Author Topic: [Guide] How to see online players in CIT and get the server's banner  (Read 1516 times)

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Hey guys, today i'm giving a guide regarding how to see online players in CIT (that thing exists even with phone) and how to get the server's banner.

First of all
Go to your browser and search for: and after you've done that, "FIND A SERVER" panel appears, there you have to choose in which game the server is, choose Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas [click me] then search for CIT [click me], no need to put IP or anything because CIT appears upon every server, You will see online players in the last 24h and the current online players as well when you scroll down [click me]

If you want the server banner, ahead of all what you did from what I said above, scroll up and go to ""Server banners" [click me] and you will see different banners for CIT
I hope you find my guide useful, and if you have any problem don't hesitate to state it below.

Here's a video made by @Chin for this guide and how to use the server banner's BB code as a signature for your forum profile.
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@Chin, the video does not appear to be working. :stress: