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[A] CIT News | Azazel
« on: 03 07, 2022, 10:52:59 pm »

Section One: Accounts details

Your ingame nick: Azazel
Account name: SoonEjderTR
Discord account name (Name#ID): Azazel#8867
Punishlog (Screenshot
Last application link (if any): -

Section Two: Personal information

Country of residence: Turkey
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Introduce yourself: Hi there,i'm Poyraz my age is 20 im living in Turkey and studying High School.I'm serving as Founder on L6.LioNs and JCM in community and im happy with share my thoughts with other community members on discussions and other sub-boards.I can handle all duties given by team leaders,i believe myself about take some responsibility and duties.I spent most of time on forum so this makes some benefits to me like hear news about community position changes quickly.I did'nt got punishment since 1 year  and I dont have any problems with other community members or CIT's rules and i'm not known as rule breaker or toxic guy. 

Section Three: General Questions

Why do you want to join the CIT News team and What do you think about CIT News? Well,CIT News team is one of the most popular team in CIT and I thought be part of the this team is would be nice also I want to improve my design and content creator skills and want to know more about publishing.I think news publishing is very important mission for countries and peoples like as in our community,i belive CIT News publishers working hard for enlighting our server players and they are not belongs any system so they are free to write what they do want and I like that specialities.
What role would you like to hold in CIT News, content creator or designer?: Content Creator
Which page do you want to be a part of?: Community Positions
Prepare an example page with Canva and give us a preview link here(N/A if you chose content creator):
Write an essay that contains not less than a hundred words related to the page you wanna be a part of(N/A if you chose designer):
I'm applying for community positions if I need to write an essay tell me to edit my application please.

Section Four: Agreements

I will not try to slide in any false news: Definetly No.
I will be inactive without inactivity report: No.
I will follow inactivity rules and if I break them I will be warned: Yes.
I will leak finished pages and CIT News private information: Never.
I will not leave the magazine from my first month of joining and will work as a team: Yes.
I will not follow the leaders and my decisions will be final irrespective of what the leaders asked for: No,I will follow the leaders always.

CIT News Application From ©️
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Re: [P] CIT News | Azazel
« Reply #1 on: 03 07, 2022, 11:21:33 pm »
Dear @Azazel ,

Your application has been set as pending, please be patient until you get the result.

Follow these tips to avoid getting denied:
  • Avoid getting any punishments.
  • Don't PM any application manager to check your application status.

CIT News Manager, FeRoX

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Re: [P] CIT News | Azazel
« Reply #2 on: 05 07, 2022, 06:47:16 pm »
Dear @Azazel ,

I would like to inform you that your application has been accepted, welcome to the team.

Make sure you do these steps:
  • Join our discord server.
  • Read our homepage.
  • Request addition in our roster.
  • Request addition on Profiles.
  • You may PM any CIT News Admin to give you access to private channels on discord.

CIT News Managing Editor, Russell

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