Author Topic: [+++] Reducing the amount of Iron from 10,000 to 7,000 needed in a Car Factory  (Read 534 times)

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Well, as most of you have noticed an increase in Iron price, the maximum cost of Iron has been raised to $39/unit, currently, you would make a loss if you buy Iron at $39/unit, that would be consuming a $390,000 hourly to produce 340 units of Engine Parts, even in the best case scenario of selling the engine parts at the maximum price of $1,000/unit that would give out a $340,000 (I colored it in red as you make a loss of $50,000 at least instead of profiting anything).

So if what I'm suggesting gets added to the game, it will cost you $273,000 for the new set amounts of Iron which will be 7,000 units of Iron to sell the Engine Parts at a maximum price of $1,000 (which will be challenging due to many sellers), it'll give out $340,000 that's an in-come/profit of $67,000 and this would be a good change, also, if people ask "why not increase the amounts of Engine Parts earned in a Car Factory", then too much of a supply will not make you profit anything, and the market will be raining Engine Parts everywhere and will be messy, no one will make profits due to the huge supply they have, so in my honest opinion, a decrease in the requirements is the best option we have here.
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Players rent car factories to make profits not to lose their money. Positive

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He explained everything from my point of view.


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A very well written and explained suggestion and you have my vote as you have explained precisely why they buff is required and I totally agree with you as if we compare the car factory to the nitrous one we'll find a huge ass difference in profits, I'm positive.  :tick:
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Positive  :tick:

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he stated everything

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I thought factories were meant to make you profit, this should or can NOT go that way. People sometimes wait for hours to have factories after they get reset. This topic can even be considered as a bug, rather than some feature or change. Thanks to Krakenizer for finding this out and letting us know. I am going with a positive vote. :tick:

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I think that this is a good suggestion. Because of this secret update I ended up losing a lot of money on my engine parts factory. Positive  :tick:

It still hasn't been explained why we need a second secret update about iron in a week  :fp:
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I'm supporting this suggestion since the cost(iron) is higher now, yet I personally wanna suggest higher the maximum price of engine parts.    :thumb: :tick:
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As per the new iron prices, this will make it balanced. It will also revive the car factories because people are only renting ''Nitros'' factories nowadays. Positive.
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