Author Topic: The time you take while crafting armor will decrease if the armor not full.  (Read 300 times)

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Well, this problem is popular and kind of annoying which is, when I craft armor while I have 0 armor it will take the full time (load bar time) also when my armor is like half or less than half it will take the same time as well which doesn't make any sense, so I'm suggesting if your armor is like half or less the timer will be decreased based on how your armor looks like, I'll post a video below explaining it more clear, although waiting the full required time just to craft 30-40% armor is BS in CEs or ARs.

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I will support this idea because I don't think we should wait 5 seconds backing 10% of the armor.


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Nice addition to being here and this will make more players craft more armor as it will make them take less time when it 40% or more.
I think adding this will be better if you add some information about when it

10% (Time)
20% (Time)
30% (Time)
40% (Time)
50% (Time)

To make it more clear for everyone duration will take in every percentage.
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Well, adding this idea will gonna help the criminals/cops who crafting armor while their armor is half and the time is like you got gonna the whole armor and that's annoying, so adding the type of this suggestion will gonna help the other player who always participating in Armed Robbery and Criminal Event either Rob Stores and some Riots in Los Santos, Positive.

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Thanks Axe for this great suggestion, I expect you to make more like this one, we need to improve the server, silly things let us bored, and for sure i'm upvoting this one, we need more suggestions like this, to make the server way more MODERN!  :tick: C:-)
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It'd be a really good idea.
It is annoying that the same time spent on making 50% shield is same as making 100% shield, It's a good idea to balance the amount of time we spend making the shield with the size we make, It'll be useful and a little close to reality.
Definitely Positive:tick:
Good luck with other votes.


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- Crafting armor will be quicker (faster if >25%, >50%, >75%) the more you have. (Arran + Axe)
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