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09 01, 2022, 12:07:43 am by daddy | Views: 481 | Comments: 25

What is the suggestion going about?: Adding a new course through /shit "see-through wall test"
Description: a course that lets you see LSD player lines thicker "More visible" like it used to be back in the previous years.
What would this suggestion improve: many of us can't see the players through walls if they're sprinting and if their color is near to the wall color so players will have some difficulty checking where is the player.
Why does this need to be added?: a course that would cost 70,000$ at least 50% of the players will have it on to make their combat play easier, to see the players more visible, and it will let players spend money on that course too.
Can you provide us any examples?:
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Information about the course
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This course will let your LSD ability lines thicker (More visible). LSD drug provides you the ability to see players and satchels ONLY through the wall. if the player is crouching you will no longer see him until he stands up.

Course Questions and answers
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1: How to see players through walls? (Using LSD Drug, Using an equipment, Wearing a glasses)
2: If a player is crouching can you see him through walls? (Yes, No)
3: Can you see vehicles through walls? (Yes, No)
03 01, 2022, 12:05:54 pm by Otto | Views: 346 | Comments: 4

The suggestion is, merging non-LV LV chat (The north side of the map, Tierra Robada, Bone County and its surroundings) to SF/LS mainchat by restricting the LV chat to the place that has been already marked as the LV, which notifies you with ''You entered LV'' when you enter it. As it is borders are already drawn by the developers, this should not be a hard to divide the LV chats into two different mainchats and restricting one to the turfing grounds while merging the other with the SF/LS one.

This will let people talk in SF/LS mainchat while in the north side of the map, probably just roaming around as there is almost no-content there. Won't be a major change but it will surely help people socialize.
02 01, 2022, 06:57:17 pm by Impostor | Views: 563 | Comments: 21

Players are constantly trying to sell houses for as cheap as possible just so they can free up a house slot.

People sometimes commit the mistake of buying a house that they'll never use again and odds are no one's interested in buying that property and then they get stuck with a house they no longer desire.

You may say "just buy a house slot" but some broke deadbeats or some new players may end up not benefiting from eventual good deals just because they lack 10m.

The Suggestion:
In order to rid people of this inconvenience, being able to ditch a house for no money back would be a good solution.
Make it so the "give up house ownership" function resets houses prices to 90m as it used to be on the previous system.
Additionally, make it so a player can only give up one house per day and only 48h after it has been purchased so they can't freely buy and reset properties just to troll low/mid range houses prices by constantly setting them to 90m.
02 01, 2022, 04:59:27 pm by daddy | Views: 1371 | Comments: 74

What is the suggestion going about?: Be able to capture turfs twice fast if you have no turfs. - In LV
Description: This was previously added by Arran but LV players back in the previous years was against this idea because we used to have more than 2 sides in LV and more than 15 group which makes the city active and more playable
What would this suggestion improve: It will improve the gameplay and make it more fun by giving players more chances to attack groups that have many online members (cracks) and gives them chances to handle at least the turfing percentage.
Why does this need to be added?: nowadays gameplay in LV kills the fun and entertainment in the game players it is not fun to play 2 vs 10 or even 1 group against 3 or 4 so this would increase the chance for a small quantity to play
Can you provide us any examples?: No.

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* Changelog

Tuesday 18th January 2022
- Fixed mute and global mute durations being much longer than they're supposed to be for those with less than 5 repeat offences. (Arran + Burner)

Sunday 16th January 2022
- Added achievement for getting top CE damager and top CE killer. (Arran)
- Re-mapped Freight Station armed robbery. (Danzy)

Saturday 15th January 2022
- Fixed limited players being unable to use modshop. (Arran + MacTavish)
- Fixed roleplayers being able to be damaged their friends in other teams. (Arran + abdall2)
- Fixed roleplayers team not seeing discord civilian chat. (Arran + Kazoki)
- Fixed bus driver not being in today's tops. (Arran + Wesdom)
- Fixed being unable to place speakers in bases that are safe zones. (Arran + Dokt0R)
- Fixed full muted players not being able to see the full mute reason when they login. (Arran + iFrank)

Friday 14th January 2022
- Fixed L10 Street Cleaner not being able to use '/go Street Cleaner'. (Arran + ABC)

Wednesday 12th January 2022
- Fixed squad applications not being saved to database. (Arran + SeeMi)
- Removed daily max play time increase of 8 hours. (Arran + Flacko)
- Added perks (mainly increased rewards) for criminal levels. Search "criminal level" in F1 for details. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- Fixed being unable remove graffiti as a street cleaner. (Brian + TwCafe)

Tuesday 11th January 2022
- L2. iFrank promoted to L3. (Head Staff)

Monday 10th January 2022
- You can now abandon (won't count towards ownership limit) a house by setting it for sale at $1. (Arran + Impostor)
- Added 'LSD Thickness' to '/settings' to change the thickness of the lines that represent a player seen through walls. (Arran + daddy)
- Fixed fire fighter not being able to put out fires. (Arran + Amy)
- Fixed being able to abuse double turf capture speed by only allowing 50 double capture speed instances per 20 minutes. (Arran + 3bood)

Sunday 9th January 2022
- Fixed trading minimum purchase quantity being set to 0 if using 10,000,000+ as minimum quantity. (Arran + TwCafe)
- Fixed getting double turf capture speed if created a group in the last hour. (Arran + 3bood)

Saturday 8th January 2022
- Fixed rapid transport GUI not displaying fully on some small screen resolutions. (Arran + Harshil)
- Added support for a few new sounds for highlights inside /highlights. Existing highlights by default have 'iPhone 3' as their sounds, you can change this. (Danzy + Cristiano)

Friday 7th January 2022
- Added BC (Bone County) chat area (which was previously LV) which is merged with LS / SF chat. (Arran + Otto)

Thursday 6th January 2022
- L2. Darius promoted to L3. (Head Staff)
- Fixed max food being 1000 if you have more than 3 VIP levels. (Arran + FR)
- Fixed non VIP players being unable to use jetpack in race mapping dimensions. (Arran + Nuko)

Tuesday 4th January 2022
- LV: Be able to capture turfs twice fast if you have no turfs. (Arran + daddy)
- Fixed Uzi doing too much damage (Arran + Main chat community)
- Fixed being able to mine as Iron Miner while in an apartment. (Arran + Magneto)

Saturday 1st January 2022
- Fixed shipwreck diver side mission being broken since the introduction of Roleplayers. (Danzy + Sawos)
- Cop killing reputation reward increased if you have a higher wanted level. 4 stars: 200. 5 stars: 300. 6 stars: 400. APB: 500. (Arran + Dokt0R)
- '/divorce' now needs to confirm your account name instead of password. (Arran + Cerberus)

Friday 31st December 2021
- Fixed being kicked for command spam if pressing N many times. (Arran + Cerberus)
- Roleplayers won't get wanted level for assault and murder. (Arran + Otto)

Tuesday 28th December 2021
- Added the ability to buy a vehicle using bank balance, if on hand cash isn't enough. (Arran + zurq)
- Added "intending to cause drama" as a mutable chat offence. (Arran + Maximo)
- Forum: Amended rule 4 to give some examples of "disturbing images". (Arran + Ptole)
- Fixed police being able to quit job near wanted criminals using '/go job'. (Arran + ABC)

Monday 27th December 2021
- Players in the undercover cop car will not have their blip hidden if they enter drive-by mode. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- You can now toggle the playing of speakers, press X and click on the speaker. (Arran + Majestic)
- Speakers won't appear if the player is in your ignore list. (Arran + SashkO)
- Blocked the placing of a speaker when another speaker is within 12 meters. (Arran + BadBoy)
- Re-enabled car factories. (Arran + KaceM)

Sunday 26th December 2021
- Fixed AI Trader not buying House Slots. (Arran + Wxrdie)
- When entering LV with 150 health, your health will be set to 200. (Arran + Cherry)
- Added a new duty: LVME (LV Map Editor) who can edit the map (but not bases) within the LV combat area. (Arran + daddy)
- Fixed train driver vehicle spawner not working in roleplay team. (Arran + Seville_blv)

Friday 24th December 2021
- Completed stage 1 of roleplay mode. Search roleplayers in F1 for more info. (Arran + Otto)
- Fixed being able to complete a store robbery from a different dimension. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed exploits related to changing dimension while viewing CJ clothes. (Arran + Magneto)
- Official groups can use '/l4veh' inside LS and SF Airports to spawn their base vehicles. (Brian)
- You can now delete graffiti on streets and get credited with 'Street Cleaner' job progress. (Brian + Happy)

Tuesday 21st December 2021
- Added 'Player Blip Distance' to '/settings'. (Arran + RabbidRabbit)
- Added a new CITy texture for video editors called "Green Screen". (Brian + Sp1)
- Trucker delivery selection GUI now shows the total distance you have to travel for the delivery. (Arran + Amy)
- Fixed farmer being broken since yesterday. (Arran + Sawos)

Monday 20th December 2021
- CODE - SAS promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)
- FightForHonor promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)

Saturday 18th December 2021
- VIP levels will increase max food capacity by 500 per level. (Arran + dokt0r)
- Added Walton to all of the farmer vehicle spawners to make the co-op mode more likely to get used. (Arran)
- Decreased amount of Wheat given when farming to be balanced with Herbs and Hemp by selling prices. (Arran + Mayrou)
- Added new armed robbery at Flint County freight station. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- Earn limit reset is now synchronised with real life time so it will reset when a new hour starts in real life. (Arran + Ace)
- Added the ability for race mappers to add repair icons to races. (Arran + Impostor)

Wednesday 15th December 2021
- You can now buy armor from pressing X and clicking on a Patriot or Burrito. (Arran + Auto)
- Added a search box to F10 'Friends' tab. (Arran + Mohammad.)
- Criminals and gangsters will now be able to crash into a vehicle driven by a hit target. (Arran + iRaMoS)

Tuesday 14th December 2021
- Added Drug Running criminal activity available when entering a Freeway, Sanchez or Wayfarer. (MacMan + Danzy + Athena)

Sunday 12th December 2021
- Disabled Ryder from Robbing Uncle Sam mission due to players abusing them by using them as a guard and not doing the mission. (Arran + ABC)
- Fixed an exploit where you could complete a store robbery even after doing something that caused dimension change. (Arran + Magneto)

Saturday 11th December 2021
- Fixed an exploit where players with race mapping access could use it to warp in the main dimension. (Arran + Magneto)

Monday 6th December 2021
- Static vehicles will be non colliding. (Arran + Jwad)
- Criminal trucker mission vehicle will only take 20% damage from Hydra rockets. (Arran + Daphne)
- The crime of 'causing a disturbance' will give 20 wanted points instead of 5 so that wanted level doesn't disappear soon. (Arran + Daphne)
- Added 'Outfits' category to CJ clothes which allows for the creation of outfits to quickly change clothes. (Arran + daddy)

Sunday 5th December 2021
- Made Christmas hats inside /viphats available to everyone, including non-VIP players, during Xmas time. (Brian + Vampire)
- Improved performance of objects attached to players (like hats) by using a new system created by !Patrick. (Brian + Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed non VIP's being unable to glue to advanced hummer. (Arran + Mohammad.)
- Fixed squads not being able to invite other squads into a squad alliance. (Arran + MV7)
- Fixed riot kill counter not working properly. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- Fixed squad alliance login messages not being handled properly. (Arran + TwCafe)
- You can now vote for races in '/race'. Voted maps will take priority unless there are more signed up players than players who voted for a race. (Arran + Impostor)
- When using '/ssup' or '/cad' without them being ticked "show in chatbox" they will auto tick to show in chatbox like '/sup' does. (Arran + Medusa)
- Civilians can pass through vehicles, meaning they'll be able to use blocked vehicle spawn markers. (Arran + Dincer)

Saturday 4th December 2021
- Added translate app to CITphone which will open in-game web browser to google translate. (Arran + Amy)
- Added some interior 16 apartments to a building near Glen Park. You can mark these with /gps > search for "Glen Park Apartments". (Brian + Danzy)
- Made Hummer guns disappear when driven by Civilian or Unoccupied players due to collisions bugs. (Brian)

Friday 3rd December 2021
- Fixed advanced hummer handling stats not showing up in vehicle shop. (Arran + TwCafe)
- Fixed not being able to drive hummer if it runs out of fuel (as it doesn't use fuel). (Arran + ManeXi)

Thursday 2nd December 2021
- Units can now have up to 500 members. Unit pay sharing will be disabled when over 8 members. (Arran)
- Added a search box to CITy texture selection panel. (Arran + Predator)
- When a cop is killed by a criminal, if another criminal assisted with the kill, they will get 50 reputation points. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- Players who can use '/go police officer' can now also use '/go police medic'. (Arran + TwCafe)

Wednesday 1st December 2021
- AI traders will now buy the full amount listed for sale in 1 go. (Arran + TwCafe)
- Terminator hit targets ($500,001 hits) will not receive health boosts when they get kills. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- Instead of having to take arrested players to the nearest police station, you must just stay near them for 10 seconds. (Arran + zurq)
- Adjusted the rule on non-English in main or team chat so that it's only mutable when 2 messages are posted. (Arran + Slow)

Tuesday 30th November 2021
- Over-eating at any food shop will cause CJ to become fat. Go to Gym to make CJ lose fat. (Brian + Otto)

Monday 29th November 2021
- Fixed kills outside of a riot area counting towards riot area kill count. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- Fixed alliance staff chat not appearing in 'Alliance' part of 'J' chat interface. (Arran + daddy)
- Fixed top law groups web page being inaccessible. (Arran + WizarD)
- Fixed vehicle and weapon mods selected from '/carmods' and '/gunmods' being over-written by CIT's default mods. (Arran + Dincer)

Sunday 28th November 2021
- Upgraded house shop search to support multiple interior search. Also re-enabled owner search. (Arran + Spider)
- Added repeating character restrictions to prevent names like Arrannnnnnnnn. (Arran + Melendez)
- If you use '/hitme amount warehouse' and leave the area when not recently hurt, you will be auto killed to remove the hit. (Arran + GaMeFeR)
- Added 13 missing civilian jobs to 'Todays Tops' system. (Arran + kedi)
- Speed now has an effect on LV players: respawn 3 seconds faster. (Arran + daddy)
- CitiZeNs promoted to level 8 group. (GLM Team)
- Added a warp button to races tab in the '/race' GUI to make it easier for those who are working on races. (Arran + ManeXi)
- Fixed the anti 'fail chat' script not blocking country chat messages that start with stuff like "gc ". (Arran + Arnold.)
- Added Butcher to civilian job ranks in '/stats'. (Arran + Avices)
- When a cop kills a criminal, if there is a kill assister, the assister will get arrest points equal to 50% of what the killer gets. (Arran + brondo)
- Added '/baseunkick partial_name or all' to reverse the effects of '/basekick'. (Arran + Counter)
- Reverted to the old '/engine' where the vehicle gets frozen, but has some exploits, so don't report '/engine' exploits. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)

Friday 26th November 2021
- Added 'Automatic Food Craft' to '/settings'. (Arran + daddy)
- Fixed "Your own group base will be exempt from anti respawn spam restriction." update not working. (Arran + Thug)
- Fixed criminal event ended message not showing which team won. (Arran + Harshil)

Monday 22nd November 2021
- Added a search box to 'Rooms' tab of F10. (Arran + Dincer)
- Disabled vehicle explosions outside LV to prevent trolling. (Brian + Western)
- Added 2 unique skins for 'Criminal Medic' occupation. (Brian + LegendaryDaphne)
- Improved 'Alternate Sky Shader' in '/settings' to allow you to pick a specific sky box texture. (Arran + 8sianRednek)
- Race map makers can now specify a drive type that all race vehicles will use. (Arran + Number69)
- Added blips to 4 stores that can be robbed. (Arran + Thug)

Sunday 21st November 2021
- BOCA promoted to level 5 group. (GLM Team)
- xCode promoted to level 7 group. (GLM Team)

Saturday 20th November 2021
- Added an achievement for getting all qualifications in '/courses', if you already have them all, do '/courses' to get achievement. (Arran + Charmy)
- Added an achievement for reaching L10 Butcher. (Arran + Avices)
- Race mappers can warp around the map by opening the F11 map and double clicking on a location. (Arran + Violet)
- When driving a vehicle as a race mapper the vehicle will auto repair and auto flip. (Arran + Violet)

Friday 19th November 2021
- Fixed criminal medic job skin not being set when logging in. (Arran + Sean)
- 1337 promoted to level 7 group. (GLM Team)

Wednesday 17th November 2021
- Races that have over 10 ratings and have low ratings will have a chance to be skipped based on rating. (Arran)
- CITy object Doors - Garage 1 to Garage 10 can now be modified with '/editdoor'. (Arran + Egekan)
- Updated UAV / freecam mode so that it uses movement keys rather than bound directly to WASD keys. (Arran + ManeXi)
- Added 'Mission Accomplished Sound' to '/settings' with options: None, GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA & GTA 4. (Arran)
- Fixed getting killed for exploiting if you're in a sinking aircraft. (Arran + WizarD)
- Fixed race rating GUI not appearing when leaving a race if that race has no ratings yet. (Arran + Impostor)

Tuesday 16th November 2021
- The_ReNeGaDeS promoted to level 7 group. (GLM Team)x
- Added 'Race Rating Requirement' setting that lets you skip maps (default skips any 1 star maps) that you rated below the chosen number. (Arran)
- Added the ability to rate maps when you finish / leave them or manually from the race GUI. (Arran)
- Increased max food from 200 to 1000 but food consumption from healing is increased 1000%. (Arran + Seville_blv)
- Re-added 'Law Daily' to website. (Arran + Light)
- Added 'Show on Live Map' to '/settings'. (Arran + Sean)
- Criminals can now throw molotovs. (Arran + Predator)
- Re-added 'Police Medic' (marker at LSPD) and 'Criminal Medic' ('/criminal medic'). (Arran + Brian + Royal)

Sunday 14th November 2021
- Added 2 bonus skins taken from 'Squid Game' available to those who were online during the 31st October night (Halloween's night). (Vampire + Brian)
- Reduced house max asking price from 9 billion to 1 billion. (Arran)
- Houses owned by players that haven't logged in for 14 days will be set for sale and price will decrease 0.01% every 2 minutes. (Arran)
- Players can buy Farmer's Seeds through F7 and sell them back to server for 48$/unit. (Brian + RaMoS)
- Increased nitrous new players start with from 2000 to 10,000. (Arran + Otto)
- Added a search box to animations GUI. (Arran + Counter)

Friday 12th November 2021
- Re-added Aik's fisherman mission (with some tweaks) for civilian team. To play the game stand near water and press 'N'. (Brian + Arran)

Wednesday 10th November 2021
- L1. Traxex passed trial period. (Head Staff)
- L2. Egekan and Nex0 promoted to L3. (Head Staff)
- Fixed being able to fall off bikes in race dimensions. (Arran + iRaMoS)

Tuesday 9th November 2021
- Added support for ring markers in races. (Arran + Vampire)
- Added 'Racing Drive Type' to '/settings' to pick drive type when racing, default is AWD. (Arran + Emre)
- BMX, bike and car driving skill will all be maximum while in the race dimensions. (Arran + Harshil)
- 18thStreetGang promoted to level 7 group. (GLM Team)

Monday 8th November 2021
- Added a setting called 'Display Armed Robbery Borders' that will help players entering Armed Robberies see the areas limits as red lines. (Brian + Dust)

Sunday 7th November 2021
- Added a new board under the name of 'Races Development' that will be used by the Community to request access to map races. Also, it will be used as a showroom to demonstrate ongoing and finished projects. (Vampire)

Friday 5th November 2021
- Upgraded the race editing system so that it's easier to add / edit races and soon players can add / edit races. (Arran)
- Each race now has it's own dimension so that objects can be added to races. (Arran + Impostor)

Tuesday 2nd November 2021
- Removed getting wanted when throwing a molotov. (Arran + jihadi)
- Updated police computer grid list to categorise wanted players by CE, AR, riot, APB or others. (Arran)

Monday 1st November 2021
- Reduced Squad board requirements to 15 active members and 1 month of continuously activity. (Vampire + Avices)
- Added setting to '/settings' called 'Main Chat Color' to change the first part of main chat messages. (Arran + ManeXi)
- When you open F11 map and zoom in on a job blip it will show the job name. (Arran)
- Added Street Food Seller and Street Cleaner to '/stats'. (Arran + ManeXi)
- Lumberjack will pay cash instead of hemp and herbs. (Arran + MacMan)
- Added getting L10 in Street Food Seller and Street Cleaner to achievements. (Arran + Avices)
- Scrapping cars will give some mechanic job progress. (Arran + Cherry)
- Added the ability to craft Satchels, Teargas and Molotovs. (Arran + Seville_blv)
- Adjusted the crafting requirements of weapon ammo to much more balanced with ammunation prices. (Arran + Seville_blv)
- Upgraded mystery bag script into a mystery box with different levels of rarity and a choice to open or sell the box. (Danzy + #AsTa)
- Added 'Drop LV Grenade' to '/settings' if you want to disable the feature. (Arran + zurq)

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