Author Topic: [+++] Able to use /repair, /flip,/modshop, /uav in group's interrior(Racing dim)  (Read 513 times)

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Hello everyone, im here again to suggest about the group features. this idea is come from  my group mate. My suggestion is to being able to use /repair, /flip,/modshop and /uav commands in group's interriors(Racing dim). Since the only command there is /createveh. This features is also useful/helpful for group activities. to make it clear why it's should be added, here are the following reasons and the importance of these commands.

  • It would help players by repairing their vehicles while they are race on going and so they will not get lose in the race.
  • Players can change their vehicle's color according to their favorites and to be able to use group/squad/personal shaders.
  • Able to do /flip command if his/her vehicle gets flipped.
  • Able to use paintjobs and modify their vehicles using /modshop.
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A yes from me. It's very useful for us to entertain.
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The truth is that it is a very detailed suggestion, with its positive points and which would help to add this, the objective of this is to bring a new useful feature to the community for people who are dedicated to making careers in rancing dim, in addition to If your car breaks, you can easily repair it with /repair without having to go outside. also with the /modshop, since you can modify your car as you like, I will give this idea a chance, I see it very useful.  :tick:

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It would really help with group events :tick:
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It's an interior after all so I don't find any issue in allowing these commands to be used inside it, Positive. :tick:
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It won't harm anyone, and it's helpful. Positive.
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It would help to make events in group dimensions and the dimensions are basically like appartment dimensions, and to choose who should be able to  use these commands, can be edited through group ranks or a panel that who can use these command would be really awesome to make proper event. positive  :tick:

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It's great to see these features adding for group's interiors, I believe they will be useful, I'm positive   :tick:
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I'm supporting this to have more fun in the dimensions.  :tick:

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When I was in KLM, we used to do events for our group and everyone. But yeah we always having a problem such as flip and repair. So, I am voting positive for this.
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If in Race dim doesn't have this features, I think it should have it, doesn't hurt to have it.  :tick:
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It will be useful for group activity so i'm Positive :tick:

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