Author Topic: Option to leave a message when transferring money using the DL3+ perk  (Read 825 times)

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Pretty much what the title says. The example I could give is our club's Treasurer transferring money to club members from time to time, though, upon the receivers' log in, they're not always sure what the money is for whilst checking the /notifications window, hence, I thought this suggestion would be useful. Please note that this is optional, so, you shall still be able to transfer money without leaving a message, which could be displayed under the confirmation window that pops up.

DL3 perk - "In the bank GUI, you can transfer money to another player's account." - VIP System

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Its really a good idea and useful as well since am dl3 this will help me alot my vote is yes
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If its possible theres no harm with this ppl can indicate the reason for the money yep
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This would be way better than waiting for the player to be online to let them know why I transferred the money.

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I have been there, yes, I do discord giveaways and stuff like that and people sometimes ask about the transfer reason. Same as when I receive cash.


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This is a very helpful quality of life update and it can even help staffs who are tracking scammers understand why X amount sent, etc.

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It shows why the money was sent. It will be very helpful. Positive :tick:
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That's a good idea because as you said when a player sent money to another player the person receiving the money not understand / not know for what reason this money was sent.

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7 positive votes. Next review will be done next week.
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positive  :love:  :tick:

It's a good idea because members with DL3 will find it easier to transfer funds. various things to friends or lovers or members

It will make it easier and more convenient for members with DL3 to transfer money.

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It makes sense to me to have the option to leave a message when transferring money using the DL3+ perk, despite the fact that I don't have a DL3. I sometimes receive funds that I don't know what for. Hence, my vote being Positive.

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It would be great to see this ig because when someone try to give offline player money they have to pm him to inform him the reason for example a give away etc, am positive

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- Bank transfers can now include a transfer note, unless muted. (Arran + iFrank)
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