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[New] Electrician Job guide
« on: 22 06, 2022, 11:57:46 am »
This guide will explain:
1. How to get the electrician job
2. How to complete electrician tasks
3. Tips for completing tasks efficiently

1. How to get the job
The location of the electrician job is in the Doherty district of San Fierro. It is located near to the SF driving school and can be marked using phone > GPS > Electrician
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2. how to complete electrician tasks

A list of tasks can be accessed by pressing F5. When you first start the job there should be a total of 15 tasks available. The F5 menu shows the installation number, what the problem is at the installation, the location of the problem and how far away it is.
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I would recommend that you just ignore all of this information as it isn't important and just double click every single task in the list  as this will add gps markers for all of the tasks.

You then have to travel to the location of the task and step into the yellow marker and press N to begin the task.
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Please note you have to be very close to the yellow marker and on the ground or else it will not let you start the task. Some of the locations are bugged due to them being placed below the ground which makes them impossible to complete. you can try moving or jumping around to try and fix it but some of the locations cannot be fixed.
You will then have to complete one of three tasks, those being either resetting circuit breakers, network cable failures and blown cables

Blown cables is probably the easiest task on the list. All you have to do is match the coloured wires correctly. Yellow to yellow, blue to blue, red to red and pink to pink. If you've done this once and you aren't blind it is impossible to fail.
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The next easiest is resetting the circuit breakers. Luckily the circuit breakers are numbered and all you have to do is click them in the correct ascending order. if you are literate and can count to six you shouldn't be able to fail this either.
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The hardest task, and the reason for me even making this guide is the network cable failure task. The task is unintuitive and explained poorly in game so I will do by best to explain it here. What you have to do is allign both cables exactly in the centre, so they are in the middle and perfectly bisected by the faint white line in the centre of the screen. The cables should not be overlapping but rather exactly touching. When you think you have it correct you should press the space bar. If you have done it correctly you will have finished the task. if you haven't done it correctly then you will get an error message.
The error message can say one of four things. you can use this to see what corrections you need to make.
a "both cables not aligned"
b "left cable not aligned"
c "right cable not aligned"
d "cables are overlapping"
If both cables are not aligned then you need to move them both one at a time until they are both aligned.
If it says "right cable not aligned" it means that the left cable is already aligned so don't move the left cable but rather just put the right cable in the correct place. This should be pretty easy as you just match it up with the left cable that is already in place
If it says "cables are overlapping" they may not actually be overlapping and this is a bad description of what is wrong. What this error actually means is that either the left or right cable are on the wrong side of the little window. simply put it back to the correct side.

When you have completed the task correctly it should look something like this
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3. tips for completing tasks efficiently
If you are unlucky enough to get one of the bugged locations simple do /endshift twice to reset the locations. There is no other fix currently.
If you have done this job for any length of time you may notice that many of the task locations are hard to reach in a large vehicle. For this reason I would recommend you purchase an NRG-500 from the motorbike store in SF as it will allow you to get through the narrow streets and alleys of SF quickly and without hassle.

You may have noticed that some of the tasks are at opposite ends of SF. it is much faster to /endshift and then immediately /endshift again to reset the F5 tasks lists than it is to drive all the way from the aspiva country club to espelada north. I would suggest doing all the tasks in your immediate vicinity and then resetting them rather than travelling across SF.

For the Network cable failure try to focus on just one side at a time, and always do it the same way. For me I always get the left cable into position first and then use it to quickly guide the right one in. Please note that there is no penalty for pressing the space bar to check alignment so to do this task quickly spam the arrow keys until it looks like its roughly in position and then spam the the space bar while adjusting it until tells you it is in position.
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Re: [New] Electrician Job guide
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nice one though :tick:
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