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Making fast money as a Civilian + TIPs
« on: 24 12, 2018, 05:20:01 pm »
An interesting side in the CIT community

About Civilian side is the most diverse side of CIT which contains numerous jobs, activities, and also players. Civilian players are maked yellow in the map as well as in Team chat. Civilian side brings a RP perspective to the server that many people loves.

Ways of making the fastest money as Civilian
There are many fun ways to make fast money as civilian

1. Rent a car factory - Renting a car factory requires 10000 or 1000 Ingame money + 10000 irons per hour. ie - You spend 10000 or 1000 Ingame money per hour.
You get 275 engine parts per hour. ie - (taking ideal selling price of 550 per engine parts) 125000 per hour
So you make a profit of 25000 per hour just renting a car factory. Renting a car factory is a better thing to do than renting other businesses properties like mod shop, fuel pump etc.

Tip Your rented car factory will continue converting your items into engine parts even if you go offline. So let's say you slept 8 hrs at the night, you will get 200000 Ingame money by just sleeping (should have enough items stored to continue the conversation)

2. Work as Lumberjack You are a newbie to the server? Work as a Lumberjack as it is really really really easy to level up and reach level 10 than all the jobs. Leveling up gives you money so those are some easy made cash. Also Lumberjack is mostly crowded so try to chat and work to not get bored, as the job is pretty boring compared to other competitive jobs.

Tips Play races while cutting trees in /races when you are overly bored of the job. Races and Lumberjack is the best combo as it doesn't require you a vehicle or to go from places to places

Scrap car as a Mechanic You want money over leveling up in the job? Do the side mission of scrapping cars as Mechanic. It won't Count towards your income of leveling up up it will provide you with huge amounts of irons.
Take mechanic job from /GPS and buy a Towtruck from Cheap car shop. Then you will see pink blips on your reader that represents a Towtruck icon (not red ones that looks like cars). Then Bind your control in MTA setting (if it isn't predid so) Put your desired Input Keys in ESC<Settings<Controls<Special Forward/Special Backward. Then go over to the car and use your Towtruck and your newly set Special Forwads/backward to move the hanger on the back side of your Towtruck to tow it. After that a Grey Marker will appear in your rader and drive your Towtruck to that location. And tada you got 2000  irons. This whole process of getting 2000 irons just takes about 2 min. Also it's so overpaid that you will reach earnlimit in 30 mins

Tips Do this job in SF as the towing cars are much closer to the drop-off point in SF.

Join Races Join /races even if there is none as your opponent. Even if there is no opponent, you will still get 8000 Ingame money. A whole Trucker job location (back and fro) is 4x longer than a single race. If you compare both activities then you will see that you can earn 2x (there is a time period between races, also Trucker gives you Items, so I am taking 2x rather than 4x) as a racer when there is no opponents than a trucker.
Price money increases with increase in number of racers. So if there are like 5 racers and you come in 1st,2nd every time for an hour, you will easily reach earnlimit before an hour
Races don't use your own cars, so it's fair for all and only the best wins

Tips  No matter what always stock up on Nitrous when go to races, Buy Nitrous from F7 in the market or you can get from Other civilian jobs(Find out more on F1<Nitrous)
Refer to this topic for more tips on Races - by Trixter

Boxville Van Sell armor using your Boxville can. Buy the Boxville van from a cheap car shop, buy a lots of irons and oil. Per armor cost when crafting using resources is - 1500. But when someone buys Armor from your Boxville Van you get 2500. That means you make a profit of 1000 Ingame money per armor.
To sell armor using your Boxville van just get in it and press N, the back door of your van will open up revealing a Red marker and anyone can buy iron from you. Once you are done selling Press W to close your back door
So the main point here is quick money - To do that don't drive from AR to AR or drive through the streets to sell or to Famous robbery places to sell, just go to the Spawn point of Gangstar in LS and sell your armors right on the protective area, and you will see Money flowing into your pockets. That area is the best place because LS has a lot of gangstar turfing and a lot of gangstars dying every seconds and spawning there. Their first choice is to get armor and getting from your Box ville Van is the quickest way. (I tried it several times and it's the most OP thing in the server because - Look in Tips below)
Place to sell Armor using Box ville van
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Tips The earning doesn't go towards Your Hourly Earnlimit, so you can farm quick money by selling box ville van in the marked and stated place

Join a Civilian Group/Squad Civilian groups and Squads host events in which you can participate to have some fun with new friends as well as to earn some cash trough activities. Some of the most common activities that Civilian Group/Squad does where you can win prize money are DD, Races, Car Football, Foot Races, Survival etc.
Groups with Interior are a better choice as they have access to event interior right in their bases. Also new group do events much frequently to gain attention. So it's not really which Civilian Group /Squad is of higher level but in which you have got friends in

I may add more in future.
You are an experienced Civilian side player and know some ideas to earn the fastest cash as a Civilian?
Lemme know in the comments and I will add it

By Anuran
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Re: Making fast money as a Civilian + TIPs
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Car Factory part should be updated

Car factories give now 275 Engine parts
price ranged from 550-650 per unit depending on how many sellers are online
There are 2 type of factoreis one that take 10,000 (10k) per hour and others that take 1,000 (1k) per hour
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