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13 11, 2022, 06:32:50 pm by Mask | Views: 370 | Comments: 13

Greetings Community

As the title says, I am suggesting that when you are in the crane you can have a free camera, here I will say the reasons why

How would it be useful?
Sometimes in the tasks of crane operator the vision that it gives you is not very favorable, so to speak, for my part on some occasions I want to have a better vision of the crane and the only way I have is to move the crane and reset the position of the container causing this that I have to reposition the container, something stressful, I don't know how it would be for other people, I suppose that those who already have experience is not such a serious problem, but putting in context that it is the first time of a person at work and is trying to have a correct and comfortable vision in order to carry out the position of the container with ease and without many problems, and let's just say that the cameras that are currently available are good, but not convincing so you don't need the help of the free camera on this. So in conclusion this would be very helpful and easier for new people

What does it affect?
As I already mentioned, the existing cameras are good, but not convincing and comfortable for some people, since sometimes a better angle of vision is needed to be able to put the container in its respective place, since the space is not very not big to say.

Functioning: this feature for those who do not decide to use it, you can change it directly from V, to avoid negative comments about this since I guess not everyone would like it, so that's why I also suggest that it be a feature that can be disabled and the other cameras can be used already existing, seem fair to others.

Thanks for reading, waiting for your opinions. Have a nice day afternoon or night

31 10, 2022, 05:29:48 pm by Vampire | Views: 1315 | Comments: 2

Use this topic to vote on your favorite Halloween skin. The poll will end after a week.
31 10, 2022, 01:58:15 pm by Axe | Views: 1888 | Comments: 99

Well, as u can see here in the following links:



Nothing much to mention rather than posting these 2 links, Sawed-Off and Deagle are literally dead now because of such updates and unrealistic suggestions that were supported by one side. Combat Shotgun (Spas) now is the only thing being used because nothing can counter this powerful weapon and the only combo that could beat the Combat Shotgun is deagle/sawn combo. I won't suggest nerfing Spas just because I can't play against it (unlike some ppl) but instead, I'm suggesting something to balance the gameplay in LV which is removing the delay from Sawed-Off to Deagle and any other weapon.
30 10, 2022, 05:28:34 pm by Krakenizer | Views: 533 | Comments: 38

Well, as most of you have noticed an increase in Iron price, the maximum cost of Iron has been raised to $39/unit, currently, you would make a loss if you buy Iron at $39/unit, that would be consuming a $390,000 hourly to produce 340 units of Engine Parts, even in the best case scenario of selling the engine parts at the maximum price of $1,000/unit that would give out a $340,000 (I colored it in red as you make a loss of $50,000 at least instead of profiting anything).

So if what I'm suggesting gets added to the game, it will cost you $273,000 for the new set amounts of Iron which will be 7,000 units of Iron to sell the Engine Parts at a maximum price of $1,000 (which will be challenging due to many sellers), it'll give out $340,000 that's an in-come/profit of $67,000 and this would be a good change, also, if people ask "why not increase the amounts of Engine Parts earned in a Car Factory", then too much of a supply will not make you profit anything, and the market will be raining Engine Parts everywhere and will be messy, no one will make profits due to the huge supply they have, so in my honest opinion, a decrease in the requirements is the best option we have here.
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* Changelog

Sunday 28th November 2022
- Added a bot to regulate civilian job payments in order to balance them all according to server's max income limit. Use '/paymultstats' to know job payment bonuses. (Brian)

Saturday 26th November 2022
- Fixed bounties being reset when not supposed to. (Nuko + T0Y-B0Y)

Friday 25th November 2022
- Fixed being able to start a store robbery when no where near the store keeper. (Arran + LuaR)

Tuesday 22nd November 2022
- Added new "free camera" for Crane Operator to replace '/camcr 0', zoom in/out via mouse3 or mouse wheel. (Riddy + Mask)

Monday 21st November 2022
- Fixed fire fighters being able to enter a mission interior while in a vehicle. (Arran + Magneto)

Sunday 20th November 2022
- Added the ability for Criminal Bosses to remove all placed blips at once. (Nuko + Happy)
- Fixed criminal boss job not being able to change their skin without it being reset to default criminal boss when they login. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- Increased maximum sale price of Fish. (Danzy + Krakenizer)

Saturday 19th November 2022
- Fixed Fire Fighters being able to enter job house interiors when shouldn't be able to. (Danzy + Magneto)

Friday 18th November 2022
- Added a radar area visible to police members when a law blip is placed. (Nuko + Timbery)
- When an anti riot plan is being prepared, police members will receive a message at the bottom right of their screen. (Nuko + FLACKO)
- Fixed police and criminal teams not being notified when an APB disconnects. (Nuko)
- Added back custom billboards with an optimized script, L5+ groups can request their billboard on topic=154014.0 (Brian)

Tuesday 15th November 2022
- LV: Reduced delay to switch to another weapon after firing sawn-off from 500 to 250 ms. (Arran + Axe)
- You will be notified when you become, or are no longer today's top for something. (Arran + Private)
- Added a dark forum theme called Back-n-Black. (Arran + Aerith)
- Reduced car factory Iron consumption from 10,000 to 7000. (Arran + vinnie)

Monday 14th November 2022
- Added a side mission to News Reporter job. Accessible by pressing F5 while being a News Reporter when prompted. Currently only 26 tasks involving taking pictures of landmarks around San Andreas, more tasks to come in the future. (Danzy)

Saturday 12th November 2022
- The bounty interface will now show the amount of daily kills players have made. This will help them to pick more precise bounty targets. (Nuko + Happy)
- Criminal Bosses and Police Chiefs are now marked with a (CB) or (PC) tag inside the bounty interface. (Nuko + Happy)

Tuesday 8th November 2022
- DSA promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed seeing "You can now enter [NO VAR]'s vehicle" instead of "You can now enter DriverName's vehicle". (Arran + Crash28)
- Fixed being able to use '/racedim' as cop when a wanted player is nearby. (Arran + Magneto)
- Added 'Times Bountied' and 'Total Bounties Killed' to /stats. Added '/qs bounties' and '/qs bountieskilled' for quick stat messages. (Nuko + Happy)

Monday 7th November 2022
- Counter added as Trial Staff. (Head Staff)
- Added 2B and Lana Rhoades skin from Halloween's event as bonus skins for those who were online on October 31st.

Saturday 5th November 2022
- Fixed planes operating without fuel. (Arran + Violet)
- Fixed getting your on shift skin while off shift if you reconnect when off shift. (Arran + Coke)

Friday 4th November 2022
- HazardClique promoted to L7 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed being able to warp through walls by recovering a vehicle and then picking another. (Arran + Impostor)

Thursday 3rd November 2022
- Fixed some scripts that use 'Press 'n' for...' not working when pressing N. (Arran + kfumaster)

Monday 31st October 2022
- Vote for a permanent Halloween skin:

Sunday 30th October 2022
- Added settings to disable LS and LV turf owner names when zoomed in, settings are called 'Show LS/LV Turf Owner When Zoomed In'. (Danzy + Medusa)

Saturday 29th October 2022
- Added Halloween's special event running every 30 minutes, join the minigames with /fallg. (Brian + Vampire)
- Added many missing commands to 'X command panel'. (Danzy + vinnie)
- Disabled sending screenshots to other players due to the potential for serious abuse. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to use /modshop inside group event interiors. (Danzy + RuDz)
- There seem to be some issues related to server's mods loading caused by MTA. We apologise for the inconvenience. (Brian)

Thursday 27th October 2022
- Fixed squad alliance GUI sometimes not showing all squads that are in the alliance. (Arran + MacMiller)
- Added 'Kill Message Scale' to '/settings' and made kill message text 30% smaller for 800 x 600 screen resolution. (Arran + FLACKO)
- Fixed being able to recover vehicles in certain interiors. (Arran + M1D0)

Tuesday 25th October 2022
- Enabled ability to use /repair, /flip, /modshop, /uav in group's interior (Racing dim). (Arran + R2003)
- Fixed the L9+ group Hydra unguided missile fire preventing normal guided missile firing. (Arran + Brodax)
- Fixed not being able to send a local chat message if recently tried but failed to send one. (Arran + CJGIANNHS)
- Fixed cop cars not colliding with wanted player's cars. (Arran + WooDy)

Monday 24th October 2022
- Fuel will not run down if vehicle is stationary (< 5 KPH). (Brian)
- Selling food as a Street Food Seller will consume meat and wheat together, valued $500 for each. (Danzy + Avices)
- Disabled being able to double click to buy 99,999 units of something from AI Trader. (Danzy + ShockWave)

Sunday 23rd October 2022
- Fixed being able to spam vehicle recovery in order to warp through walls. (Arran + WooDy)

Saturday 22nd October 2022
- Armed robberies will now once again stop running if a Criminal Event is 6 minutes or less from starting. (Danzy + Happy)

Friday 21st October 2022
- Added house icons to some trailers in Blueberry that were never added as houses. (Thug + Brian)

Thursday 20th October 2022
- Added 'Battle Royale Messages' to '/settings' to not see about when BR is starting. (Arran)
- Added 'Armed Robbery Messages' to '/settings' to not see when a new armed robbery is available. (Arran)
- Added '/hijack' for help in finding the hijack mission. It will state the area and offer 'Press 'N' for GPS'. (Arran + Crash28)
- Added a message for gangsters (which can be disabled in '/settings' under 'Hijack Messages') when a hijack mission is available. (Arran)
- Added LS turfs to the website's live map. (Arran + Genius)
- When you zoom your map at LS turf you will see the owner of that turf. (Arran + Kingslayer)

Monday 17th October 2022
- Fixed City Engineers being able to unfreeze themselves in event dimension. (Arran + Slice_Of_Life)
- Fixed being able to start a house robbery when not in the main dimension. (Arran + M1D0)
- Fixed still being able to use vehicle recovery to warp through walls if hide the vehicle right after recovery. (Arran + Slice_Of_Life)

Friday 14th October 2022
- Remapped 'North Rock Hut' AR to something more realistic. (Vampire + Happy)

Monday 10th October 2022
- Added daily challenges for moving containers as a Crane Operator and finishing tickets as an Electrician. (Danzy + vinnie)
- Idle peds won't shoot and attack civilians in vehicles if run over by that vehicle. (Danzy + Violet)
- Added to CITphone's Event Times app (Press B > click 'Event Times') at what time the daily top scores reset based on server's timezone. (Danzy + Legacy)
- Added the ability to keep current skin and shader when taking a group job from '/gojob'. Select 'Current' inside the skin gridlist. (Danzy + iFrank)
- Pershing Square 24/7 tool shop south-west of LSPD is now a robbable shop. You can use '/gps > Shops (Robbable)' to find it. (Danzy + M1D0)
- Clicking on a skin ID in '/gojob' window will now preview that skin by changing your character model. (Danzy + TomHartS2)
- Added a setting in '/settings' to disable bounty target messages in chat (enabled by default), search for ' Bounty target messages'. (Danzy + Neca)

Sunday 9th October 2022
- Fixed some GUI's not having top right close buttons. (Danzy + vinnie)
- Fixed the text on the "Automatically sign up to all races" being wrong if get auto unassigned for being idle. (Arran + Dragon)
- Fixed not being able to take a job from a job marker if it's in a riot area. (Arran + vinnie)
- Fixed group history not being updated when a blacklist has been automatically removed due to the duration of the blacklist being reached. (Arran + CJGIANNHS)
- Fixed being able to avoid jetpack restriction when recently switched to gangster by reconnecting. (Arran + FiGo)
- Disabled being able to move the rapid transport map window as doing so breaks the co-ordinate calculations. (Arran + Crash28)

Friday 7th October 2022
- Changed fast movement key 'lshift' to toggle mode instead of holding it in Crane Operator job (Riddy + Smart)

Thursday 6th October 2022
- Bounties can now be placed on players that aren't in the main world, in vehicles or glued to one. Bounties will no longer be removed upon entering a safe zone or leaving LS. (Nuko + CB + PC Team)
- Removed the 20 hour cooldown when placing a bounty. Team representatives can now place 2 bounties every hour. Increased the time someone can be a bounty from 20 to 60 minutes, optional setting. (Nuko + CB + PC Team)
- Bounty messages are now always visible to the appropriate teams when they're being placed. (Nuko + T0Y-B0Y + Axe)

Sunday 2nd October 2022
- If a wanted player tries to enter a vehicle driven by an unwanted player, the driver can press N to get wanted to allow them to enter. (Arran + Matrix)
- Fixed 'Leave Unit' window not working properly. (Arran + Matrix)
- If no category inside '/gps' is selected, the search bar will perform a search on all available locations. (Danzy + Blue)
- Lowered cooldown between Freeway's criminal drug missions to 3 minutes. (Danzy + wavez)
- Doubled the time limit for all fire fighter missions. (Danzy + Krakenizer)

Thursday 29th September 2022
- Fixed weekly money transfer limit being $400,000,000 instead of $700,000,000 for players with VIP Level 4 and above. (Danzy + TwCafe)
- Added '/qs apb' and '/qs apbjailed' for checking up lifetime times APB'd and total APBs jailed. (Danzy + Krakenizer)

Wednesday 28th September 2022
- Rewarded M1D0 honourable status for reporting bugs and exploits over many years. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to skip launching into space with Space Miner job through Employment Office. (Danzy + M1D0)
- Fixed reconnecting with certain occupations changing your skin back to CJ upon login. (Danzy + M1D0)

Monday 26th September 2022
- Added ability to prioritize which crane for missions by using '/prefercrane' for L2+ Crane Operator (Riddy + Smart)
- You can now change the crane controls by using '/craneset' (gamepad compatible) in Crane Operator job (Riddy + Dragon + kedi)
- In places where medics are invisible (CE, AR, riot) a medic icon will show their location for healing. (Arran + Medusa)
- When a criminal gets a kill in an armed robbery or criminal event but died just before the kill, they will now get rewards / stats. (Arran + Axe)
- Increased car tuning bullet resistance so that each level gives 0.05 instead of a 0.01 bullet resistance boost. (Arran + Zexeeo)
- Fixed an exploit where you could recover vehicles inside house interiors and become invisible in the main world. (Arran + M1D0)
- Fixed buying armor from Boxville not showing time left until you're free to move again. (Danzy + M1D0)
- Fixed being unable to earn job progress as Street Food Seller if you've hit earning limit. (Danzy + Krakenizer)

Sunday 25th September 2022
- Fixed not taking damage when someone shoots you while you're in UAV mode. (Arran + WooDy + Happy)

Sunday 18th September 2022
- Added the ability to use animations while in '/uav' mode. (Arran + Dokt0R)
- Fixed being able to bypass the switching to gangster after using jetpack restriction with official job assignment. (Arran + Tpac)
- Fixed being able to temporarily float with a vehicle by spamming vehicle recovery when wanted. (Arran + Tpac)
- Fixed the briefcase being picked up right after using '/dropitem' to drop it. (Arran + Tpac)
- Increased the crate/container's rotation speed by 2X and Added key 'LSHIFT' to speed up all the movements of the Crane (Riddy + WooZy + Jockey)

Wednesday 14th September 2022
- BOCA promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)
- Failing to boost LS turf control by spraying graffiti will show you the time left until you can spray to boost control again. (Danzy + Kha'Zix)

Tuesday 13th September 2022
- Added daily group rewards for 5 top LS turfing groups. Added Top LS Turf Groups' and 'LS Turf Daily' to (Arran + Kha'Zix)
- Added achievements for L10 Electrician and Crane Operator. (Arran + R2003 + Dottie)
- Arrest in 1 hit won't apply to CE safe zones. (Arran + Axe)

Monday 12th September 2022
- Having VIP hours will increase max food by 500. (Arran + Krakenizer)
- You then need to manually edit C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\config\coreconfig.xml change <fps_limit>100</fps_limit> to <fps_limit>0</fps_limit> This must be done when MTA is NOT launched.
- To get the newest version of MTA go to: and click the green link under "Windows nightly installer".
- Thanks to FPS limit removal by an MTA developer called Merlin, changed 'Maximum FPS' in '/settings' to 144. (Arran)
- Removed "Chat spam detected." from '/locf' (or local chat messages starting with []). (Arran + Jokey)
- Added 'Crane Operator' job level and job progress to player '/stats'. (Danzy)

Sunday 11th September 2022
- Toggling base safe zone now has a cooldown of 2 minutes due to group repeatedly abusing on/off to kill players. (Brian + Legacy)
- If cops use '$loc' in Emergency chat ('/e') near an armed robbery, it will convert the code into the armed robbery name. (Danzy + David)
- Fixed Hummer's Uzi and Hydra's M4 weapons not firing after some time has passed. (Danzy + Konan + Recon)
- Armed robberies will now stop running if a Criminal Event is 3 minutes from starting rather than 6 minutes. (Danzy + Axe)

Saturday 10th September 2022
- Added 'Top pickpocketer' to the criminal section of the Today's Tops list. (Danzy + Crash28)

Friday 9th September 2022
- Removed annoying confusing 'automatic engine ignition' setting. Also fixed engine being off for a second when first entering. (Arran + Madama)
- Fixed Waste Manager co-op stand on back of Trashmaster not working due to civilians not colliding with vehicles. (Arran + Krakenizer)
- Fixed being able to see an F7 trading anonymous seller's name if you can make an offer on the listing. (Arran + flowN)
- Fixed check that was meant to stop switching to gangster after using jetpack not working. (Arran + Abdelrhman)
- Fixed medics sometimes being unable to cure infected players. (Arran + Krakenizer)
- Added Crane Operator job. Located at SF dockyard. (Riddy)
- Fixed Roleplayers team not being able to participate in state official events. (Nuko + Medusa)

Tuesday 6th September 2022
- Civilians can now get resources as rewards from the mystery bag. (Danzy + R2003)

Sunday 4th September 2022
- Added 'Reset all settings' to '/settings' GUI which will set every setting to it's default value. This feature will cause a huge freeze and potentially kick you out of the server so use this only if absolutely necessary. This reset cannot be undone. Can only be used once per 24 hours. (Danzy + Blue.)
- Added more sounds to 'Mission Accomplished Sound' in '/settings. (Arran + Vampire + Liberty)
- Buffed 'SWAT Tank': 60% bullet resistance, increased maximum speed, allowed use of /stinger from inside the vehicle. (Danzy + Sleuth)
- Added a restriction on switching to gangster if used a jetpack in the last 180 seconds. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)
- Replaced the LS mine baggage trailer with a marker that can spawn baggage trailers. (Arran + T0Y-B0Y)

Saturday 3rd September 2022
- Buffed Sentinel (vehicle) and increased it's price to $700,000. (Danzy + Impostor)

Friday 2nd September 2022
- AI Trader will now purchase all guns (without ammo) from players. (Danzy + Nun0)

Thursday 1st September 2022
- Fixed the ignore script not showing your own messages if you add yourself to ignore list. (Arran + Blue)
- Fixed police medic and criminal medic being able to use restricted weapons while in driveby mode. (Arran + Krakenizer)
- Fixed your skin not being restored when you quit job as criminal medic. (Arran + Krakenizer)
- Increased Shotgun's clip size (magazine size) to 6 bullets per clip. (Danzy)

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