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Personal Information (Importance of Online Privacy)
« on: 19 04, 2021, 05:17:01 pm »
             Before, I discuss what is the importance of Online privacy let me first explain to you what is online privacy, Online privacy is also known as internet privacy or digital privacy, refers to how much of your personal, financial and browsing information remains private when you are online from using the internet. This has become worrisome for the people that has idea on what is going on in the internet world and business world with our browsing history, and personal data all potentially at risk when we are online. Some people knows about it and most of the people underestimate the importance of online privacy, but they should be aware of how much information they are sharing, not just on social media networks, but by browsing itself. Nowadays, we are living through our social media and because of that, we are sharing so much information about ourselves and what is going on with our life. With that, our real identity and information may be in endangered to information thieves and other cyber criminals. With that, our important information like bank details, credit cards, or loans may be able to be accessed by those cyber criminals and might create a big destruction credit rating in mess up your name. So, in the name of privacy you must always stay smart by keeping your information safe.

             So, why do we need to keep our information safe? Because privacy gives us the power to choose our thoughts and feelings from who we share them with. Privacy protects our information where we do not want to be shared in public such as Bank information and other personal finances. It is not just about the online but it may also protect our physical safety from others mainly like getting hunted by stalkers only if our real time location is private. Being able to keep our information safe privately is also our rights but most of the time it is our responsibility to know whether to trust or not. You must know that it doesn’t matter if you are just surfing the web since you will never know if you will get attacked or not so we must always know how to use and manage the information that we are trying to protect by keeping responsibility correctly and safely. If you have doubts from using a certain site that may handle your information in the future, then you must always know that site where they came from, are they trusted by other people, and the reputation of the company/site itself.

             Why our information is so important that we need to keep it protected and be responsible at all times? Because making our information safe may also protect us from the cyber and non-cyber criminals, it is important to make us safe no matter what we share through the web. We need to understand that we need to take ownership of our data security. Every people should know the importance of it to empower themselves in their data protection like we protect ourselves in the real world. You should also know that there is nothing free from the internet because there are always an information exchange might happening through internet. Like downloading apps, or even using the free email services such as gmail, or any other social networks like facebook. All of those and any other websites means we are sharing data about ourselves and some people who doesn’t even know us in the real world, knows better. It is also important because we don’t want to share our personal information through strangers but it is hard to be sure what personal information is gathered by only surfing through webs and information might already be collected and shared by someone with another. You may sometimes wonder on how those advertisements know what we have been searching and that is one of the reason that you should always protect your data and know why it is important. Because you will always be a target by only surfing the web and sharing a little/small information about yourself.

So, how do you guys protect your information? and are you aware on what data you have been sharing from using the internet?

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