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New Job Parking Operator.
« on: 06 07, 2022, 04:03:15 am »

This job is for civilians only.

I come here to suggest a new job idea for the server to make it more varied in the game this job would be different from other jobs and more varied around the city of course it has a base for players to be teleported and having two skins to use it would be varied having to use the parking lots since this would be the job of Parking Operator having to work in several different spots and parking lots being both small, medium and large the main job of the players and collect all types of vehicles being car and motorcycle that are thrown on the streets and take to their parking spaces this profession would be different from the others having to explore all the parking lots of the server this main point would be that this job would only be in San Fierro or SF, and would only be in that city.

Purpose of work:

Collect all the types being car and motorcycle that are thrown through the streets of San Fierro or SF they will be in every point of the city being the three types green, red and blue, having to collect them and taking them directly to their points located on the mini map of each player and having a route to follow if they want to follow their route the skins that the player will use are skin 95 and 195 at work can use any vehicle to pick up the vehicles thrown on the streets.


1- Normal green vehicles
2- Red vehicles being the VIP
3- Rare blue vehicles

Base location and job would be inside the parking lot

-- Job Rankings
L0. Training
L1. Junior Miner - Req: 200000
L2. Senior Miner - Req: 400000
L3. Assistant Specialist - Req: 750000
L4. Specialist - Req: 1000000
L5. Professional Miner - Req: 1500000
L6. Expert Miner - Req: 2000000
L7. Chief Miner - Req: 2550000
L8. Elite Miner - Req: 3000000
L9. Executive Miner - Req: 3600000
L10. God of Iron - Req: 4000000

This job is meant to be because it's hard not to get max lvl and also because it's new.

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Re: New Job Parking Operator.
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<Insert all the groups I have been in and all the ranks I held here>