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Ping/FPS/Network/Packet Loss issues solutions
« on: 26 12, 2014, 09:33:20 pm »
As the title says if you have an issue regarding your Ping or FPS, etc. This topic contains almost all information about these problems resolving so try these solutions. If none helped, then make a new topic also mention that you have tried what we recommended you here.

How to get better PING?

1. Try checking speed and ping from If the ping is high, as compared to your country mates playing the game, contact your ISP, tell them to reset your modem and then make new settings, this way, most of the rubbish will be cleaned from the network connection (unless it isn't some physical issue like abnormal wire connection).
2. Try restarting your router and close other programs opened in background.
3. Give your MTA SA the access threw your firewall, Go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall then press on " Allow a program or a feature through windows firewall " just like in the picture.Then scroll searching for gta sa or press " g " so you can search faster then tick it just like in the picture.
4. Try running your MTA as an administrator by right clicking on MTA icon > Properties > Compatibility and tick " Run this program as an administrator " just like in the picture.
5. Decrease your graphics quality at Esc > Settings > Video.
6. Make sure you have updated your MTA, Press Esc > Settings > Advanced > Click on "Check for update now"
7. Bring your modem closer to your PC.
8. Use anti-malware programs, also use CCleaner to clean your PC.
9. Set a Password to your wireless network may someone hijack you wifi ( Connected to your network and downloading )
10. If there is a user from your family connected to your wireless network tell him to stop downloading, opening streaming websites, Also Updating programs cause whenever they use your connection for downloading etc... the debit coming to your PC will be useless, low so that will be automatically losing packets and your ping will be high.
11. Check for any other hidden programs using the network and terminate it. (Alt + Ctrl + Delete > Task Manager)

12. Try closing antivirus while playing.
13. Restart your router setting.

If you tried what is stated above didn't work then you should try these which are stated below.

Some videos to lower/reduce you Ping.
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Some guides and solutions.
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Full Guide and Solution

There are hundreds of ISPs all giving you access to the net, but how good are they for playing games on? The truth is the bigger named ISPs will often claim to be the fastest, but you will find that their number of users outweighs their capacity to serve them properly.

Gaming will test your internet connection like never before. Your modem is happy fetching pages when you click a link on a web page or accessing your email. On external modems take a look at the send and receive lights. Whilst browsing they will flicker and your connection will go idle as you read what is on your screen. When playing games however, the lights will be constantly on like a pair of demon eyes. Why?

A massive amount of data needs to be relayed to the game server and back to your PC. In action games when you press the fire button the information is passed to the server and your player will fire its weapon. Simple? Well, not really. You have to take into account what else is going on. There are other players there as well all moving about and blowing things up, and you want to see them especially if they are firing at you! Also, take into account doors opening, lifts moving, more players entering the server and you have a huge amount of data to shift via your connection. Hence, the faster your connection the more data you can handle and the less “latency” you are likely to receive.


When you play a single player game on your own machine against the computer you’ll have hardly any latency at all. You’ll aim at whatever is on screen and hit it no problem, however, when you play a game online you’ll have to face a latency, as does every gamer. This is displayed as your “Ping time”. On a modem, you can expect ping times of 60 – 120ms (milliseconds). This is the time it takes for data from you to be sent to the games server (i.e. you fired a shot), and back to your machine again (i.e. shot has been fired). The ping time can change during a game, especially when there is a lot of action on a player's screen as there will be more data shifted back to and from your machine. Some players will have lower ping times than you. This is due to the different connection types available to the net:

Connection type Approximate expected ping time
Modem: 120 – 250
ISDN: 40 – 100
Cable Modem: 30 – 60
ADSL: 30-60

For example, take the player highlighted green in the screenshot here who has a ping of 232ms. A ping of anything less than 350 is playable on a 56k modem (thankfully these are no longer used :) ). Trying to play with anything higher is like trying to sprint through a sea of treacle with lead weights attached to your legs. You will also see players with a huge range of pings. The reason for this is mainly down to three factors.
Distance from the games server. For instance, if you live in the UK and are connected to a server in the US, players living in the US will have faster connections to it, hence lower pings than you.

How the Players have set-up their games configuration is also a factor. Games can be tweaked to lower pings by a few milliseconds and give a faster more enjoyable gaming experience.

Lastly, a player's connection type plays a big part in how fast the connection is going to be. The good old modem is the slowest and will give you pings in the range of anything from 110 – 300. Then there’s ISDN, cable modems, and ADSL, all of which can give pings as low as 30 – 80. Of course, players with access to T1 lines are laughing as they zip along with pings in the low forties.

Not only does a lower ping result in less latency, but they are usually digital as well. This means they are often more stable for sending data that is also digital. This in turn means usually less lag along with these connections. It also gives players an advantage over higher pinged players when it comes to reacting. A player with a ping of 50 is going to be able to react slightly faster than a player with a ping of 150 so in a one on one situation the lower ping player will have an edge. One factor still remains and that’s a skill. Give a player who is never played online an ultra fast connection and another with a slower connection who knows the game inside and out and the skilled player will come out on top. So even if you do not have the lowest ping in the world you will still enjoy competing against other players on the game of your choice. As with all things in life, practice makes perfect.


You’ll see this mentioned a few times, and is one word you are bound to hear constantly from other players and something you're going to love to hate. Lag occurs when data from your machine to the games server is interrupted. To you, this will appear as though you are stuck to the spot and can’t move/shoot, and anyone seeing you in the game will get an easy kill as you will be locked to the spot. Lag usually is temporary and only occurs for a few seconds.

If you are experiencing latency (commonly known as lag) while playing Call of Duty online, your first step should be to check the server status for your platform and for the Call of Duty game you are playing.

PlayStation Network Status
Xbox Live Status
Steam Support
Call of Duty Server Status
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
If the Server Status for the Call of Duty game you’re playing is not at DEFCON 5 indicating that all online services are fully operational, you may encounter lag or connectivity issues until the status has returned to DEFCON 5.

If the Server Status for the game is at DEFCON 5, there are a number of steps that you can take to improve the quality of your connection.

Run through the basics
Here are a few things to note before delving any deeper:

Network bandwidth – Avoid other bandwidth-heavy applications on your network while playing online, including but not limited to streaming music or video content, or downloading files.
Wired connections – You will achieve optimal performance when playing an online game over a wired Ethernet connection. Wi-Fi connections have a wide variance in reliability and bandwidth, and can dramatically affect the quality of online gameplay. Wired connections will maintain the minimum bandwidth connection that is required for online gaming.
Input/Display lag – Most modern TVs come equipped with features that can cause input or display lag. At a minimum, high refresh rates or settings of 120Hz or 240Hz should be avoided when playing online. The optimal settings should be standard refresh rates at 60Hz. Input lag can also refer to a delay in seeing the game respond to buttons pressed or movements made using a wireless controller.
Turn on Game Mode – Available on most modern TVs, Game Mode is designed to turn off features like motion smoothing that can contribute to lag.
Turn off all reductions – There may be several names for the reduction settings available on your TV, and all of them should be turned off as they all contribute to input lag
Motion smoothing – Game Mode will often turn motion smoothing off automatically, but you should verify that this setting is turned off.
Update your controller's firmware – The Xbox One controller's firmware will not update unless the controller is plugged into the Xbox One. Follow these steps to ensure your Xbox One controller is up to date.
Test your home networking
The following tests require you to log in to the router on your home network to troubleshoot your network. You will need your router’s login credentials to proceed. If you do not have your router’s login credentials, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider.

These tests refer to options that are typically found in a router’s menu. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please refer to your router’s manual.

You may not need to perform all of these tests, so be sure to test the game after attempting each one.

If you are on an institutional (school), corporate, or other shared networks, please refer to your network administrator for further assistance.

Test 1: Universal Plug and Play
Turn Port Forwarding off (if it is turned on) and enable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP).
Check your new settings in game. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, proceed to the next step.
Test 2: Port Forwarding
Turn UPnP off.
Turn Port Forwarding on. Learn more about Port Forwarding.
Assign a Static IP address to your console.
Check your new settings in game. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, proceed to the next step.
Test 3: DMZ
Turn Port Forwarding off.
Assign the console’s Static IP address to your router’s DMZ.
Check your new settings in game.
If the tests above do not resolve your issue, please contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance,

Online games are very popular and almost all game developers have jumped on the boat to develop such games. Reported lag and latency issues increase with the number of players joining online games around the globe.

How does an online game work, how is it possible to play with a mate 1000 km away from your location? And why do some players experience lag, stuttering, flickering, freezing, disconnections or crashes in online games?

Which solutions exist to fix lag and latency issues in online games?

How does an online game function and why do lag and latency issues happen?

In this article, we will try to give answers to all online game lag and latency issues related to questions a gamer may have. We will provide images, graphs and statistics, list existing solutions to fix lag and latency issues and explain to you in detail how an online game network functions!

Based on facts, you will find out that fixing lag and latency issues is not magic but rather a complex task that will not always end in success. This is because there are numerous causes; you the gamer do not have an influence on all parts of the online game network chain!


What is a lag in online games?

Online game lag refers to a delay of actions, chat, movements, sound, or screenplay. Lag can cause an online game to freeze or disconnect as well.

Lag can be caused by malfunctioning hardware, not meeting the system requirements, slow performing operating system, wrongly configured or corrupted processes, settings, entries, or services. Old drivers or firmware, high conflict devices and game settings also cause online game lag.

A majority of lag issues are caused by the internet connection. The performance of your internet connection does depend on hardware (CPU, RAM, network card, adapters…), the processing speed of your operating system, settings made in your router or modem and of course the speed and quality of the line or signal from your ISP provider!

It is not always the internet connection *speed* that counts!!!

In most cases, a speed of 256kbps will be fine for online games, as the packages sent and received are relatively small!

If one of the included chains in the online game network suffers from a delay in sending and receiving data packages that contain game information, then the online game lags. The chain includes your end (computer, laptop or mobile device, the ISP, internet gateway and nodes), the datacenter connection of the game server and the game server itself.

What is latency in online games?

Online game latency refers to the time a data package needs to be sent or received from your computer, laptop or mobile device to a server or host computer located somewhere in the world and back.

The latency also refers to the time local processes an online game needs to perform on your computer. For example, the time your graphic or audio cards need to update your screen or play a sound file.

How is the Online Game Network build up?

Online games require a network over the internet (internet network). All actions, movements, chats and so on are sent and received via servers and clients. In order to play an online game, you will need a computer, laptop or mobile device and a router and/or modem.

You also need to have an active internet connection from an internet service provider which is used to communicate with the game server (part of the online game network). There are the 3 major ENDS included. The Internet functions over gateways and nodes (big and fast datacenters/servers connecting countries and continents).

An Online Game Network includes:

A. Gamers computer
B. Router/Modem
C. Internet Service Provider
D. Gateways/Nodes
E. Datacenter or ISP where the game server is connected
F. The game server

A typical Online Game Network

Online Game Network
(Image 1 & Online Game Network)

Explanation to the Typical Online Game Network Image Above:

1. Gamer 1's PC
2. Gamer's Router/Modem
3. Gamer's ISP
4. Internet Gateway/Nodes
5. Game server ISP
6. Game server
7. Gamer 2's ISP
8. Gamer 2's Router/Modem
9. Gamer 2's PC

As you can see in the picture of an "Online Game Network" the network circle is quite complex and there is not always only one end causing lag or latency issues for gamers.

Let's take an example based on the picture (Online Game Network):

Player 1, located somewhere in South America (1. Gamer PC) is playing with Player 2 (2. Gamer PC) located in Russia in an online game. Both joined a huge virtual game world (realm) with thousands of players on a game server located in the United States.

Both signed up with an Internet Service Provider and have a similar internet connection speed. Player 1 just got a new gaming computer and Player 2 has a five year old standard set-up computer. Let's play the online game now to understand latency and lag issues!

Player 1 enters the game world and adds Player 2, who was already playing the game for a while, to his contact list in order to chat with him. Both agree to meet in a specific location to hunt down beasts. After some traveling, Player 1 and Player 2 are virtually meeting. Now Player 1 can see on his screen that Player 2 walks to a big house in front of them.

So what's actually happening when Player 1 sees his mate walking to the house?

Look at the picture showing the process of sent and received data packages in an online game network.

1. Player 2's computer creates a data package containing the movement information
2. The computer sends the data package to the modem/router
3. The modem/router processes the command received from the computer
4. The modem sends the data package to the datacenter of Player 2's ISP
5. The ISP datacenter processes the data package and forwards it to the node or gateway
6. The internet node or gateway datacenter processes the data package and forwards it
7. The data package arrives at the ISP and/or datacenter of the game server
8. The game server processes the data package and sends a confirmation back to the sender and sends a data package with the movement information over the same network circle to Player 1

You've already got an idea of what's happening when you join a group of players and fight heavily against another team or NCP?

Sent & received data packages in an online game

Sent and received data in an online game network

(Image 2 & Sent and received data in an Online Game Network)

Where in the online game network can latency issues happen and cause lag?

Literally everywhere (see also the pie chart for the top 11 lag and latency causes) in the process a delay of the sent and received data packages can happen.

Sending and receiving data packages around the globe is very complex and requires many operators, data centers, gateways and nodes. A solution to cover ALL possible issues is not available.

Lag & latency issues are a part of the nature of online gaming. But this does not mean that the latency or lag issues you individually suffer from cannot be fixed. (See image 5)

Possible causes of latency and lag in the network chain of an online game

lag and latency causes in an online game network

(Image 3: possible latency and lag causes in an online game network)

What solutions are available to fix lag and reduce latency in online games?

If you are or ever have been affected by high latency and/or online game lag you probably have searched for solutions. As the online game market is quite huge and growing (currently around 350 million online gamers worldwide) many applications, tools, utilities and services claim to reduce latency and/or fix the lag. Lately, even virus scanners want to be part of these solutions.

As already mentioned above, there is no solution available that will cover ALL possible causes!!! We analyzed and tested some of the more popular solutions claiming to fix lag and latency issues. As causes of latency issues and lag are very complex, most of the mentioned tools, applications and services have an impact (higher - less) on reducing latency and fixing lag. On the other hand, some sources are just self-claiming with no proof of results!

Here is a column chart of the top 12 lag & latency fixing solutions with high to little impact:

lag and latency fixing solutions

(Column chart 1: lag & latency fixing solutions)

Lag and latency solutions:

1. The Online Game Booster - LATENCY OPTIMIZER can be found here
2. A Signal Boosters can be found here
3. A Game Booster can be found here
4. A Tunnel Service - WTFAST can be found here
5. Another Tunnel Service - BATTLEPING can be found here
6. A Game Proxy - tunnel service PINGBETTER can be found here
7. Another Tunnel Service SMOOTHING: can be found here
8. An Internet Accelerator can be found here
9. A Junkfile Cleaner can be found here
10. A Disk Cleaner can be found here
11. A System Maintenance Tool can be found here
12. A Virus scanner can be found here
13. A Registry scanner can be found here
14. A WOW Lag Fix tool can be found here

You might have noticed that the Latency Optimizer is on top of the list and we do understand that you might have a smile on your face, because we (Badosoft) are the developers of Latency Optimizer. We are the only available solution that what will boost online games due to the fact that we cover a wide range of testing, optimizing and fixing tools while using the newest techniques.

Fixing lag and reducing latency in online games is not an easy task and most of the solutions have limited effects. Accelerating the internet connection speed, cleaning junk files, boosting your PC, lowering your ping, offering tunnel services/game proxies or cleaning infected systems are all effective procedures.

All of the top 12 solutions we have tested have some kind of impact, though naturally, some are more effective than others.

To give you a deeper insight into latency and lag causes, here is the TOP 11 pie chart:

pie chart - lag and latency issues

(Pie chart 1: Top 11 lag and latency causes)

The pie graph shows the most common lag & latency causes in online games:

1. System Requirements
2. Hardware issues
3. Slow Operating System
4. Internet connection settings
5. Router / Modem
6. Internet Service Provider
7. Firewall / Virus-scanner
8. Internet Gateway / Nodes issues
9. Game Server
10. Old Drivers / Firmware
11. In-Game-Mechanics

If you look back to the top 12 lag and latency fixing solutions chart, you will recognize that all of the solutions are effective but the impact of solving major issues is mainly small.

Allow us to give an example where we will compare Latency Optimizer with a tunnel service or game proxy, just to show you where the impact of those 2 solutions lies. As you can see on the image "Latency Optimizer vs. Tunnel services" can see that Latency Optimizer works on the gamer's computer.

Game tunnel services and game proxies impact on gateways and or node issues!!

A tunneling service or proxy influences latency issues caused by gateways and/or nodes.

You will still need to have your computer in top condition, your internet connection optimized and properly set up, a stable and fast line or signal from your Internet Service Provider and last but not least no lag or latency issues caused by the game server. That does not mean that a tunnel service will not help a player whose ISP suffers from gateway or node issues. But these are firstly the issues your ISP needs to fix!

The tunnel or game proxy uses other gateways or nodes as your ISP might do!

how game tunnel services work

(Image 4: Lag and latency fixing the impact of a tunnel service)

Latency Optimizer has a high impact when it comes to the computer's system performance and involves tweaking and tuning your internet connection.

Furthermore, Latency Optimizer is the only online game booster available that includes testing and troubleshooting tools as well. Latency Optimizer assists you with getting the highest performance of sent and received data packages through the online game network.

Of course, it must be said that this software cannot do magic! But it is the only lag fix and latency reduction solution available that covers a wide range of cleaning, tweaking, tuning, optimizing and testing tools.

Latency Optimizer impacts on latency and lag issues in online game networks

How latency optimizer works in online game networks

(Image 5: Lag & latency fixing impact of Latency Optimizer)

Latency Optimizer works mainly where the latency and lag issues exist! At the gamers END!

All online games are vulnerable to latency and lag issues!

Here is a bar chart of popular games and the reported lag and latency issues! Note that the popularity of online games has an impact of the reported issues! As you can see on the bar chart, even the most popular online games have lagging players.

top lagging online games

(Bar chart: Top online games with reported lag and/or latency issues)

To speed up your Internet connection: Download Latency Optimizer to assist you to optimize your Internet connection & PC performance!

If you know how to reduce/lower ping then post it here or PM it to me and I'll update the topic.

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How to get better FPS?
« Reply #1 on: 04 01, 2015, 06:09:15 pm »
So, as title says, you are not allowed to post FPS related issues here anymore, if you did, your post will be locked AND maybe you will get warning for not reading board rules. This topic contains almost ALL information about FPS issue resolving so try these. If none helped, you can make a topic but you MUST mention in it that this didn't help out.

How to get better FPS?

Try few utilities:
Show content
I had the same problem a while ago, and I solved it with thses Utilities:

Tune Up Utilities 2014
Glary Utilities
IObit SystemCare

Once installed, just click on the option "Turbo", then you decide if you want quality or performance. With this program my fps went from 20-25 to 40-60.

Also low down your FX quality and same for resultion.

Go to /settings and make your draw flip distance (if I typed it right cause I don't remember the name well) and set it on 320

Download Razer game booster, It may give some boost.
Also check this topic it may help you alot.

Lower default MTA SA settings:
Show content
Try To low you GTA/MTA Graphic and make them like this: (Like me, it helped )
Try those steps it may help you (Ingame):

1) Go to /settings and disable "CITy texture". CITy texture option in /settings was removed. Try the other solutions below.
2) Search on "Max distance" and change the value to 300.
3) Go to the server Textures part, and toggle all texture mods off.
4) Go to ESC > settings > advanved and toggle the video textures ("Streaming memory") off
also Remove all your mods cause it low your FPS and Set your router to dynamic ip mode.
Download CCleaner:,36199504122,ccleaner,e,,c,0,,,&gclid=CLup5vu9wb0CFWT4wgodA3EAZw To clean Your PC.

Replace some files:
Show content
you can fix this problem by replacing the files in your GTA these files will remove the smoke, flares and everything else, which would make your fps drop you can find the files below.


-Use the GTA SA shrinker to shrink the images of gta3.img
-Replace the files in models with the one in the models folder in GTA folder.
-You can use the fps tweak to lower the draw distance and quality.
-Use the black timecyc to make your sky black and will make your fps more stable.

Watch a few videos:
Show content

Ralph's guide:
Show content
This guide has all that is necessary to get the best performance in games, better latency/ping. Even how to get the most Fps out of MTA. A complete guide, the only complete guide on here. more detailed than all of the guides. So you don't need to search for hours just to find two problems. Working on a overclock guide for GPU and CPU, Windows 7 and 8 will be added soon as well.

Please contact me if you think or see something that should be on the list, still need to add a few sections.

This Guide is in the process and will be updated along the way, going to add sections so you can find what you need fast tutorial videos.
if you are unsure about a setting, google it to make sure you aren't messing up your OS, I take no responsibility for anything if something goes wrong, all I have done here is compiled and tested a few Tweaks that works for me, and they are safe.

Update Your Drivers!
The Most obvious and necessary; make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your system & devices especially your graphics card. Just grab your latest drivers for your ATI or Nvidia card, I recommend 3dGuru to get them from they always have the latest drivers and a full description of what they do.

3dGuru host & describe all of the latest drivers some of which don’t appear on the Nvidia / AMD Sites:
Driver Booster has a 100% functional Freeware Version, it will find and download the latest drivers for loads of system devices. I think Advanced System Care is also worth checking out, tho that is personal preference.

Coming soon..
use google while I write the guide for this two.
  • How to Disable Windows Defender Windows Defender, it takes a lot of CPU Power
  • Adware, spyware remover
  • Nod 32 is a good antivirus for Gaming

CCleaner Removes and fixes registry errors.
Download CClearner

  • Open CCleaner
  • press Cleaner
  • Analyze
  • when finished press Delete(Unmark the boxes you wanna keep)
  • Press Registry
  • Scan for Issues
  • Fix Issues (You need to run this 3-4 times to fix all Issues)
  • Press Tools
  • uninstall (ONLY program that you don't need or use)

Startup options

  • Press Windows key + R type,
  • msconfig
  • Services
  • press Hide all Microsoft services
  • uncheck all boxes that you don't want or need to start with       windows

Do the same on Startup tab, disable all programs that you don't want to start with Windows.

  • Press boot tab
  • Advanced options
  • then check the box like in the picture and choose the highest number of CPU/threads/cores that are available for you
  • Press OK

Disable Hibernate
Hibernate mode is set up by default to allow the hard drive disk to load the programs faster instead of booting the system, but it is unnecessary for an SSD system drives.
  • To do this, simply open your CMD command
    Search for CMD in the start menu search bar
  • Right click CMD and Run as Admin & Type,
  • powercfg -h off
  • Press Enter
Setting your Page File
  • Press Windows Key
  • Click In the Search Box
  • Search for “Control” then Click on it,
  • Click System
  • Click Advanced System Settings
  • Click the Advanced Tab

  • Under Performance, Click Settings
  • Under the Advanced tab Click Change…
  • Uncheck Auto manage
  • Change All Drives to No Page File if you have 16GB of Ram or Over Otherwise
  • Set one of your Drives to Custom Size
  • Initial Size 4096
  • Max Size 4096
  • Set
  • All other Drives should be set to None (unless you want to leave 300mb on your main boot drive for “crash info & recovery”)
  • If you are getting pauses in game then try setting the pagefile to another drive.
Check picture
Show content

If you have loads of Ram some people recommend having no pagefile, though some applications require a page file to operate optimally.

I recommend having a Page File on a separate drive or secondary drive.
Some people say if you have 16GB+ ram you should entirely disable pagefiles.
Some programs & games, however, are designed to operate with a Pagefile, for me it is literally faster to have one.

Power Options
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options
It’s worth changing your Power Options to High Performance

Visual Effects and Performance
I recommend disabling some of the Visual effects in Windows, it makes Windows faster and a bit more responsive and gives a bit more performance, it’s also in:
  • Control Panel
  • System
  • Advanced System Settings
  • Performance Options
  • Visual Effects
Keep These 3 enabled
  • Show thumbnails instead of icons
  • Show window contents while dragging
  • Smooth edges of screen fonts Disable if you don't care about looks

Unpark Your Core & Threads
There is a great freeware program that stops threads from "parking" which is basically a power saving mode & makes sure they are ready to use constantly.
The effect of this is better performance in games & quicker response in general.

Clean Temp and prefetch folder
Do this once a week
  • Open Run program type,
  • %temp% delete everything in it if it says you cant just press skip
  • open Run program type,
  • prefetch delete everything in the folder.

NVIDIA Graphics Settings, if you have a NVIDIA Card
  • Go into the NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Manage 3D Settings
  • Set Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration - Single display performance mode (If you have issues with low frame rates on your other monitors OR you are using multiple monitors to game with then change this to Multi)
  • Preferred refresh rate - Highest available
  • Turn Off Shader Cache
  • Leave Pre-Rendered Frames on AUTO
  • Texture Filtering Quality - Performance

Networking Improvements
TCP Optimizer 4

This program allows you to go through each of the important settings to Tweak your Rig & Network Adapter for Online Gaming & doesn’t require you to go thru the Registry. You can do it manually to but ill show the easy way.

You can do a bit of Research & maybe get better results too

  • Each of the Settings has a tooltip
  • You can read the full explanation and Program Manual Here
  • In The General Settings some of the settings require situational subjective optimization based on your needs, tho Optimal should still give you an improvement.
  • If You are Having Issues you can always set it to Optimal OR Windows Default

Disable OneDrive
If you don’t use OneDrive then disable it, it eats up your bandwidth. The OneDrive app of Windows 10 uploads your new files to the cloud internet server so you can access them anywhere.
To disable OneDrive:
Right-click on the OneDrive app which is located on your taskbar and click exit.

I Recommend Google public DNS. Made me go from 50 ping down to 15-25. I cant say it is the best for you, and where you live.
Use google and you will find Examples for you.

Release and renew IP address
  • Go to "Start > Run" and type "cmd" (no quotes), then select "OK"
  • Type "ipconfig /release" (no quotes) and press "Enter"
  • Once the prompt returns, type "ipconfig /renew" (no quotes), then hit "Enter,"
  • Finally, type "exit" (without quotes) then press "Enter" to close the window
    Your internet can stop working for about 1 min, don't worry it comes back

MTA Tweaks

Removing Effects
Replacing effects in /models/ folder

  • water splash
  • sand smoke
  • collision sparks
  • collision smoke
  • drift/tire smoke
  • lower textures
Download file here:

Reducing texture quality to ultra-low
GTA Shrinker
Download here:

Removing sky and sets ultra-low draw distance
Replacing timecyc in /data/folder
Download here:

Few more tips & tweaks MTA
  • Close every single program before you start the MTA, only close program that you know you can close
    and takes a lot of memory or CPU
  • Lower your video resolution of the desktop, you should have same in game as on ur computer when you play. helps the FPS.
  • Never play with mods, lower fps a lot
  • Do /settings Ingame and disable everything from the Graphics also disable the Detail Shader.
  • Do /settings and set Max Fps to 60 and min fps to 0
    If you read at every /settings it will tell you if it affects the fps or not
  • Change every MTA setting to low/off
In MTA settings go to Advanced settings and change the Streaming Memory to min/low.

Gta San.. settings
Press Esc > Go to Options > Then go to display setup >
  • Brightness ´set to 5
  • Hude Mode > OFF
  • Then Go to Advanced
  • Draw distance LOW
  • Frame Limiter OFF
  • Widescreen OFF
  • Visual FX Quality LOW
  • Anti-Aliasing OFF
  • Resolution 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768

Never, ever do this
  • Never Change the Proces Priority to high
    give you more fps but it will jump from high to low after a while, better to have a lower and stable fps
  • Never play with mods

Inferno's guide:
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Rusty's guides:
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If you get kicked often by the FPS Kicker, I have a couple very simple tips to give you that may increase your FPS. The first thing you could try is lowering your FX Quality. To do this, when you first start MTA, before going to Server Browser and logging in to CIT, go to Settings, then click on the Video Tab. You will see FX Quality about half-way down in the Settings window. If you are using Very High or Medium, try lowering it down one setting. For example, if it's on Very High, lower it to High. If you're using High, lower it to Medium. If you still get FPS Kicked, you can try lowering your Resolution in the same Settings>Video menu. If you have a newer Widescreen monitor, try changing your Resolution to 1280x720x32 or 848x480x32, and make sure you switch your Aspect Ratio to 16x9 (To all Widescreen Monitor users, be sure to switch your Aspect Ratio to 16x9 even if you don't get FPS Kicked, so your screen won't look stretched.) If you're using an old square monitor, like me, try switching your resolution to either 1024x768x32 or 800x600x32, and you can leave your Aspect Ratio on Auto. Also, some Mods may reduce FPS. You may want to try a clean install of San Andreas (if you backed up all your files before installing your mods) and see if you still have FPS problems. If you try all of these options and you still get FPS Kicked, I suggest you either upgrade your Graphics Card, or simply buy a new computer. Thanks for your time, and I hope this helps.

BullsEyes' guide:
Show content
It's all about making your PC clear because FPS becomes low when PC becomes slow so here what to do
1- Trying to re-install windows or format your PC from unused programs which slows the PC alot [Re-installing windows is better for cleaning

2- Download Driver Booster 2  [Official and Trusted cnet link]-that is used to update current Drivers such as [Graphics Driver etc...]

3- AVG PC tune up [Ryan's Programs] and it's the best for boosting PC's using Boost mode [also a secured and trusted link]

4- install MTA in a disk that you dont use alot so it runs in space and that helps alot

5- Run MTA and while you are in-game use /detail it gets better gameplay and it dosent get FPS DROPS
The link stated above contains the AVG Tune up activation links  search for your version and copy the serial keys
PS: There are 5 or 6 serials

Claire's guide:
Show content
  • Make sure of updated graphic drivers.
  • Lowering GPU 3D settings.
  • Make sure you are not using any 3rd-party HD mod (HD weapons, ENB, etc), so I recommend you a clean GTA install.
  • Make sure that your computer is not a piece of shit. (Post minimal & recommended specs for CIT)
  • Try playing on single player before judging that the lag is from CIT.
  • Close all background processes before playing MTA (e.g. Skype, Chrome, etc) to reduce resources usage.
  • Anything above 30 FPS is not damn laggy. Dunno what's wrong with this generation, I've seen people complaining about FPS drop to 30, 40, 50 and call them lagging. Set the standard of which laggy and not (i.e. Below 20 FPS is lagging, higher than that, you shouldn't be complaining)

Nvidia's guide:
Show content
Step 1.
Try to disable the FPS limiter

Launch your gta_sa.exe and go to

Options -> Display -> Advanced -> turn off Frame Limiter. You could also disable some other options if you like to.

Step 2.
These steps will mostly help to increase your FPS rate. Not all steps have to be done but I recommend you do so.

disable Virtuallization
disable Vsync
defrag your hard disk (optional)
put GTA on your SSD if you have one.
set gtasa.exe priority to high
use windows XP SP3 compabillity mode (not guaranteed)
force 4 cores on gtasa.exe
use fps increasers like strem_mem_fix / d3d9 addons _26\_40\_42 and GTA shrinker
lower your draw distance

ArroW's guide:
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Starting with the basics, this problem occurs due to lack of your PC capability to handle the excessive processes (loading of CIT resources and maps and working according to the scripts), which leads to heating of motherboard. This problem is usually faced by laptop users as it has its natural tendency to heat up fast (this won't be the case if you have updates drives and graphic card).

 As I face this problem daily, I can give you certain steps which can prove beneficial for you to solve this problem upto an extent.

    First and foremost, you should give proper priority to your computer startup. Some people are so excited to play the game that they don't give enough time to the computer for a smooth startup and end up facing this problem. When you start your computer, wait for atleast 3-5 minutes, so that your computer gets a good startup and you get better performance results.
    After you are done with startup, go to Start > Search bar > type run > type %temp% > hit okay. Delete everything you see there. There might be some exceptional files, don't worry just skip them.
    Then again go to Start > Search bar > type run > type prefetch > hit okay. clear all the files and folders in that location.
    After you've deleted both Temp files and Prefetch files, don't forget to empty your recycle bin. Recycling would remove these files from the computer.

Other thing which you may do is, go to Start > Search Bar > type msconfig > hit okay. When the box appears, go to Boot > set the processors to the middle number. For example, if you have 3 processors, set it to 2. If 5, then set it to 3. After doing so, restart your computer.

By following these steps, your PC will get a boost in performance so that CIT resources and maps can load efficiently without causing much trouble. These steps would also increase your FPS and you will probably see a high improvement in your computer's performance.

Badboy's guide:
Show content
Go to your video card and put all settings to performance except those where you can also choose ''use application settings''.

Go to your Computer>Right click on empty spot>Advanced System  Settings>Performance/Settings>Adjust for Performance. (ONLY FOR WIN7) You can do this on XP also but I have WIn7 so find out how to by yourself.
This may close some programs and make your dekstop look a bit worse but its worth it. Mostly this helps for ping. First step increases your FPS the most.

Open GTA SA and disable Frame Limiter in video option settings.

Open MTA go to video settings and I would suggest to use default settings. But it depends. Then go to Interference tab and find ''Streaming memory log'' Bring that slider to max.

Another Steps

1-Download game booster
2-Scan your Computer with Anti-Virus
3-Lower the video settings and resolution
4-Clean Your Windows registry to Speed up Your Computer

EzzAldden's guide:
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How to fast up your PC to get more FPS..?

Well, most people having a lots of problems with their PC's like lag, freezing etc.. and from these problems you gonna get some FPS drop while playing games as well, so I decided to make this topic to help some players who got some problems in their computers.

i'll explain three points in this tutorial..

1- Download the program that called " Advanced SystemCare 8 " from this link and click on Download now

Show content

Advanced SystemCare 8 takes a one-click approach to make your PC run like a new one, by boosting startup speed, optimizing registry, as well as removing unwanted applications and other useless files which make your computer slower.

and here's the tutorial how to use it in my channel ( if you want to watch it in another channel it's your choice )

Show content

2- Download game booster program that called " Razer Cortex " from this link and click on download now

Show content

To avoid interruptions while gaming, Game Mode in Advanced SystemCare will help re-arrange computer resource to make them all focus on game boost, and terminate more unnecessary System and Non-Windows services. And it also offers real-time detecting on system, like the CPU temperature and Fan speed, in order to optimize PC in real-time for gaming performance.

here's the tutorial how to use the program in my channel ( if you want to watch it in another channel it's your choice )

Show content

3- it's important point to keep your PC drivers up-to-date so download the program that called " Driver booster 2 " from this link and click on download now

Show content

Outdated device drivers will easily lead to hardware failures, conflicts, and system crashes. The Online Database feature is specially designed for Driver Booster 2 to keep your drivers always up-to-date with millions of drivers in the database, by detecting and updating the outdated ones in real time.

here's the tutorial how to use the program in my channel ( if you want to watch it in another channel it's your choice )

Show content

i used to use these programs to fast up my PC.. and it's working perfect to me.

at the end I am hope if this tutorial was useful for you guys, and I am sorry if it was a little bit boring.. Good luck.

Spirit's guide:
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FPS drop solution

Ingame settings
  • Use /settings > Minimum FPS set it on 0 and maximum on 61
  • Lower blips distance ( /settings > Blip distance > Set it on 320
  • Disable unnecessary graphics ( /settings > Graphics section )

MTA settings
  • Lower your draw distance ( Esc > Settings > Video  )
  • Esc > Settings > Advanced > Set streaming memory on  "Min"
  • Lower your FX quality and set it on Medium and for sure you should lower resolution and set it on  848x480x32.
  • MTA San Andreas > Mods > Deathmatch > Delete "resources" folder
GTA San Andreas
  • Make sure you're not using any useless mods or you can simply get a clean install of GTA
  • Set gtasa.exe priority to high
  • Lower your GTA/MTA Graphics
  • Use GTA SA shrinker

Also, Scan your PC with AntiVirus or any good program.

Replacing GTA SA File V2.0:
Show content
First off you can go to your in-game options and set the  draw distance all the way down, visual quality on low, frame limiter off, and taking off all brightness.
1.) First thing replaces some files, and gives you more fps by 5-10.
Download the file:
Go and copy file then paste it in GTASA:Models, then go to GTA or MTA.. and play, you will find Stuntplane's smoke, vehicle's smoke and rocket's smoke of hydra.
2.) The second thing is a tree.. but very lagging tree. it is an object called " tree_hipoly19 "
Download the file:
Download the program that allows u to open .img files:
3.) Third thing is called fps increaser.
Download it here:
Open gta sa, then open the file, make sure the value is set to 0 to get the best fps. Leave the window open too, closing it will restore your fps, do this every time you run your game.
4.) Fourth thing is called gta sa shrinker, this makes your textures and skin quality's low, and makes them look kinda bad, but if you want more fps download it.
Download it here:
Don't worry, it has an auto-backup button assigned to the program, so if you don't like it or it doesn't give you much better performance, you may remove it anytime you'd like, locate your dictionary and click replace files.
5.) Fifth thing removes your clouds and dust, and gives your game better performance to work with.
Make backup's, download files here:
The are both located in your models folder, if you make backups you can replace back anytime you'd like.
7.) The eight thing changes your weather and makes your game performance better.
It's called timecyc, download it here:
Installation is very simple, place the "timecyc.dat" file in your *GTA SA Folder*/data don't forget to make a back-up.
8.) There's simple things you could do too to increase your fps, one is going to your start menu, right-clicking on your computer, click properties. If your on windows 7 or any newer type click advanced system settings then advanced tab (Like this:
Show content
) or if your on windows xp and lower just go ahead and click advanced tab then under performance click settings, then check off Adjust for best performance and apply that. And to make your game better, go to your game, alt+tab, then ctrl+alt+del to open up task manager, go to processes, right click on gta_sa.exe and set priority to real time (if that makes your game slow, laggy, or gives you any packetloss set it back or close your game and open it again). And right click gta_sa.exe again in processes, and click set affinity, then click all cores.

There are alot FPS problems being solved already:
Show content

If you have any solution which is not already been written here then feel free to post and we will update the topic. Same as in the FAQ, a moderator will remove your post once the particular solution/information has been added.
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How to avoid getting Packet Loss?
« Reply #2 on: 21 03, 2015, 08:40:42 pm »
How to avoid getting Packet Loss?

As we know many people get this problem everyday, so I made this guide to help them to avoid situations like these.

Reason of this Packetloss:
Quote from: Arran
30 it is, though I will make it so you can't move at all when over 20% as 20% packet loss is abusable and you have completely no reason to have such high packet loss. Obviously your network connection is badly flawed if 20% of the data is being lost.
So it means you need to have less than 20% packet loss in order to avoid a network loss (controls disabled) and when it's over 30%, you'll be kicked.

Is there any step to remove packet loss?
A few steps are:
  • Connect to the server
  • Press "Login"
  • Quit job
  • Then use the command t/afk
NOTE: You should wait few minutes after login then you will be able use t/criminal etc (if you ignore this step you will get kicked again)
And here:
  • Enter the server
  • Quit job
  • Reconnect
  • After logging in, use t/afk
NOTE: You should wait few mins after login then you will be able use t/criminal etc (if you ignore this step you will get kicked again)
Other steps:
  • Enter CIT server
  • DON'T click on button "Login"
  • Press F8
  • Type "shownetstat
  • Search for Overall Packet loss and wait

=> After this step you should wait till "Overall Packet loss" becomes : 0.00%
If overall packet loss is less than 0.50% after pressing "Login" button you will get packet loss over 13% (You can play but you will not be allowed to fight)
And, if overall packet loss over 1.00% you will not be able to move and your screen will be like this =>
Also, if overall packet loss is 0.00% you will be allowed to fight without problems.

Steps by some screen shots:
Show content
=> Press F8 type "shownetstat
Show content
=> Wait for overall packet loss to be 0.00%
Show content
=> Then press "Login" button

NOTE If you are in LV and you are not able to perform these steps (Example: Quitting job...), call a friend to take you out of LV, as you can press "G" while having packet loss, then when you exit LV press X > click on yourself > quit job.

-These are the links of problems related to this, which have been solved:
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How to avoid Network Issues?
« Reply #3 on: 12 06, 2016, 06:54:36 pm »
How to avoid Network Issues?

Before starting, make sure that your internet connection and ping is good enough for MTA. You can test your internet speed here. Select a server in Gravelines, France. For example this one.
  • Minimal 512 kbps download and 128 kbps upload is recommended. 256 kbps down and 64 kbps up is absolute minimum for a decent gaming experience.
  • Maximal ping of 900 ms. If it's higher, you'll be kicked (unless civilian and not in LV).
  • Maximal 20% packetloss (check /shownetstat and overall packetloss should not exceed 1-4%). If it's higher, you'll be kicked (unless civilian and not in LV).

If you do not meet these requirments, something could be wrong with your computer or internet connection. So, let's start with finding the problem and fixing it.
  • Close all background programs (including the ones in the system tray (the icons near the clock)) and see if that solves the problem. A program could be downloading or uploading things in the background.
  • Scan for virusses. If you have a virus, your computer could be part of a botnet and uploading, causing your connection to get saturated. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a good scanner.
  • Windows Updates could also be downloading updates in the background, so temporarily disable it by going to start > services.msc > right click 'Windows Update' > Stop.
  • If that all doesn't work, try to reboot your modem/router. Some standard ISP modems/routers really suck and got to be restarted every week or so. Keep in mind that your internet gets disconnected for a few minutes.
  • If you know that you have slow internet, make sure that nobody in your house is downloading, uploading or streaming things.
  • Some /mplayer songs, speakers or radio's can take up a big amount of your download speed. Try to disable speakers in /settings and don't listen to the radio and /mplayer.
  • Run a tracert to CIT (start > cmd > tracert and wait until it's finished). Check if there is a lot of packetloss or high peaks. This is bad, and this is a good tracert. If you have high peaks and packetloss afer a few hops, contact your ISP.

Do you live in South-East Asia (PH, SG, ID, MY, TH or VN) and want a lower ping?
If you live in South-East Asia and have a high ping (300+), you can make it lower by going to this website and following the instructions. This will mostly decrease your ping by 100 ms!

If that all doesn't work -even after contacting your ISP-, and you live in the following countries:
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • North/South Korea
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Paraguay
  • United Arab Emirates
Try connecting with a VPN. These countries are known to block online gaming and/or VoIP and P2P traffic (which affects online gaming), and the only way to bypass that, is by using a VPN.
I have my own private VPN on a private server in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Gravelines and Singapore. If you want to use it, you can request an account here. Once you've requested it, I'll PM you instructions on how to install it.

If you don't want to use my VPN, here is a list with other free VPN services. Keep in mind that these can cause high pings, slow internet speeds or have stupid traffic caps.

And if everything fails, and you decide to create a topic in the General Support / Questions, make sure that you think about the following:
  • Are you able to connect to other MTA servers? YES: You are allowed to create a topic. NO: You are not allowed to create a topic, go to MTA:SA's forum instead.
  • Post the results of your speedtest and the tracert.
  • Post as much information as possible, like the exact error message (screenshot or video would be the best).
  • Follow CIT's forum rules in order to not get warned.
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Re: Ping/FPS/Network/Packet Loss issues solutions
« Reply #4 on: 23 02, 2017, 02:21:24 pm »
MTA Crashing? Read Here First!

If your GAME crashes on startup or during game load, download and run MTADiag  and follow the instructions. If MTADiag will not run for you, install Visual C++ 2012 runtimes (download and install vcredist_x86.exe)

Any  Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you send it to me through PM.

If for some reason MTADiag does not function, do the following before creating a new topic:

•   Install the latest patch of MTA:SA

•   Install the latest DirectX runtimes

If installing those does not fix the problem, try:
Delete the gta_sa.set file located in the GTA San Andreas User Files in your Documents folder/library (Windows Vista and 7 users) or My Documents directory (Windows XP users)
Check in your GTA San Andreas installation directory for a D3D9.dll. If one is present, delete it.
If all of the above fail to fix your problem, please send a PM to me and include a dxdiag log by doing the following:
1. Press the Windows key + R
2. Type dxdiag and press Enter; if a dialog box pops up asking you to check for WHQL digital signatures, click Yes
3. Click Save all information...
4. Include the contents of the saved log in your post within [ code ] [ /code ](You don't have to add space between code and brackets)  tags.
Also include any error messages that may appear when your GAME crashes; either copy and paste of the crash log or a screenshot is fine.

Cannot Connect To The Server? Read This!

If you're trying to connect to server and it gives an error like this " You were kicked from the game (SD #16 021A) This server has detected missing anti_cheat components. Try restart MTA." Don't worry, i've got a solution for you Follow the instructions:

1st Solution: Remove virus:-
1. Install Avast:
2. From Avast GUI: Scan->Scan for viruses->Boot-timeScan
3. Restart PC and wait for Avast to complete the scan

2nd Solution:Repair Windows:-
1. Start CMD as administrator
2. Enter command: sfc /scannow
(More help about this step from here: ... ws-7-vista)

3rd Solution:
If all else fails, then re-install Windows.

If third Solution fails, then go here and post a new topic there, MTA Moderators might be able to help because sometimes this problems occurs due to MTA Issue.

Credits go to Amman.
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Re: Ping/FPS/Network/Packet Loss issues solutions
« Reply #5 on: 23 02, 2017, 02:22:09 pm »
I've noticed that a lot of players on server have the big problems with FPS. Some of them have bad PC and really low FPS. If you're looking to improve your FPS, you're on the right place, this guide will help you to increase your FPS. don't expect a major change in game, but it will probably help a lot to players who have low FPS. Players with high FPS probably won't noticed a big difference.

First of all, I'm playing MTA on my PC and I always had 30-45 FPS, depends on area where I am, but after applying some tips, I've boost my fps to 60. I've almost 60 FPS in every part of LS. So let's begin.

FPS scale
0-30 FPS - Bad
50-60 FPS – Good
60+ - Very good (In general, not accordingly to CIT/MTA)

Tip 1. PING
I really don't know what you guys are doing that you've ping over 400-500 and after that you don't understand that high ping means BIG lag for you. To decrease your ping, turn off your Youtube, torrent client and any other thing that uses your internet connection. Torrent is really big consumer of your internet connection and makes your ping high, so make sure that you turn it off. If this don't help you, look for some other tutorials how to decrease ping. My ping is always around 140-160 so I don't have problem with that.

Tip 2. Mods
Mods=lag. Uninstall every graphics mod that you have in game. Graphics mods, such as high definition roads, building are even more harder to read than all your settings on high, so make sure to remove them. Mods like crosshair, skins, wont make any changes on FPS so you can keep them. So when you are playing CIT press T type /settings>Under Graphics Section>Disable all graphic Shaders in it.

Tip 3. Optimizing PC for gaming
Windws is by default optimized to balanced power settings and performance. You can increase your FPS by changing these settings to high performance. Note, this is not overclocking and won't harm your PC.
Right click on icon my computer - properties - on the left click on Advanced system settings, this will bring up new window. On that new window by default you'll be on advanced tab so under performance click on settings, this will again bring new window. On new windows click on advanced tab and you can choose between programs and background services. Pick programs. Also on the same window you'll see part with virtual memory, there click on change. Click on custom size(marked with red) and enter in initial and maximum size(marked with red) enter value from recommended(marked with green). Click set - apply - ok. Make sure to restart later, after we're done with guide.

Locate your control panel, set category on small/large icons and find power options. In power options select ''High performance'' (marked with red). If you can't see High performance option then click on Show additional plans(marked with green) and option will show up.

Tip 4. Set processor priority
This is also really important. It boost me for around 10 FPS. When you're in game press ctrl+alt+delete - task manager and:
Windows 7
under processes find gta-sa.exe - right click on it find set priority - put on high. New window will show up, click on change priority and that's it.

Windows 8/8.1
under details find gta-sa.exe - right click on it find set priority - put on high. New window will show up, click on change priority and that's it

Tip. 5 Razer game booster
Probably most of you will say, ''ah, that thing is useless, it makes no change'', but actually yes. It does. That tool is made to turn off necessary services while you're playing and so boost your game. Download that program, install it, make FREE account there and log in. Add San Andreas, not MTA Client. When you'll open your game, booster will say, boosting your game.

And we're done. Make sure to restart your pc after all these steps. I hope that your FPS has improved.
Happy gaming with more FPS.

Credits go to Amman. (x2)
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Re: Ping/FPS/Network/Packet Loss issues solutions
« Reply #6 on: 12 02, 2018, 01:25:21 pm »
How to get better Ping? (Windows 10 users)

I've noticed some people facing Ping issues after Windows 10 upgrade. Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows and although Windows 10 brought many improvements some users are experiencing issues. One of the issues that users have reported is high latency after Windows 10 upgrade. This guide will probably help a lot of players, just don't expect a major change in game.

High latency can be a big problem during your gaming sessions, and many users reported the following issues as well, which you'll find their solution in this guide:

 - Windows 10 ping spikes
 - Windows 10 high ping WiFi
 - High DCP latency Windows 10
 - Ddis.sys high latency Windows 10
 - Random high ping windows 10
 - High ping Ethernet
 - High ping and packet loss

-Before you start fixing this issue make sure that your drivers are up to date as well as your Windows 10. As for the drivers, if you’re using external WiFi or LAN card make sure that you visit the manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers.

- If you don’t have external LAN card or WiFi, make sure that your motherboard drivers are the latest. If your drivers are up to date and you’re still experiencing problems try these solutions.

Solution #1:
Show content
Windows 10 downloads updates on peer to peer basis meaning that you’ll download updates from other Windows 10 users worldwide. It’s a great idea, but it can cause latency issues because you’ll be sending updates to other users, so let’s see how we can turn it off.

1st step:

2nd step:

3rd step:

4th step:
Turn Updates from more than one place to off.

In addition to changing how Windows 10 delivers updates you can also toggle metered connection to improve your latency. If you set your connection as a metered connection you’ll prevent unwanted background download so here’s how to do it:

1.  Go to Settings > Network & Internet>Wi-Fi>Advanced Option.
2. Find Metered connection and turn it on.
3. After you’ve done it’s advisable to return it to non-metered connection after you’ve done.

Solution #2:
Show content
3. Find processes that are using your network and turn them off. In addition, you can navigate to Startup tab and disable these processes from starting with Windows 10.

Solution #3:
Show content
1. Right click the wireless icon in the bottom left of Windows 10 taskbar
2. Choose open network and sharing center.
3. Select Change adapter settings on the left side.
4. Right click your wireless connection that is having latency issues and choose Properties.
5. Click on Configure
6. Next go to Advanced tab and change the following values and save your settings:
802.11n channel width for 2.4GHz connections to 20MHz only.
Prefered Band to 2.4GHz.
Roaming Aggressiveness to 1.
Wireless mode to 802.11b/g.

Some users claim that you can also fix this problem by disabling Interrupt Moderation feature. To do that, just follow steps above to open the configuration window, locate Interrupt Moderation feature and set it to Disabled.

After changing your adapter’s configuration, the problem with latency should be resolved.

Solution #4:
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According to users, you can fix high latency problems simply by disabling Wi-Fi Sense feature. This feature will share your network information with your contacts, and it can sometime cause latency issues. To fix this problem, you need to disable it by following these steps:

1. Press Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.
2.When Settings app opens, navigate to Network & Internet section.
3.Go to the Wi-Fi section on the menu on the left. Now in the right pane click on Manage Wi-Fi settings.
4.Disable all available options.

- After doing that, Wi-Fi Sense feature will be disabled and you won’t experience latency issues anymore.

Solution #5:
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Windows 10 comes with a location feature that can be rather useful, but sometimes this feature can cause high latency in games. To turn this feature off, you need to do the following:

1. Open the Settings app and navigate to Privacy section.
2. In the left pane click on Location. Now click on Change button.
3. Set Location for this device to Off.

- After disabling this feature, your apps won’t be able to access your location and problems with high ping in should be resolved.

Solution #6
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-In some cases you might experience problems with high latency due to your wireless signal. Several users reported that their wireless signal was too weak and that was the cause for this problem. To fix the issue, users are suggesting to move your PC closer to the router and check if that solves the issue.

-If can’t move your PC closer to the router, you might want to consider purchasing a Wi-Fi extender or using an Ethernet connection instead.

Solution #7
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According to users, high latency problems in games appear due to your wireless adapter configuration. By default, your adapter will always search for nearby networks and that can influence your ping. To fix the problem, you need to turn off Auto configuration by following these steps:

1. Press Windows Key + X to open Win + X menu. Now choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu. If Command Prompt isn’t available, you can also choose PowerShell (Admin) instead.

2. When Command Prompt opens, you need to enter netsh wlan show settings. After running this command, you’ll see if Auto configuration is enabled for your network adapter.During this step you’ll also see the name of your wireless connection. Be sure to memorize it or write it down since you’ll need it for the next step.

3. Now enter netsh wlan set autoconfig enabled=no interface=”Name of your Wireless Connection” command and press Enter to run it.

- After running these commands, the problem should be completely resolved. Keep in mind that your PC won’t search for nearby Wi-Fi networks in the background anymore.

- If you want to connect to a wireless network, you’ll need to open Command Prompt as administrator and run netsh wlan set autoconfig enabled=yes interface=”Name of your Wireless Connection“. This is an advanced workaround, but many users reported that it works for them, so you might want to try it out.

Solution #8
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- According to users, if you’re experiencing high latency in games, you might be able to fix the problem simply by disabling your antivirus or firewall. Sometimes your antivirus software can interfere with your network connection and cause this and other errors to occur. To fix the problem, you need to disable it and check if the issue still persists.

-If disabling the antivirus doesn’t help, you need to remove it using its dedicated removal tool. Many antivirus companies offer removal tools for their software, so be sure to download one for your antivirus. After removing the antivirus, check if the issue still appears. If not, you might want to update your antivirus or switch to a different security solution.

- Third-party firewalls can also cause this problem, and many users reported that ZoneAlarm is the cause for this issue. After removing ZoneAlarm, the issue was completely resolved.

That’s all, I hope that at least some of these solutions helped you to solve your problem with ping in Windows 10, and that you’ll have a pleasant gaming experience from now on.

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Re: Ping/FPS/Network/Packet Loss issues solutions
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Tutorial about how to get more fps.
Tutorial by: @Mora. & Some community members
Other tutorials made by the community click here!

Tutorial num.1: Patch

Note: This patch changes timecyc.dat, stream.ini, Effects, Textures, particle.txd and vehicle.txd

  • Install patch file from here
  • After installing it run "GTA_San_Andreas_Low-End_Patch.exe"
  • Select your GTA San Andreas directory (C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas)
  • Install & Test it in-game

MTA Settings
  • Press ESC > advanced > debug setting > change it to #6734 Graphics
  • Press ESC > advanced > Memory > make it max
  • Press ESC > Audio > Radio Volume > Make it 0%
  • Open /settings (in-game) and turn off all shaders also remove any car/gun mods from /gunmods /carmods
  • Open /settings (in-game) set max FPS value=60
  • Open /settings (in-game) set far clip to default
  • Press ESC > Video > Make your settings like this picture.

Click to view

Tutorial num.2: Edit files

Deleting %tmp%
  • Press the "windows" button and "R" at the same time
  • Type " %tmp% "
  • Press "ok"
  • Ctrl+A and delete all
Deleting "prefetch"
  • Press "windows batton" and "R" at the same time
  • Type "prefetch"
  • Press "ok"
  • Ctrl+A and delete all

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Re: Ping/FPS/Network/Packet Loss issues solutions
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High FPS drops (Windows 10 users)

In the perfect parallel universe, gamers don’t suffer from high FPS drops. This pestilence can be an awful issue and it’s not easy to determine the solution because there are so many different factors in play.

  • Windows 10 is slowly becoming the number one choice for gaming, although more because it’s the part of requirements and less by gamers choice. Nonetheless, FPS drops affect all systems, even the almighty Windows 7.
  • Sudden stutters that break your gaming experience, especially in the multiplayer games where the optimal FPS rate is a must, can be quite hard to address.
  • Especially if they occur suddenly, without any good background explanation. Luckily, we prepared an in-depth list of all solutions that crossed our minds and provided them below.

In case you have bumped into FPS issues and you’re not sure how to deal with those, make sure to check the list below.

1: Meet the system requirements

- Even though this is something a Captain Obvious would say, requirements are too often the reason why a certain game under-performs and makes your world collapse with every FPS spike.

- Nonetheless, there are two things you’ll need to know about system requirements that are hidden in a plain sight and commonly overlooked.

- Firstly, the minimum requirements are something you should take with the pinch of salt. The developer is basically informing you that this certain configuration should suffice if you want to run the game.

- Translated into the common language ”Just start it”. Now, even the medium requirements won’t bring you the playable 30 to 60 FPS.

- In order to run the game and expect a peak performance, you should concentrate on the third column — Recommended requirements.

- The second thing we overlook when it comes to system requirements concerns changes. Most of the popular games get frequent updates that can and will affect the processing power of your gaming rig.

- So, if you’re informed a certain update brought esthetical improvements, more vivid graphics etc, make sure that you can run it. Sites like ”Can You Run It” are a good starting point, but the official requirements are always the ones you should rely on.

2: Check the cooling

- Overheating. There’s not a single hardware-related problem that is a bigger threat to your PC than overheating. Since we’re today referring to FPS spikes and sudden drops, the overheating is probably the biggest suspect for the issue at hand.

- Let’s imagine a common scenario: you start the game after the PC is idle, the game works great until some time and then the FPS goes to hell. It’s due to the CPU and/or GPU overheating and thus under-performing.

- In order to self-preserve themselves under the intense heat and avoid malfunctions, main PC components start working slower. Finally, your PC should shut down forcibly if the temperatures pass the allowed limits.

- So, for starters, make sure to acquire a proper temperature monitoring software. Like SpeedFan, for example. Above 90-95 degrees Celsius are the temperatures that you’ll need to avoid in order to evade performance drops and, in the worst case scenario, critical hardware damage.

- What to do to improve the cooling system and reduce the temperatures while gaming?

- Firstly, you’ll need to get your hands dirty and clean the inside of your PC casing. The special focus should be on the exhaust and coolers.

- Also, replacing the thermal paste should be a norm for every user. It tends to lose its functionality after a few months, so make sure to apply a new layer accordingly.

- Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt to add some extra fans and improve the cooling of the unit. However, double-check the PSU capabilities before doing so.

3: Check HDD

- Another essential part that can and certainly will affect the overall gaming performance is the hard drive. A hard drive is probably the most prone to malfunctions, and it’ll, in comparison to CPU or GPU, lose its initial performance values over time.

- This, of course, applies only to physical drives, not SSDs.

- It certainly can. Games are installed on an HDD and thus the slow reading/writing speeds can cause performance drops, FPS spikes, and similar inconveniences.

- Here are some steps you can take to identify HDD problem and act accordingly if there’s an issue at hand:

1. Use the ”chkdsk” command or a third-party software to scan for HDD errors.
2. In the Windows search bar, type Command Prompt, right-click on it and run it as an administrator.
3. In the command line, type the following command and press Enter:
chkdsk /f C:
4. Replace C: with other partition letters if it’s named differently.

4: Make sure your GPU drivers are up to the task

- GPU drivers are a touchy subject, especially on Windows 10 where the Windows Update feature manages drivers.

- Most of the time, the generic driver won’t suffice, and we are all well aware that even the top-notch GPU will fail miserably without the proper software support.

- In most scenarios, you’ll need the latest drivers provided by the OEM, but that’s not the rule. Some users resolved the GPU throttling and high FPS drops by installing an older drivers version.

- So, sadly, you have to spend some time experimenting with the available drivers until you find the right driver for your GPU. These are the official support sites for major OEMs:


- If you’re using legacy GPU, make sure to install legacy drivers. It’s not of the utmost importance for those to support Windows 10. Sometimes they’ll work regardless.

- Now, if the Windows 10 Update feature forcibly installs another version, you can roll-back drivers and disable the automatic drivers updating. Here’s how to do it:

1. In the Windows Search bar, type Control and open Control Panel.
2. From the Category view, open System and security.
3. Open System.
4. Select Advanced system settings from the left pane.
5. Open Device Installation Settings under the Hardware tab.
6. Select ”No” from the dialog box.
7. Confirm changes, right-click Start and open Device manager.
8. Expand Display adapters.
9. Right-click on your GPU and open Properties.
10. Under the Driver tab, click Roll-back driver.
11. Restart your PC and look for changes.

5: Scan for malware

- Malware is another feasible reason for the possible FPS drops and overall performance of an application as demanding as the modern game is.

- There’s a dozen of malware infections that can inflict system issues, but we need to set aside the adware and mistakenly-installed bloatware that tends to work in the background.

- Taking into consideration recent cryptocurrency tricks some sites use (they use your CPU power to mine without your consent, of course), you’ll need to step your antivirus game up and protect accordingly.

- You can use basically any third-party antivirus out there, but I'd recommend Bitdefender, with top-of-the-class detection rates and excellent real-time protection. So make sure to check it out.

- Here’s how to run it in Windows 10:

1. Open Windows Defender from the notification area on the taskbar.
2. Open Virus & threat protection.
3. Click on Advanced Scan.
4. Select Windows Defender Offline scan.
5. Click Scan now.

6: Check the connection

- In case you’re playing an online game and have issues with FPS, we advise you to check the connection, as well. In most scenarios, it’s not about your bandwidth speeds (it can be affected to some extent, though), but rather by the latency of the data package.

- This is measured in milliseconds and it indicates a delay between the user and the network itself.

- Basically, the higher the latency — the worse the game performance. You can check your latency here. You’ll need less than 50 ms in order to enjoy the online sessions in a seamless manner.

- Furthermore, it’s advised to use a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi while playing online. Also, restart your router or modem if you run into any issues and check the port forwarding preferences for that specific game.

7: Modify in-game and Power settings

- Not all graphics settings presented in modern games will work for every configuration out there. So, if you have slight issues with your FPS drops, make sure to change the graphics options.

- Disabling Shadows and Anti-aliasing is always good for starters. Also, Vsync won’t work well with certain GPUs.

- Try different variations until you find the one that optimizes performance and quality while keeping the acceptable FPS levels.

- It all depends on your configuration and the ways the game is or isn’t optimized for that configuration. And sometimes even the top-notch PCs will give you a hard time due to the badly optimized engine.

- Also, it’s important to mention the laptop’s Power management, as it can slow down CPU activity if you set Balanced or Power Saving modes. The best plan for gaming is High Performance.

- It might seem that there’s not much difference between the plans, but there are hidden perks that distinguish them. Follow these steps to enable the High-Performance plan on Windows 10:

1. Right-click on the Battery icon in the notification area and open Power options.
2. Select High Performance.
3. Close the window.

8: Don’t use the onboard sound device

- For some strange reason, some users reported the problems with an onboard sound device which was, for no apparent reason, colliding with the GPU drivers and it causes both sound issues and FPS spikes.

- Now, you can try and update or reinstall the dedicated driver, or uninstall it completely and stick with the alternative sound drivers. This can be done in a few simple steps and here’s how:

1. Right-click Start and open Device Manager.
2. Expand Sound, video and game controllers.
3. Update your sound drivers or uninstall (Press LMBon "Sound video and game controllers") the onboard sound device and stick with Realtek.

9: Disable background programs

Certain background programs are known for resource-hogging, making them quite unwelcomed while gaming. Disabling their respective background processes should improve the in-game performance and reduce FPS drops.

Here’s the list of programs you should avoid while gaming:

- VoIP programs like Skype.
- Peer-2-peer applications like uTorrent.
- Download managers.
- Browsers (we’re looking at you, Chrome).
- Recording and live streaming software.

If you’re running a powerful enough PC, the majority of background applications won’t affect the frame rate. The ones we enlisted are throttling your bandwidth which can be a problem, for multiplayer, connection-dependent games.Certain background programs are known for resource-hogging, making them quite unwelcomed while gaming. Disabling their respective background processes should improve the in-game performance and reduce FPS drops.

That's all I guess, I hope this would solve your problem and make sure to let us know if your issue was not yet fixed. I've experienced this issue yesterday, managed to do a quick research and fix the problem

Mazika gave me permission to post this guideline over here

'Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast. - William Shakespeare.