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[A] CITNews | Atheer
« on: 26 09, 2019, 06:49:26 pm »

In-game name: Lamar[FBI-AR]
Account name: atheerbatman
Discord account name (Atheer#6139):
Country of residence: Iraq (IQ)

Screen-shot of your playtime (/stats):
Screen-shot of your punishment logs (/punishlog):

Why do you want to join the CIT News team?: Greetings.
First of all, I decided to apply for CITNews team because I wanna be part of the team and help CIT Magazine as much as I can do, and I'll be glad to be a part of the team because I'm experienced in "Writing" and Interviewing the people.. And about the comics, I don't have much experience about it but I know how to create one and write it in the right way.. So I would like to try my chance by applying for CITNews Team. And I got a lot of free time to manage the magazine and correct it, with appropriate letters and words and I'll do my best to do that. Forgot one thing, Most of the comics I know are from DC and Marvel and I prefer DC because It's my favorite one that's why I wanna be Comics Publisher, Thank you.
Do you have an Android or iOS phone?: Android.
Which page do you want to be a part of for publication?: Interview Publisher and Comics Publisher
Have you made any poster related designs or any submission on Business Board?: Yes.

I will not try to slide in any false news: I agree.
I will report inactivity from the beginning of the week: I agree
I will not follow the leaders and my decisions will be final irrespective of what the leaders asked for: I disagree
I will leak finished images or WIP pages even before its publication: I disagree, It's kind of something called Corruption
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Re: CITNews | Atheer
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Your application to join the CIT News team has been set to pending. You will soon get a result, until then

CIT News Team
Who is last one ?

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Re: [P] CITNews | Atheer
« Reply #2 on: 27 09, 2019, 08:53:08 am »
Dear @Atheer

We are glad to inform you that your application to be a part of the CIT News team has been accepted

Welcome to the team
° Request your addition in the Roster
° PM a leader on discord so that we can give u access to the private channels
° Read Publisher's Guidebook to know how we will make each page for CIT Magazine
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