Author Topic: Adding a mission timer and Fire extinguished counter to firefighter  (Read 332 times)

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Today I was playing firefighter and after an hour of playing I found something that seriously annoyed me which was my inability to know how much time left for the mission to fail and how many fires I extinguished so I came to the forum to suggest they should be added.

My suggestion: Adding a mission timer one like the CE where once you are inside the zone of the fire as a firefighter it shows you how many minutes and seconds left.

Also, a counter to many fires were extinguished for example if there's 70 fires to extinguish it should show 70/70 and every fire we put down it should go down 69/70 68/70 etc.

Why? Well, it's a quality of life update that make firefighter a bit more bearable and helps you knowing some info on how good you're doing
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This should be added as I was playing firefighter and I didn't know how many fires I had extinguished and the timer is also very good.  :tick:

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This will make the job more efficient and accurate, won't make the players confuse. This will let the players know how many fires left for the mission, so they don't be annoyed if the mission ended while they're working. Positive.
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Positive :tick:

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Why didn't I suggest this one long time ago. Because, this suggestion is extremely epic and needs to be implemented.

I am positive!
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I'll agree, it's helpful on this job.  :tick: :tick:
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In my opinion, isn't necessary to implement it as long as we are working that job without any disturbance, but if you suggested some improvements in that job that would be better. Like the payment there is low etc.. However, negative.  :cros:

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Missing feature in fire fighterjob. This would be a good idea. I am upvoting this.
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I'm no longer taking the firefighter job due the reasons you actually mentioned on your suggestion, I'm sure this will help and keep the community players updated during the job.
I'm upvoting this  :tick:
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I believe it can make the firefighter job an easier and more useful job, so my vote is positive.
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Great idea!
Even I didn't tried to play as fire fighter yet I know timer will the job more realistic and difficult. Deathwish is right in my opinion, therefore a big Positive from me

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Although I am pretty sure it does say how many fires left to extinguish after a specific amount of time (or fires extinguished, not sure), a command or a small timer on bottom right is a great addition to the job.  :tick:

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It won't make a big difference, but I say why not. :tick:

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It's not something much effective but if its easy to add this feature, It would be good for who is working on firefighter job  :tick:

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As Jokey stated, every couple of minutes we get a message about time and fires left, but it's not the best thing to rely on, as I previously found myself sometimes guessing while playing Firefighter. Most likely if two firefighters are playing non-stop, they'll finish the area before time runs out without having to check the time once. But having other casual gamers in mind, and the fact that  this suggestion is still considered an improvement to the 'legacy' top message/advertisement, I'd like to see this implemented, :tick:

Also don't forget there's a peds counter, the ones you save from fire.
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