Author Topic: Proof You Are so Much More Than What You Realise  (Read 16269 times)

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Re: Proof You Are so Much More Than What You Realise
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The universe is enormous but assume we reach it's edge. Is it the end or will there be a huge space of nothing but emptiness? Is it the universe's past or the future? I believe that universe is not endless but what if someone reaches its end to only see nothing?

Will our consciousness make us feel like that there are other celestial objects? I have never been this interested in science before but after reading a few topics mentioned, I am absolutely blown away.

I know I am asking a few questions unrelated to the topic but I am just curious.

Just think where are we, Lets imagine we are inside a box but that box needs to be inside of something too. What is everything inside? What would have been there if its nothing?
Here is a good read -
Also if u are interesting about these stuffs, I would suggest getting the book called "A Universe From Nothing: Why there is Something rather than Nothing". Its a book from 2012 but its still interesting.

One of the most interesting thing u will find in that book is that, there really is no such thing as “nothing”. Electrons can disappear and reappear in other places for no known reason, and particles can come about when there were no particles to begin with.

One of the most interesting theory on cosmic matter is the String theory -
Copy paste of the main point - "String theory is basically saying that what we see as matter around us is not the end, not nearly, but outside of that are whole dimensions that we can not see in any possible way. They say to think of it like you were in 2 dimensions, where there is only a back and forth, and a right and left, there is no such thing as up and down. So, if a sphere landed next to you, you would only see a tiny circle moving next to you, and you wouldn’t even know that it was actually a part of a gigantic 3 dimensional object."

I know String theory is kinda confusing, but if I can simplify it, its basically telling us about unimaginable dimensional objected that we can see or fell amongst us. Outside our 3 dimensional observation could be large things that we can’t even begin to understand, because they would be far greater than us because we never experienced such things. For example if we could never touch or saw water, the state of water/liquid would be far greather than our imagination. Like a 4D or even 10D things around us or the universe.
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