipe the whole table (I've made sure this won't happen again now), I have managed to manually restore the candidate info so we can go straight to voting again, you can vote for 4 candidates and I've made it so the names of who you've voted appear green. I will announce the winners tomorrow, hopefully the results will be the same. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Arran)

Sunday 2nd June 2019
- Fixed farmer on screen seed count being wrong since the getting some seeds back on harvest update. (Arran + MacMan)
- Added a search bar to find certain vehicles in 'F2' vehicle panel. (Arran)
- Applied the displaying of vehicle health from 0% to 100% in 'F2' vehicle panel instead of 30% to 100%. (Arran + Dizzy)
- Added an armor pickup at Drug Shipment armed robbery. (Arran + Dizzy)
- Added HO and NC to police codes for hotel and night club criminal events. (Arran + Hatem)
- Fixed anti rush in bank robbery criminal event not working. (Arran + Dizzy)
- Added 'Minimap Update Frequency' to '/settings' which you can increase to reduce CPU usage but minimap will be less smooth. (Arran)

Saturday 1st June 2019
- Removed 'Minimap Update Gap' as I have made it update zoom frequency every 50ms without performance impact. (Arran)
- Re-enabled LSD in LV as it's supported 19 v 6 in '/ds'. (Arran + chill)
- Minimap scale will increase when moving fast. Can be disabled using 'Minimap Zoom Out When Fast' in '/settings'. (Arran + Anuran + Combat)
- Added 'Minimap Zoom' to '/settings' to adjust how much of the map appears on the minimap. (Arran)

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