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Tutorials and Guides board is about server/forum/community features. Not obeying the following rules results in your topic/post getting locked/deleted.

* Tutorial must be related to CIT/MTA.
* Topic title must be informative and accurate about the feature you are going to tutor.
* Use proper English, tutorials with excessive grammar mistakes will be locked.
* Endeavour to make the tutorial as detailed as possible. Effortless and lazily composed tutorials will be locked.
* Make sure the feature is actually worth making a tutorial about it, don't bother to post obvious useless tips like ''Do /settings and disable speakers to not hear streamed sounds''.
* Do not make a tutorial about something that has one already. (Unless yours is going to be significantly more detailed)
* You can now make a tutorial about solving ping/FPS issues BUT IT SHOULD BE CLEAR AND USEFUL.
* The topic is going to be locked if the OP receives a ban, As he won't be able to modify/edit his tutorial.
* Follow the forum rules and use common sense.
- If you are not sure whether your tutorial is relevant and acceptable, then ask. This saves our, but obviously also your own time
- Note: Tutorials that involve tutoring hacking or exploiting and what not will be locked/deleted and in serious cases, the OP will get punished.
- If you have any questions, feel free to reply and state them. If you want to have your topic locked or you encounter an issue with any topic/post, mention the board moderator.


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