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CIT Magazine
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|Application Center|

|Duty Center|

|Complaints & Suggestions|

|Ranks & Roster|

|Publisher Guidebook|

CIT magazine is a weekly published magazine that contains your weekly dose of CIT from fresh news to the best photography, from members' promotion to staff news, from interviews to CIT related comics.
Your weekly partner along with your morning coffee

  • Headlines
  • Community Positions
  • Server Updates/Player Opinions
  • Interview
  • Event News
  • Photography
  • Competetions

Date - Sunday of Every week
By - CIT News Team

  • The lead publisher will create a new topic on this board with the prefix [CIT MAGAZINE] on its publication date
  • CIT Magazine will be published and made by only the people on the Team
  • Each page will have its publisher and we will be made sure no false news is made
  • To be a part of the CIT Magazine team, one have to apply for it. Or he/she can independently create a topic for CIT Times
  • The creation process of the Magazine doesn't take much time because of advanced Poster making software however the info gathering requires quite some time, so offenders will be neglected
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