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Is it possible to have 2 different settings configs or whatever?

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Hi, so my idea here is to find if I can have 2 icons on desktop (One will be named Cop and the other one Civilian). If I open the Cop one, it will start MTA with 1280x960 resolution and low settings and if I open the Civilian one, it will start MTA with 1920x1080 with high settings. The reason I want this is so I don't have to remember and choose different settings everytime F5 is clear or I'm bored from civilians job and want to join my group's patrol or training.

Thank you in advance.

Umm dunno if its possible to add "launch options through command line" in the shortcuts from desktop, have to check on that.

One thing I know you can do is, C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\config > coreconfig.xml

Edit that file, you can find resolution, graphics settings etc in there. Save two files somewhere, while launching copy paste the required ones to that folder. Make sure you don't change the filename while launching the game.

There's no way to do this through multiple shortcuts of the application, I've an alternative though that's less clunky, takes some time but oh well.

Adjust whatever settings you need for the different presets you want.
Press F8, type saveconfig.

Navigate to wherever your MTA is installed, in my case it's C:\Program Files (x86)\Multi Theft Auto 1.5\MTA\config
Find "coreconfig.xml" and copy it, paste it somewhere presumably on your desktop. Make sure you remember which file is for which config because the file must be named 'coreconfig.xml' for the settings to apply properly.


I didn't know this wasn't locked, I got what I needed but just wanted to see if Drago will check if I can just click on an icon and it opens the selected config:p


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