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[D] CIT News | Elwan
« on: 20 03, 2021, 08:33:02 pm »

Section One: Accounts details

Your ingame nick:|TR|Elwan[RMC-R]
Account name:seifeldinelwan
Discord account name (Name#ID):Seif Elwan#9144
Punishlog (Screenshot
Last application link (if any):

Section Two: Personal information

Country of residence:Egypt
Introduce yourself:Hey there, My name is Seif Elwan i'm 19 years old. I live in Cairo,Egypt. I'm a high school senior, I got one brother his name is Adam, he's a physical challenged boy. we live with my grandparetns because my father passed away 8 years ago "Peace upon him"
I'm a musician,writer and an actor, I use music and writing to escape from this cruel reality we see right now.My favorite phrase is "From pain creativty is born"

Section Three: General Questions

Why do you want to join the CIT News team and What do you think about CIT News? At first I think I am qualifed enough to get into CIT News team to be honest because many people saw what I wrote before and told me that my skills are epic for someone with my age. second I think that CIT community needed this project years ago because it covers all the CIT news and main topics.
Which page do you want to be a part of?:Event news
Prepare an example page with Canva and give us a preview link here:

Section Four: Agreements

I will not try to slide in any false news: Yes
I will be inactive without inactivity report: No
I will follow inactivity rules and if I break them I will be warned: Yes
I will leak finished pages and CIT News private information: No
I will not leave the magazine from my first month of joining and will work as team:Yes
I will not follow the leaders and my decisions will be final irrespective of what the leaders asked for: No

CIT News Application From ©️
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Re: [Application] CIT News | Elwan
« Reply #1 on: 21 03, 2021, 06:12:16 pm »
Dear @Seif Elwan,

I am dissatisfied to inform you that your application has been denied for the following reason(s):
  • Insufficient designing skills
You may re-apply after 5 days if applications were open, thanks for applying and being interested.

CIT News President & CEO, Atheer

Discord ID: Atheer#8555