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03 09, 2022, 11:30:51 am by daddy | Views: 1650 | Comments: 48

This is an idea about the server and things related to players as the PAM team handles the cases related to players-staffs so we all are free to give our opinion and suggest better systems since I can see many players complaining about the PAM team why don't we make a better solution for all of us and I don't think PAMs would mind having a better system that will achieve satisfaction for both parties staffs/players.

Having a team that gets refreshed by staff/community every 2 months by voting and reviews same as what happened with SO Team with Cons & Pros Like HSO Applications I think having a PAM for each side in the game will be the best option like Law side, Civilian, Criminal, LV Gangster it is not impossible to find a good LV player that can be suitable to have a position like PAM Like BlackyMan who got banned in 2014 but became a good example of a PAM who never had his name mentioned in an unfairness case that is against him and lastly, Making it unable to have 2 PAMs from same group or project or anything makes there is relation like that common between 2 PAMs since it can be a reason to affect in a verdict

How the refresh is going to happen?
Every 2 months players-staffs that were involved in UC and PA will give their honest opinion about the verdict not to mention head staffs opinion too on the cases and whether the verdicts make sense or not saying valid-invalid punishment without a sentence that makes sense and convince the reader about what he is saying.

How is the voting going to happen?
A review of the Pros & Cons of all cases that happened last 2 months and the PAM that will have many red-circles around his cases can receive a thank message for his contributions and for seeking fairness and gets replaced with another one, Since satisfying the head staff is not the only thing required to become a good example of a PAM its achieving fairness and giving the player his own rights to prove his POV then the PAM says his verdict that nobody can disagree about but not just quoting the Clarification of specific acts and not using common sense like that case
Punishment is valid..
I don't believe /cc is punishable as you can do /eject and lock your vehicle already. That's just my opinion, also I don't think that I've received a Punishment Appeal of someone got punished because of flaming in /cc so yeah. That's just my opinion, I'll leave the decision to my fellow PAMs.

@Zuvich & @Skyscrap you can make up your verdict.

Arran's input about the same case 1 day after the appeal
I can't think of why car chat messages should be immune from punishment. They should be treated the same as if they'd said it in local chat.

Why would LV experienced player become in a position like PAM or at least ex LV player?
I don't really blame the staff or PAMs for being not experienced with LV cases since some of them come and ask me personally about my opinion and it comes to changing the whole case 180 degrees - a 60 days jail that was issued wrongly because not having enough knowledge and was going to be a valid punishment without my input. - a 3 days jail that was going to be removed due to not having enough knowledge and the guy appealing is lying since the PAMs don't have enough knowledge but I was asked for my input privately.

So a PAM that is involved in 8 unfairness cases didn't make a single mistake or a wrong decision? impossible lol
UC - PAMs, Skyscrap & Atheer by Zoldyck
Unfairness Cases-Atheer/PAM Team by Barcode
UC - Atheer and Skyscrap by TheHacker
Unfairness case - Atheer by Dimit
Unfairness case - Wrong Decision, Atheer. by Fearless
Unfairness Case - Brian and Atheer by Thug
UC - Suix/Atheer by Known
An Unfairness case By Medusa about their verdict in that appeal PA - T0Y-B0Y

I don't think this topic is considered drama or anything related since this board is called Discussion and it is made for the community to post their own ideas and opinions.
02 09, 2022, 10:15:03 pm by T0Y-B0Y | Views: 329 | Comments: 26

Greetings Community, I will keep it short, lately, we got many reports about players trolling at LS miner by taking the baggage vehicle which people use to take the upper layer of the rocks so I am here suggesting removing that Baggage vehicle from there and add a marker where you could spawn your own baggage to avoid trollers.
here are some reports about this case
Show content
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Note: if you spawned baggage from the marker it will be collisionless.
02 09, 2022, 01:59:27 pm by Kha'Zix | Views: 445 | Comments: 30

making payment for top 5  LS turf scores
Hello community , my Idea is to make payment for top 5 groups depends on their LS turf score so in end of each day group top 5 groups will get payment

for example:

1.Guard_Ghosts (500k)
2.Bikers (400k)
3.Vagos (300k)
4.FightForHonor (200k)
5.CAMORRA (100k)

and to add current LS turf scores to have live scores in Forum so even if you are outside game you can catch up with your group score.

02 09, 2022, 12:05:11 pm by Krakenizer | Views: 513 | Comments: 30

Hello everyone, so here's an explanation of what I'm suggesting, VIP Levels have this feature where you buy a VIPL your food points increases depending on the level you have, so what I'm proposing is increasing VIP Hours owner's food points to 1500 (leave non-VIP on 1000 just the way it is now, but VIP hours will have a little feature to make it 500 more), so 1500 in total with VIP hours (and not DLx owners), for DLx (now); food points given is 1500 for DL1, 2000 for DL2, 2500 for DL3, so I'm suggesting a change to that as well, so new food points given will be 2000 for DL1, 2500 for DL2 and 3000 for DL3, so there's a small issue with this, when VIP hours give 500 more, DL owners will also have more than what I'm suggesting for them to have, so if a DL owner has VIP will also have more increase in food points due to the change I'm suggesting to VIP Hours, do we let it slide and have more capacity with VIPL + VIP Hours or if you have purchased any VIPLs the feature of VIP Hours gets removed or just let them have the VIP Hours new feature as well? in the end, the new feature to VIP Hours owners will be better, they'll have a new limit of food points to 1500 rather than 1000, as I said above nothing will change to 1000 food points but it'll remain as it is for non-VIP players.

In short: Non-VIP players will have 1000, VIP Hours owners will have 1500, 2000 for DL1, 2500 for DL2, and 3000 for DL3 (changes to DLx may be affected by VIP hours too, meaning if you already have a VIPL + VIP Hours you may get more food, for an example: if you are DL1 with VIP Hours it'll be 2500 (2000 as the new capacity for DL1 and 500 more for VIP Hours owners)

I think players would love to see a new feature added to VIP Hours, as it's already needed on a daily basis for a lot more stuff, what do you think?
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* Changelog

Monday 26th September 2022
- Added ability to prioritize which crane for missions by using '/prefercrane' for L2+ Crane Operator (Riddy + Smart)
- You can now change the crane controls by using '/craneset' (gamepad compatible) in Crane Operator job (Riddy + Dragon + kedi)
- In places where medics are invisible (CE, AR, riot) a medic icon will show their location for healing. (Arran + Medusa)
- When a criminal gets a kill in an armed robbery or criminal event but died just before the kill, they will now get rewards / stats. (Arran + Axe)
- Increased car tuning bullet resistance so that each level gives 0.05 instead of a 0.01 bullet resistance boost. (Arran + Zexeeo)
- Fixed an exploit where you could recover vehicles inside house interiors and become invisible in the main world. (Arran + M1D0)
- Fixed buying armor from Boxville not showing time left until you're free to move again. (Danzy + M1D0)
- Fixed being unable to earn job progress as Street Food Seller if you've hit earning limit. (Danzy + Krakenizer)

Sunday 25th September 2022
- Fixed not taking damage when someone shoots you while you're in UAV mode. (Arran + WooDy + Happy)

Sunday 18th September 2022
- Added the ability to use animations while in '/uav' mode. (Arran + Dokt0R)
- Fixed being able to bypass the switching to gangster after using jetpack restriction with official job assignment. (Arran + Tpac)
- Fixed being able to temporarily float with a vehicle by spamming vehicle recovery when wanted. (Arran + Tpac)
- Fixed the briefcase being picked up right after using '/dropitem' to drop it. (Arran + Tpac)
- Increased the crate/container's rotation speed by 2X and Added key 'LSHIFT' to speed up all the movements of the Crane (Riddy + WooZy + Jockey)

Wednesday 14th September 2022
- BOCA promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)
- Failing to boost LS turf control by spraying graffiti will show you the time left until you can spray to boost control again. (Danzy + Kha'Zix)

Tuesday 13th September 2022
- Added daily group rewards for 5 top LS turfing groups. Added Top LS Turf Groups' and 'LS Turf Daily' to (Arran + Kha'Zix)
- Added achievements for L10 Electrician and Crane Operator. (Arran + R2003 + Dottie)
- Arrest in 1 hit won't apply to CE safe zones. (Arran + Axe)

Monday 12th September 2022
- Having VIP hours will increase max food by 500. (Arran + Krakenizer)
- You then need to manually edit C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\config\coreconfig.xml change <fps_limit>100</fps_limit> to <fps_limit>0</fps_limit> This must be done when MTA is NOT launched.
- To get the newest version of MTA go to: and click the green link under "Windows nightly installer".
- Thanks to FPS limit removal by an MTA developer called Merlin, changed 'Maximum FPS' in '/settings' to 144. (Arran)
- Removed "Chat spam detected." from '/locf' (or local chat messages starting with []). (Arran + Jokey)
- Added 'Crane Operator' job level and job progress to player '/stats'. (Danzy)

Sunday 11th September 2022
- Toggling base safe zone now has a cooldown of 2 minutes due to group repeatedly abusing on/off to kill players. (Brian + Legacy)
- If cops use '$loc' in Emergency chat ('/e') near an armed robbery, it will convert the code into the armed robbery name. (Danzy + David)
- Fixed Hummer's Uzi and Hydra's M4 weapons not firing after some time has passed. (Danzy + Konan + Recon)
- Armed robberies will now stop running if a Criminal Event is 3 minutes from starting rather than 6 minutes. (Danzy + Axe)

Saturday 10th September 2022
- Added 'Top pickpocketer' to the criminal section of the Today's Tops list. (Danzy + Crash28)

Friday 9th September 2022
- Removed annoying confusing 'automatic engine ignition' setting. Also fixed engine being off for a second when first entering. (Arran + Madama)
- Fixed Waste Manager co-op stand on back of Trashmaster not working due to civilians not colliding with vehicles. (Arran + Krakenizer)
- Fixed being able to see an F7 trading anonymous seller's name if you can make an offer on the listing. (Arran + flowN)
- Fixed check that was meant to stop switching to gangster after using jetpack not working. (Arran + Abdelrhman)
- Fixed medics sometimes being unable to cure infected players. (Arran + Krakenizer)
- Added Crane Operator job. Located at SF dockyard. (Riddy)
- Fixed Roleplayers team not being able to participate in state official events. (Nuko + Medusa)

Tuesday 6th September 2022
- Civilians can now get resources as rewards from the mystery bag. (Danzy + R2003)

Sunday 4th September 2022
- Added 'Reset all settings' to '/settings' GUI which will set every setting to it's default value. This feature will cause a huge freeze and potentially kick you out of the server so use this only if absolutely necessary. This reset cannot be undone. Can only be used once per 24 hours. (Danzy + Blue.)
- Added more sounds to 'Mission Accomplished Sound' in '/settings. (Arran + Vampire + Liberty)
- Buffed 'SWAT Tank': 60% bullet resistance, increased maximum speed, allowed use of /stinger from inside the vehicle. (Danzy + Sleuth)
- Added a restriction on switching to gangster if used a jetpack in the last 180 seconds. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- Replaced the LS mine baggage trailer with a marker that can spawn baggage trailers. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)

Saturday 3rd September 2022
- Buffed Sentinel (vehicle) and increased it's price to $700,000. (Danzy + Impostor)

Friday 2nd September 2022
- AI Trader will now purchase all guns (without ammo) from players. (Danzy + Nun0)

Thursday 1st September 2022
- Fixed the ignore script not showing your own messages if you add yourself to ignore list. (Arran + Blue)
- Fixed police medic and criminal medic being able to use restricted weapons while in driveby mode. (Arran + Krakenizer)
- Fixed your skin not being restored when you quit job as criminal medic. (Arran + Krakenizer)
- Increased Shotgun's clip size (magazine size) to 6 bullets per clip. (Danzy)

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