Author Topic: Design your own HD signature using  (Read 1378 times)

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Design your own HD signature using
« on: 04 08, 2017, 01:38:50 pm »

Tutorial to make Signatures by using cool text site

CoolText, is the bold beautiful words printed from generator websites, allowing u to paste any text from the website to Fourms, it is a style that makes things stand out, and u can choose from various options to pick from to detail text, like in large it, or delarge it, you can mess around in the websites just to test the diffrent types of detail and size, there are lots of options to use it, it is a tool only used for detailed topic headings, and testing, it's fun to see how the detailed text turns out.

  • Step 1 - Websites To Get CoolText

  • Step 2 - How To Upload The Text

When finished ur text on either websites, you will be tooken to another part of the website, where there will be 3 links to copy, in order to copy it towards Fourms, copy + paste the middle selection, then go to Fourms and click "Insert Image Hyperlink" then u will see it copy and paste but the picture isn't there, where it says enter image description, replace it with the text u did before it became the cool designed text, then it should be there.

  • Step 3 - Conclusion

The txt generators, can be used for personal use, cool detailed headings, and messing around, there isn't much to generator, but use it for ur own purpose to have fun with it, it is a very nice generator and it works 100% perfectly, it values the most with cool text getting generated in ur own way :)

How to use the site

Actually it's a very simple site just visit the site and you get used to it

And this is a video Tutorial on how to use
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Thanks for reading this guide, if it helped u with CoolText, Renember to show support, if u have any questions or concerns reply down in the reply section, otherwise I hope this was a valid guide to follow :)
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Re: Design your own HD signature using
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You may add that for fonts you can use the best website ever that is

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Re: Design your own HD signature using
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how to creat

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