Author Topic: Should women be allowed to get late term abortion?  (Read 216 times)

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Should women be allowed to get late term abortion?
« on: 12 06, 2021, 05:26:19 pm »
I think no, That child has life and maybe a purpose in this world and it could do alot if its given a life, yes you can say in certain cases like rape and incest you should be allowed to late term abortion, but if you didn't want the child at the first place or it was rape or incest, you should immediately vist a doctor for help and get some help that you might seek but why would you carry a baby for 10-20 weeks after rape or incest unless you wanted to actually keep it? I am saying that child is alive and also has a brain alongside a tiny little heart, it shouldn't get its life ripped heart, that's why the government intervenes in abortions because its not okay, you don't need a religious background to agree that taking a child's life because you didn't have the guts to put it for adoption is ok, there are multiple parents that can't have childern biology because they are not fit to have a child and here some people are taking a baby's life. What do you think?
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