Author Topic: Adding a command for City Engineer job to see your tasks and add it in stats  (Read 559 times)

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Hi there!
a few days ago I wanted to know my tasks in city engineer job without taking the job, I search for it in civillian stats
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  and in /qsk
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  I didnt find it and as everyone know city engineer is a job like other jobs, today I am here to suggest adding a command for this job to see your tasks whithout taking the job the command is /qs tasks  and add it in civillian stats to make the players know your tasks in this job.
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good idea, I thought this was already added because I think the job is already 1 year old on the server. Positive  :tick:

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I think it's good to check the tasks in stats, and making it to /qsk, people can enjoyit more.  :tick:

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Positive To see your tasks before taking job  :tick:

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We get two types of tasks in city engineer job, however the job progress just counts tasks, and I think it's a nice idea to add a command /qs tasks in /qsk, so people can check the quick stats and share with friends.  :tick:
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my answer to this opinion is positive in order for him to understand and share the specifics of what you are doing  :tick:

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- Added City Engineer tasks completed amount to /stats. (Danzy + KaceM)
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