Author Topic: Adding "Pin all" & "Unpin all" button on Electrician job /jt panel  (Read 167 times)

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It's simple, I want to add a "Pin all" button in the Electrician job /jt panel because we are a little bored with of double clicking the given tasks one by one so that we can go straight to all tasks without having to always click F5 when one task is done. You can also add an "Unpin all" button if you want to cancel the task.

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Yesterday I discussed this with other SOs that having a button to pin all the jobs is great for the quality of life of the job since you don't need to press f5 and click on a new job or pin them all one by one singlehandedly
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Actually I was going to suggest this too. Since the Electrician job was added, we've been clicking all the tickets one by one and it is wasted time. "Pin All" "Unpin All" Button is already available for some jobs as you know. Why not for Electrician job? This will be easier and simpler.


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The job isn't scripted to support such a feature. Unless @Riddy has something else to say.
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Its annoying me when I chose it one by one "pin all" "unpin all " well make it easy for us positive
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The job isn't scripted to support such a feature. Unless @Riddy has something else to say.

I can add new button to accept all at once.

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a good idea It will be very helpful for me. Because it will be easier to use and less annoying. Hope it gets better. Positive rating.  :knife:  :tick:

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- Added 'Pin all' button to Electrician job panel. (Riddy + Risbo)
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