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Feminists often want equality with men, but that isn't the case when it comes to war, or stuff that will put their lives at danger.
To me, being a feminist is just a phase in your life, you'll grow out of it, most feminists are either very old women who got cheated on by their partner or teenagers that believe everything they see on the internet.
I like being surrounded by masculine men to really improve myself as a human being and as a man, I'm still young but such relationships and conversations will help me understand the concept of being masculine.
All I see on social media is gender wars nowadays and I find it hilarious, women just want stuff for bullshit reasons and blame men for peace-breaking situations when most of the time it is their fault.
Also something they won't recognise, is that all inventors, CEOs, richest in the world, successful scientists, hypothesis developers are MEN.
Men have upgraded this world that we live in, I find it funny how that little phone they're using to provoke masculinity and the opposite gender is made by men, that house they live in, like how could you be so hypocritical, have some manners, respect others.
A wise man once said "It is not okay to be a man, it is necessary."
To all my masculine brothers, stay strong and never let these hateful comments ruin your life, their goal is to gain superiority and we shall not fall for that.
Debate / Re: What pets do you own ? and why don't you have one ?
« Last post by dibbix on Yesterday at 07:19:47 pm »
I used to own fish, my little cousin had killed them without me knowing, I owned them for 4 years and kinda got attached to them, it's been almost a year since they passed, didn't really affect me but I kinda miss taking care of them.
Debate / Re: Should Age be a way of knowing how mature someone is ?
« Last post by dibbix on Yesterday at 07:17:33 pm »
Being mature is having the right mindset, no matter how old you are, if you have the right mindset and thoughts you can be considered mature.
Age can reflect off your maturity sometimes but not always, for example jokes when someone makes a dumb mistake or something like that, you say "are you 12 bro?" so people do use age to decide how mature you are when in reality actions reflect that off more than age.
RadiantZ / Re: RadiantZ | Application Center [OPEN]
« Last post by saloNe' on Yesterday at 05:32:50 pm »
Application Center is CLOSED.
RadiantZ / Re: RadiantZ | Application Center [OPEN]
« Last post by saloNe' on Yesterday at 05:32:15 pm »
Debate / Re: Is Fatalism true?
« Last post by HosttyBoy on Yesterday at 03:23:26 pm »
Nope it isn't true. We are responsible for our actions, we feel sad or happy according to our actions which means we deep down know that these actions that we had taken were made by ourselves in the first place that's why we feel guilt or happy because if we thought we had no will in our actions then we wouldn't have had any feelings for them. It is our will that creates two different places called hell and paradise otherwise if we didn't have anything to do with our actions there would be no such places

After all, our future is determined through the actions that we took, take, or will be taking.
Debate / Re: Is Fatalism true?
« Last post by Mohammad. on Yesterday at 03:10:01 pm »
The lack of willpower that we all have might be connected to that other topic you posted. A combination of environmental (toxic food and drinks) technological (too much access to entertainment) social (like social media replacing real life interactions) educational (some modern education is total shit) all these factors combined have affected our abilities to direct our energy to truly useful things, like you mentioned, our soul / life's mission. Like those people in that "soycialists of america" video I posted in the other topic, appear to be severely affected by these factors that if we were all like that, modern world would have come to an end as we obviously need some highly intelligent people to do things like keep power stations running and generally normally functioning main workforce. I honestly wonder sometimes how my country (the UK) is still even a "1st world country" when our education system is such shit as intelligent or willing to learn people are hardly given much to learn as government ran schools are obviously really just there so that student's parents can be at work and teaching us stuff is just a secondary objective.
What kind of food do you eat? I also believe that the water I drink everyday isn't healthy itself. thinking of a healthy lifestyle where the food I eat and the water I drink are clean seems like a true challenge, with the world we live in. it's really messed up when basic survival requirements can't even be consumed in a healthy state. but though, what if the modern world does come to an end? how will this current generation be like? but still, that's unlikely to happen. what do you think the world is heading for? in the videos, Paul Joseph Watson talks about how the modern/capitalistic world makes everything so nihilistic and pointless, so it's no wonder people are wasting themselves through all the things he's brought up.
CIT News / Re: [CIT MAGAZINE] #135 Publication - Danzy & GLMs | Electrician job
« Last post by Uzaki on Yesterday at 02:57:31 pm »
Please add more drama to the news  :cringe:

If they didnt threatened me a kick if I make it too controversial I Could've added more for the audience   :dogkek:
I heard this stuff is happening because the trait of masculinity, which women have too, just less of it, is what gives us the ability to stand up to authority. Those who want to control society even more than they already do want this trait destroying in us. Well does anyone else have any better explanation as to why such cringe illogical obviously wrong stuff is going on in the world if not some organised effort to harm civilization?

Some relevant videos

Show content

I watched all of them. it's both hilarious and terrifying, especially how things are in the UK. wouldn't say the Middle East is any better when it comes to moral stuff, every part of the world is horrible in its own rights. it is also true that toxic masculinity exists in both genders, even in those misandrists, although, they would most likely exploit toxic femininity as well. and what you mentioned about people destroying civilization, it often stems from the minds of very selfish people who have no problem misguiding the masses to be at the right(in their own head0 while at the same time, emotionally fulfilling themselves with the benefit. their ego and all, but you got a good point, why would they organize this madness to destroy civilization? will you talk about Satanists and such? because I believe I've seen you mention it in previous replies on other debates. it's interesting, still, why would they do this to their own species? to themselves too. it's all too ambiguous and strange.
CIT News / Re: Performance Progress Center
« Last post by FeRoX on Yesterday at 01:59:37 pm »
Performance Points
135th Publication

Each 1 point equals $300,000
Total = 5

CIT Magazine Publishers:

#01. @T0Y-B0Y (braahe) - 4 (Headlines)
#02. @Uzaki (Uzaki) - 4 (Headlines)
#03. @Freezing (Freezing1) - Leader (Event News)
#04. @Norman (moranjammal) - Leader (Interview, MOW, Photography & Homepage)
#05. @FeRoX (Ferox) - Leader (Event News)
#06. @DeathWish (lolmaker) - Leader (Interview)

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