Author Topic: Adding a mission timer and Fire extinguished counter to firefighter  (Read 589 times)

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Without no discussion it should be added, I'm positive  :tick:. We can't know how much time we have to extinguish all of the fires in time without a counter/timer.

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Nothing like this before, it wouldn't matter if it was now, firefighting is a profession that must be done jointly, the number of fires is limited and not everyone is given a personal fire. If there is a fire in real life, no one knows when that fire will go out. In the game firefighting mission, it makes sense that you don't have time like in real life. I hope you understand, I am against the change of the old system,  everything is realistic, my vote is negative.

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That would be extremely useful. It could also display how many victims need help, similar to the fires example you wrote in your suggestion. There is a message that appears at the top of the screen warning us that there is few time left, but it's so easy to miss as it goes away quite fast. This takes a positive vote from me. :tick:

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- Fire Fighters can now use '/firesleft' to get an updater much like /ce update, shows mission time left and fires put out. (Danzy + DeathWish)
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