Author Topic: Is it good to use CIT platform to practice your English language skill?  (Read 3515 times)

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The original question was about practicing your English skills on CIT, the way I understand it, you started learning English when you started playing CIT. I do not disagree with you on practicing a language alone, without any help; its good for you, for the most part. Finding something to strive towards is always good, be it from toxicity, or simply being impressed by someone and you decide on beating them in XY. Games do usually tend to help people learn English, or any language/skill faster, that's why Duolingo and other similar apps exist (if we're keeping it on the topic of language learning), they tend to keep away from the usual book based learning, and are usually more interactive. Community in this situation is what really matters. If you already have a base knowledge of English, a community where most people are native speakers, or can speak the language well, tends to help you more, than where people barely speak it. Basically, the more you immerse yourself in something, the better you are at it, hence why I said, that CIT might not be the best for practicing or even learning English. There are simply better alternatives that, in my opinion, are more effective.
Just to clarify my point that was just an example I didn't start learning english when I start playing CIT  :kek4: , but I get it if we are gonna base CIT in the top with the others if we are gonna relay on it to practice english , it is not that actual perfect platform for this kind of thing but still a good place if you are playing alot in games and things like that

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CIT plays an important role in learning English because you're communicating with players in English in main chat, team chat, and support chat. by the time your English would improve in punctuation and grammar because you're having conversations daily with players in English so in my opinion yes CIT would improve your English.


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CIT is a good idea to practice ur English skills.
Personally I started at 2011 playing the server and I wasn't good enough to talk English.
Right now and the last 3 years I'm talking and writing very good English and is because I'm player of CIT all this years.
I'm thankful about it, CIT improved my English like 70% up for me.
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In my personal opinion CIT might help to improve your English not only grammar (as the main way we communicate with others ingame) also speaking (if you have discord) with other people around the world. We know it is not the best place to learn, but for practice each day, chatting with people who only know english, it doesn't matter if it's just for fun or serious, if you keep playing this game it will improve maybe slightly or even more because you are practicing it (for good or bad). For example, before I have played CIT (2012) my grammar was bad - like 50/50 - not very bad but normally made some common mistakes for no-native speaker. But now I think I have improved since then.
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Online games and chatting with different nationals greatly contributes to your English. Generally, people learn more easily in a situation of ''necessity'' and that's how people feel in online games or talk to foreign users. This inevitably contributes to your English because you want to talk with them.

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You can learn a lot of English for watching video games. You can learn even more by joining multiplayer games with English speakers. You can do this even if your English is far from perfect, but it is much better if your grammar is as correct as possible.
I've been playing MTA since 2012 in multiple servers, I can't say my english is hella of decent but it has improved alot in order to write an understandable English.

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Considering when I entered the server in 2012, I only knew how to say hey. Nothing else, the time I tried and how many times I translated into Google translate. Well communication on SMS or gc, sc, team, /main. Everywhere a little, when you have to apply for a group, or say something smart. It was impossible, with time, game, you can learn with jokes and fun(with friends). I can say that my English is not great, but I can understand you and you can understand me. As for grammar, there is none of that. But to understand and talk to him is a big +

Thanks to the server for teaching me English.
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