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18 04, 2021, 05:21:14 pm by Kenfis | Views: 641 | Comments: 24

As you know, groups and squads can use countdown. Groups within the alliance cannot use a common countdown.  In this proposal, I will talk about the benefits of alliance groups being able to use a common countdown. The main purpose of being in the same alliance is to act together. One thing that makes it even stronger to act together is that they have a common countdown. A special countdown within the Alliance will be beneficial for all alliances.
05 04, 2021, 09:17:03 pm by TheGam3r23 | Views: 814 | Comments: 19

Before some idiots spam negative votes I'd like to say that this preference interferes with the gangster gameplay of LS and is being abused on a daily basis.

My suggestion is simple, completely removing the gangster vs gangster murder crime preference from the server for a few reasons that I'll state below. And for those who don't know what this preference is it makes it so if a gangster kills another gangster when near a cop they'll get wanted for murder.

There are two scenarios which happen daily on the server.

1: Cops abuse this preference to farm AP and kills on random gangsters turfing/fighting at prison releases. Gangsters that are turfing or fighting there don't have anything to do with CnR but cops stand still in the zones and then get out and quickly kill the wanted gangsters (or in some cases don't even move and earn AP by being AFK nearby a dead wanted gangster)

2: Certain groups abuse the preference to get their cop allies/their own groupmates/their groupmates on second accounts to go cop and help them in wars. An action which completely ruins the fun of turf wars or even turfing in general.

Some recent screenshots that show a small fighting session between random gangsters and then two cops randomly showing up and killing them and stay even after one of the players tells them that they're not interested in CnR (the pictures might be in a messed up order I don't know why imgur does that)

If you actually give a shit about LS wars then this preference must go because it's ruining the side.
23 03, 2021, 08:09:35 pm by CJGIANNHS | Views: 506 | Comments: 20

Hello CIT Community.

My idea is very simple and not alot to say.
So all of you guys know when someone died inside to House apartment it looks like dissapeared and without any Kill message..
Maybe some of you guys do some duel events or another type of events inside apartment and I think its important to have the kill messages.

I Think we need to have it and not alot of work to add something like that..

Thanks for read my simple suggestion.
23 03, 2021, 03:35:23 am by Torontto | Views: 729 | Comments: 20

The fact that the only way to "drop" the parachute is pressing 'f' or saving it in the vehicle's inventory makes it a waste of time and somewhat useless.

When you craft a rustick rocket followed by a parachute and you die in the air without first being able to open the parachute, you will respawn with the parachute and it affects the binds in LV (At least for me), it does not work for me to press "F" to remove it. I think a command to eliminate it like the /dropspraycan would be the most effective and fast.

As user 6grocer and Justice expressed below, it is also annoying that every time you accept the pilot's job, he automatically gives you a parachute and the only way that works for him to remove it is by putting it in the vehicle's inventory.
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* Changelog

Wednesday 12th May 2021
- Added '/gmpt <groupName>' to check group members average played time per day. (Brian + FalconHawK)

Tuesday 11th May 2021
- Improved the randomness of the next armed robbery, lottery number and casino slot machines. (Senza)
- Fixed vehicle damage not being passed on to players sat inside broken down vehicles. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)
- Fixed damage that was only meant for players in drive-by mode applying to all passengers. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed being able to use '/leaveevent' when glued to a vehicle in apartments. (Arran + Magneto)
- "/online cem" will return all Community Event Managers online that are not idle for more than 10 minutes. (Brian + Macman)

Monday 10th May 2021
- L2. Kuldeep promoted to L3. (Head Staff)

Saturday 8th May 2021
- Traffic officer / mechanic abandoned vehicles will be damage proof and will auto flip if they are upside down. (Arran + Ths)
- Added 'UAV Speed' to '/settings' to change the slow, normal and fast movement speed of the UAV. (Arran + Waltz)
- Fixed interior 1 houses robbery object markers not being visible. (Arran + TheGam3r23)
- Removed "You're going too slow to do a driveby!" instead, damage to vehicles will hurt any passenger in drive-by mode. (Arran)
- Stopped the train driver job due to bugs. If you lost money due to the fine spam bug you can post refund request on forum. (Arran)

Friday 7th May 2021
- Rescripted the Train Driver job. Take the job at the train station in LS or SF. To start the job, spawn a train from the blue marker located at every station. You can warp to these stations by using '/warpstation'. Press F3 for the station keys and information about the job. Use '/warpstation CS' to warp to San Fierro's train station if you want to use a Tram inside San Fierro's city. (Nuko + HarwoodButcher + Emre)
- Fixed an exploit where you could shoot without aiming to get the single player perfect accuracy. (Arran + Axe)
- Removed the openness of PDR map since team stackers ruin it. (Arran)
- Moved the top floor entrance and anti rush in PDR criminal event to take into account the more open map. (Arran + 9R)
- Fixed race vehicle being destroyed after 1 second of falling off the bike. (Arran + FalconHawk)

Thursday 6th May 2021
- FightForHonor promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Added alliance countdown that is accessible through '/allycountd' command. (Senza + Kenfis)
- '/leaveevent' now works for leaving apartments. (Arran)
- Players can glue on Trashmaster even if they don't own VIP hours. (Arran + Monster)
- Modified the medic heal farm restriction so it doesn't stop payments until a much higher level. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)

Wednesday 5th May 2021
- CIThats v3.0: Added 3 axis scaling, a search box to '/hats' panel and ability to save your favourite hats positions. (Brian + Happy + Cold)

Tuesday 4th May 2021
- Guard_Ghosts promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed gangster APB's being able to damage cars (or receive car damage) from other gangsters. (Arran + 9R)
- Fixed buying anonymously on F7 not working. (Arran + Ths)

Monday 3rd May 2021
- Fixed being able to heal farm during criminal events and armed robberies. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)
- Fixed an exploit where you could avoid the animation when placing a stinger, the stinger won't deploy if you moved. (Arran + Vooltex)
- For any players that have "nightly" set in their "update build type" in MTA settings (advanced tab) the nightly has introduced a bug which breaks some stuff like coming out of being AFK. Install this older, stable version:

Friday 30th April 2021
- Fixed medics not being visible with LSD effect. (Arran + Senza)
- Fixed a way for medics to farm heal points. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)

Monday 26th April 2021
- Bus drivers can now change the door control key before starting route inside the /routes window. (Danzy)
- You can now change sound volume for each individual highlight inside /highlights. (Danzy)

Friday 23rd April 2021
- Re-mapped North Rock Hut Armed Robbery. (Danzy)

Wednesday 21st April 2021
- Fixed criminal event kill rewards being broken. (Arran + 9R)

Tuesday 20th April 2021
- Added enterable shop that can be robbed near Ganton. (Brian + K90)
- Added secondary entrances to Marina Offices and Graveyard Armed Robberies. (Danzy)
- Made LSPD building enterable. (Vampire)

Monday 19th April 2021
- Added missing commands to the command GUI when you press X. (Precious + Ths + Justice + Senza)
- AvidaCompany promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)

Sunday 18th April 2021
- Fixed LV play time not increasing. (Arran + Roxen)

Saturday 17th April 2021
- Added a defibrillator simulation to Medic mission to rescue injuried peds around map. (remaked)
- Fixed squad blacklist changes not being recorded to squad history. (Arran + LoLcO)
- Fixed being able to use rapid transport while moving. (Arran + GoldNugget)

Friday 16th April 2021
- Bus drivers who are driving the Articulated Coach will now get a 25% bonus payment at payout. (Danzy)
- Added a new criminal event called Military Base Raid. (Farhan-Khan + JayXxX)

Thursday 15th April 2021
- Added team play time stats to '/stats'. (Arran + Brian)

Wednesday 14th April 2021
- Added 'Buy anonymously' to F7 trading GUI. (Arran + RaHuL)
- Tidied up the trading GUI a bit. (Arran)

Tuesday 13th April 2021
- Improved vehicle sync (vehicles jerking, especially at high speeds) by fixing a server setting being an incorrect value. (Senza + Valerio)
- Unwanted criminals won't be able to fire hydra missiles. (Arran + Apollo)
- To reduce the oversupply of Weed, any scripts that give a random drug as a reward, will no longer pick Weed. (Arran)
- Re-designed Iron Storage armed robbery. (Danzy + Community)

Monday 12th April 2021
- Made '/leaveevent' work for racing. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed gangsters being able to see Criminal Bosses voice messages. (Axe + Senza)
- CODE promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)

Sunday 11th April 2021
- Changed /highlights window appearance. Added a checkbox that makes your MTA tray icon on task bar flash orange 20 times when you get highlighted. (Danzy)
- You can glue on a Trashmaster to share Waste Manager's mission with a friend and play co-op. (Brian + Falconhawk)
- Added "Add All Selected Parcels" button to Delivery Man job panel. (Brian + Hanabi)
- Increased Pizza Boy job pay by 10%. (Brian + Deathwish)
- Static vehicles can be placed in CITy Zones and apartments. (Arran + Adahan)
- Fixed being able to place big barriers like the tent in the criminal event dimension. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed driving and bike skill increasing when passenger. (Arran + Ghost)

Saturday 10th April 2021
- '/cityzonedata ZoneID' will now output the object count and total value of those objects. (Arran + Precious)
- Being idle for over 3 minutes during a criminal event will result in being ejected from the event. (Arran + Ghost)
- Removed the Gangster vs Gangster Murder Crime preference, they will never get wanted for murdering each other. (Arran + TheGam3r23)
- When editing a CITy Zone or apartment object, the text at bottom right will now show the name and texture name. (Arran + Violet)
- When racing with '/race' on a pedal bike map, falling off the bike won't count as exiting the race. (Arran + KmB)
- Kill messages will be visible at any range instead of 300 meters in the non main dimensions like apartments. (Arran + CJGIANNHS)
- Fixed muted players being able to use '/countdown'. (Senza + Axe)
- Added 50 new paintjobs for common shader-able vehicles submitted by Precious, iDriver, Bro, Predator, IceWolf and Josephine. (Brian)

Friday 9th April 2021
- Fixed medics being able to place barriers in criminal event dimension. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)

Thursday 8th April 2021
- Fixed not being able to craft barriers (cops can use barrier 19 as mobile shield) in criminal event dimension. (Arran + Slow)
Added 'driving skill' (probably no physical benefit to higher skill) stat which will increase like bike skill (but slower) and achievement for 1000 / 1000. (Arran + Adahan)
- The players that were "Today's Tops" now receive rewards most are $100,000 some like most deaths are $1000. (Arran + Nonta$)
- Fixed armed robberies being able to get disrupted by the placing of music speakers. (Arran + Pusat)

Sunday 4th April 2021
- If you are using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 you can enable "Show notification on desktop" from /highlights and it will notify you when minimized on desktop. This can occur once every 30 seconds due to MTA limit. If you have any old highlights, it is recommended to delete them and add them again. (Danzy)

Saturday 3rd April 2021
- Added spoiler support in mod shops for Infernus, Dragon RT, Bullet, Turismo, Elegy Drift and Sabre Turbo. (Brian + Suix)
- Fixed not receiving criminal reputation points when completing drug trafficking boat mission if exceeded earn limit. (Arran + 9R)
- Added all melee weapons and other miscellaneous weapons to '/dropweapon'. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to sell free bat for $500 on F7. (Arran + GrandGhost)

Friday 2nd April 2021
- L1. Gee, IdleJoe & Jaguar passed trial period. (L4 Staff)
- Added '/dropweapon' which can be used to drop the selected weapon if parachute or spraycan. (Nuko + Torontto)

Tuesday 30th March 2021
- Fixed gangster chat not working since Wednesday. (Arran + GrandGhost)

Monday 29th March 2021
- Ended triple pay event. (Arran)

Wednesday 24th March 2021
- Crafting armor when you already have some will only take the resources proportional to the armor needed. (Arran + TroubleShot)
- Disabled non LV gangsters being put into team chat with criminals. (Arran + K90)
- Fixed miner and cave miner getting this "Inspect the rock to find Iron" spam. (Arran + Precious)
- Updated quick stats. (Nuko)

Monday 22nd March 2021
- Migrated to new permanent server. (Arran + Cheeze)

Sunday 14th March 2021
- Thanks to Pilovali all update lines have been recovered these are:
- Added pilot altitude hold system for planes that can be used by '/assist' command. (Senza + HarwoodButcher + Pilovali)
- Players with under 16 hours of play time will have to do 'have job' in the job description GUI when they do '/gangster'. (Arran + Emre)
- Merged country chats: Lebanon (LB), Jordan (JO), Kuwait (KW), Iraq (IQ) and Qatar (QA) into M.E. (Middle East). (Arran + RicaRdo)
- The weed drug effect will now apply in apartments. (Arran + kubeQQQ)
- Removed the additional wait time that criminals, gangsters and police had to wait before they could equip jetpack after taking damage. (Arran + Axe)

Saturday 13th March 2021
- Updates listed here after 5th March were lost due to OVH letting their data center burn down.

Friday 5th March 2021
- Redesigned LSO Armed Robbery. (Danzy + Virus)

Thursday 4th March 2021
- Fixed assister name being large when using the Legend kill message. (Relerx + TheGam3r23)
- Fixed ignore lists not saving properly. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)

Wednesday 3rd March 2021
- PC/CB voice messages now show messages on team chat. (Senza + Traxex)
- Added 'Tony Cipriani' skin from Liberty City Stories (ID 1061). (Brian + Zombiie)

Tuesday 2nd March 2021
- Added 6 Racing/Bike helmets to '/viphats'. (Brian + Mohammad)
- Upgraded '/myheals' to show (won't show, if none) healing done at bottom left of screen and who has the most healing for the CE / AR. (Arran + Ptole)
- Fixed most firework abuse by not allowing fireworks to be placed if there are 5 wanted players within 100 meters. (Arran + Axe)
- The 'You have exceeded the x maximum amount that can be earned per hour.' will now only appear once. (Arran + 9R)
- Added the ability to ignore entire groups or squads using '/ignore'. (Senza + Mec0)

Monday 1st March 2021
- Added '/wepskin' (or '/weaponskin') to select your weapon skin. All Top 25 players from last season have been given a special weapon skin that will expire at the end of this season. (Relerx)
- Season 1 has been released! The season will run from 1st March 2021 to 9th June 2021. Many new rewards have been added and the final reward is a special skin pack for which more information will be released soon! (Relerx + Dimit + Gokberk)
- Added 3 new models to spoilers in vehicle modification shops. (Brian)

Sunday 28th February 2021
- Players with VIP levels (aka DLx) can spawn 1 static vehicle near their own house markers for the price of the vehicle they intend to create. Use '/addstaticveh house' and '/delstaticveh house'. (Brian + Arran)

Friday 26th February 2021
- Added '/countdown 1-10' to make a countdown above your head. (Senza + Pollux)
- Fixed LS miners not being able to dive underwater. (Arran + Lazio)
- Probably fixed a rare bug where a stinger object placed by a cop would remain stuck there. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)

Wednesday 24th February 2021
- Bus Drivers can now drive the 'Articulated Coach' which works for any available route. This vehicle can be purchased at heavy vehicles shop for $300,000. (Vampire + Brian + Danzy)

Saturday 20th February 2021
- Added ability for squads to spawn 3 peds near their interior marker using '/addsquadped' and '/delsquadped'. (Brian + SalaR)

Friday 19th February 2021
- CAMORRA promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed Train Drivers having wrong speed limits due to fuel limiter not working correctly. (Nuko + Relerx + Slash)

Monday 15th February 2021
- Actually the loss duration is from 17:00 to 18:17 as that's when I did the restoration.
- 3/3: If you bought a house in those 36 minutes then you'll probably need to file a refund request on forum.
- 2/3: To fix this I had to use the last backup (from 17:00) some scripts like units, alliances, turfs were also affected.
- 1/3: The server crashed at 17:36 (server time (UTC +1)) which caused a database file to be corrupted and CITbook friends (possibly more) was lost.

Sunday 14th February 2021
- Bikers promoted to L9 group. (GLM Team)

Saturday 13th February 2021
- Increase the squad and group whitelist account and group limits. (Arran + UwitSwaq)

Wednesday 10th February 2021
- L0. Gee, IdleJoe and Jaguar added as Trial Staff. (SalaR + Burner + Brian)
- Fixed an exploit where you could teleport a player if they were glued to your car then being wanted and recover it. (Arran + Mec0)

Monday 8th February 2021
- Added few more bandanas and 2 hats from CJ clothing models into '/hats'. (Brian + Cold + Happy)

Saturday 6th February 2021
- Added 15 types of bandanas inside '/hats'. (Brian + Cold)

Friday 5th February 2021
- Fixed many abandoned vehicle mission vehicle locations. (Senza + Reynmen)

Wednesday 3rd February 2021
- Added '/lineselect' for being able to copy multiple grid list lines to the clipboard for pasting. (Nuko)

Monday 1st February 2021
- The trial season run has ended.Thank you for participating! A new season with exciting rewards will be dropping in the next season. The final top 25 PvP players' list will be revealed soon.

Sunday 31st January 2021
- Added shader support to Super GT. (Pollux + Harwood + Nightwolf)
- Added '/addstaticveh squad' and '/delstaticveh squad' for squads with interiors that want to create static vehicles around it. (Brian)

Friday 29th January 2021
- Added '/addstaticveh' and '/delstaticveh' for groups that own bases (L2+). (Brian)

Wednesday 27th January 2021
- Fixed the "X top left icons" setting not turning off the icons properly. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed not being able to rotate CJ when viewing clothes. (Arran + K90)
- Reduced AI trader buy price for 'Knife' from $1000 to $100 to prevent possibility of making meaningful money from selling butcher job knife. (Arran + Coolwolf)

Sunday 24th January 2021
- Added 'Top 100 Mechanic' back to '/seasonalstats'. (Relerx + Coolwolf)
- Added '/seasons' that describes the seasons idea and links to other GUIs. (Relerx + Slow + FunkSoul)
- Added multiple more '/challenges' for civilians and one more criminals. (Relerx + Zaphkiel)

Saturday 16th January 2021
- Added shader support to BMX and some paintjobs for it. (Brian + Pollux)
- Fixed being able to bypass armor freeze time if you craft armor then cancel and then craft it again. (Arran + chaiNN)
- Fixed meat shop robbery giving 0 meat as a reward. (Arran + Coolwolf)

Wednesday 13th January 2021
- The server was down due to Windows being stupid and automatically restarting the server. I've disabled it doing that again. (Arran)

Monday 11th January 2021
- Fixed some inaccessible police detective objectives. (Arran + Norman + Jaguar)
- Fixed the 'Owner:' edit box in housing GUI not having a purpose. It will now show the houses owned by that account. (Arran + Known)
- You can add songs played by other players to your playlist(s) by using '/mplayer songs' command. (Senza)

Sunday 10th January 2021
- Added 'PvP Rank' to '/stats'. (Relerx + IDriver)

Friday 8th January 2021
- Invaders & CitiZeNs promoted to L6 groups. (GLM Team)

Thursday 7th January 2021
- Outlaws_MC promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)

Tuesday 5th January 2021
- Increased bus driver payment by 20% for all levels. (Danzy)

Sunday 3rd January 2021
- Added Rock, Paper, Scissors minigame that is accessible by "/rps" command. Check F3 for more info. (Senza + Vampire)

Saturday 2nd January 2021
- Fixed recording of seasonal statistics for some jobs. They will start recording now. (Relerx + Coolwolf)
- Added two bus driver routes to City Island. (Danzy)

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