Author Topic: Restricting LV mainchat to the turfing grounds that are already demacrated  (Read 796 times)

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The suggestion is, merging non-LV LV chat (The north side of the map, Tierra Robada, Bone County and its surroundings) to SF/LS mainchat by restricting the LV chat to the place that has been already marked as the LV, which notifies you with ''You entered LV'' when you enter it. As it is borders are already drawn by the developers, this should not be a hard to divide the LV chats into two different mainchats and restricting one to the turfing grounds while merging the other with the SF/LS one.

This will let people talk in SF/LS mainchat while in the north side of the map, probably just roaming around as there is almost no-content there. Won't be a major change but it will surely help people socialize.

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Thought about suggesting this a while ago but idk if I suffer from dementia... ._.

Great, mainly because in order to see LV chat in your chatbox you have to have 'Main' chat from J ticked to show in chatbox, otherwise it isn't visible. This brings confusion for people who want to chat with someone and one of them ends up in LV, essentially meaning that their message ends up unnoticed to the other party.

Restricting LV's chatzone to LV's colshape is the best and only solution.
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Yea the area's mentioned by otto is not merged to LV chat while that location counted to LV City, and it motivate the players to talk with players, Positive :thumb:
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Civilians working around LV counts in LV main chat which would be annoying for them that they can't see LS/SF chat and vice-versa so this would be a great solution for non-LV players. Positive
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- Added BC (Bone County) chat area (which was previously LV) which is merged with LS / SF chat. (Arran + Otto)
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