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Re: Online Education
« Reply #15 on: 03 05, 2021, 04:03:12 pm »
I will tell you my experience. I am in last year of high school and my final exams are postponed till July as covid cases in my country are again rising exponentially. My schools were shut down in March 2020 and online classes began from April. In starting, everything was going great, everyone attended the sessions regularly and studied with focus. But after 3 months, everything got boring and dull. My online physics and maths classes became a joke as teachers just used to show some YouTube videos related to the topic. It became so boring that I started playing on CIT while my classes were going on. There were no class tests or exams so we didn't study much and teachers also didn't put much efforts. It continued till December when our datesheets for final exams were announced , initially they were set to be held in 1st week of May and I hadn't even started studying. My whole syllabus was pending and I regretted too much.

I was finally shaken when the Govt. Announced to start offline classes for higher classes in January. My school finally started taking tests and exams (offline) and I flunked them off because my syllabus was not completed. I used to cry and regret as marks in final year of high school decides the college we get in and I got worried about my future. I aborted every entertainment thing and started studying like maniac and got sick 😭. Fast forward to April 1st week, Covid cases started rising dramatically and so our exams again got postponed indefinitely till June. I have already completed 70% of my syllabus so there is finally hope.

I have again started playing MTA but with restrictions. I try not to repeat the mistakes.

So in conclusion, I think online classes were not that beneficial for us although it provided some comfort and rest as we didn't have to go to school or even step outside. We should not rely on completely on online classes but try to study on our own in this pandemic which has returned again. Thank you for reading
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