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General Info
Name : CIT News
Color: #8a0545
Sub Category : CIT Magazine | Podcasts
Founder : @Anuran (Left the project)
Co-Founder : @Mora.
Discord :   
Forum Membership:

The Agenda
째 Start the project (15/09/2019)
째 Get a board (25/09/2019)
째 Get a /magazine command or an app in 'B' that leads to the recent CIT Magazine publication (07/04/2020)
째 Forum membership (28/05/2021)
                                                              About us
CIT News is a both independent and a team project that has two subcategories namely CIT Magazine and CIT Podcasts.
The magazine is published on every week's Sunday that contains a total of 8 pages that varies different topic relating to the community. The magazine has its style and made sure each page is unique and graphically appealing.
The CIT Times is an independent news source or article that anyone can write.

Our History
It all started with CarvajaL opening a suggestion at the discussion board. Everyone loved that suggestion and wanted to be a part of it. However, it had to be locked by the Admins as they wanted to see something as it may be just a time-waster. At that time Anuran was the only Moderator of the discussion board after 1 week Anuran decided to take the whole project in his hands and show that it can be done. At that time Anuran was alone and made a topic in the Server Media about CIT Magazine. At that time Anuran was also the Moderator of the Server Media board, so he stickied topic for everyone to see it. Soon CarvajaL also saw the Topic and contacted Anuran. They both hover over to Discord and Ingame to make the 1st publication. After 1 week, they finished the 1st publication together. Then Anuran requested a New board, in his Administrative Profile and after some days of waiting he got the board.
The board was a hidden one. Anuran, CarvajaL, and Mora equally worked on every topic to make it look polished. After the board was made public, we got huge support and everything got running.

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CIT Magazine
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CIT magazine is a weekly published magazine that contains your weekly dose of CIT from fresh news to the best photography, from members' promotion to staff news, from interviews to CIT related comics.
Your weekly partner along with your morning coffee!


  • Headlines
  • Community Positions
  • Interview
  • Event News
  • Photography
  • Games
  • Advertisements
  • Comics
  • Stories
  • Players Opinions

Date - Sunday of Every two weeks
By - CIT News Team

  • The lead publisher will create a new topic on this board with the prefix [CIT MAGAZINE] on its publication date.
  • CIT Magazine will be published and made by only the people on the Team.
  • Each page will have its publisher and we will be made sure no false news is made.
  • To be a part of the CIT Magazine team, one have to apply for it. Or he/she can independently create a topic for CIT Magazine
  • The creation process of the Magazine doesn't take much time because of advanced Poster making software however the info gathering requires quite some time, so offenders will be neglected.
  • From now on (18/12/2020), we will choose a random person from the replies of posted publications and give him one million, winner of that $1M will be announced after the publication gets locked on Sunday. Publishers won't be included in that part because they already get a salary for their work.

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Salary System
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Salaries Manager: Brian
Date of Creating The Salary System: 17.01.2020     
  This topic contains the Salary System of CIT News... For the efforts made by the team members of CIT News, they will be rewarded with In-game money as a token of gratitude for their community contribution.

Salary System Explanation
Salaries will be given each week for the Publisher's page. And the amount of the money will depend on some factors, there's no reward system as before as it was, it is now salaries which means you will get 300k for each 1 progress point you get.


Submission Deathlock = Submitting your page after Saturday (each week) will count as a deathlock and thus the publisher will not get the salary, you have been already given 14 days to design your page and to get information so there's nothing invalid you can say about.

Cooperation = Not cooperating with your page partner will count as mischief and thus the publisher will not get the reward. The same goes for the other way around, if your partner is late, ask him to do his part by mentioning him. Overall be friendly.

Community Suggestions = It would be very important to view and to perform the community members' suggestions about your page in the publications in case you have something wrong with your page.
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Interview System
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  CIT News has received many questions on how does interviews work and how we decide on who we are going to interview. Basically, the choice is given to the interview himself, because we think that everyone should have freedom in their work, and how they want to perform it. Though, that doesn't mean that the interviewer can choose anyone. The basic requirement is that the interviewee should be known, doesn't matter if he left the game or still plays it.

  The interview is done during the weekdays and the rest of the days are given to the designer to make the page before the publication, and this is how it has been working like. There can be all sorts of ways to contact the interviewee, from CIT server itself to discord or teamspeak. If you are not chosen to be interviewed, that does not mean that you don't deserve it, it's just that at that time, at the week of the publication, another person is doing bits and his name is appearing more than yours.

  If you want to be interviewed, you can contact DeathWish anywhere. Discord: DeathWish#4306

Credit goes to TheHacker for making this topic
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📢 Announcements Channel

Q:What's the purpose of this channel?
   This channel to get the latest publications in your discord server.

Q:How can I follow this channel?
   It's simple just join our discord server and then head to #announcements channel and press "Follow" button.

🤖 CIT News BOT

Q:What's the purpose of this bot?
   This bot helps players in discord to check server, group, squad, and players stats


  • !help
  • !server for server info
  • !group for group live roster
  • !squad for squad live roster
  • !stats vip command for stats under constraction
  • !cat random cat
  • !meme random meme

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