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Custom graffiti shop
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Players can buy a custom graffiti for themselves or their own group. Graffiti is an image that you can spray on every wall in-game and use it to claim your turf or show who's controlling the area. The image must be a png with transparent background, maximum size allowed is 256x256 and 150kb. Edits are not available due to the fact it's just an image and it isn't applied on a skin. The images you gonna create will be displayed as they are in-game. Group graffiti can be shared with whitelisted players, while personal graffiti can be shared with those who married you in-game.

Payment section:

From 28th May 2022 only Pilovali's payments page will be active. He accepts usage of PayPal but also any other payment method. Issues with payments or addition of new payways must be agreed with him. Click on the image below to reach payment and checkout page.

Payments and orders will be processed within 24 hours so please don't spam my PM. All sales are final. Paying or having paid for items in this shop doesn't give you right to extra treatment or extra services different that those you bought here.

Once you've purchased your custom graffiti, you MUST send me a forum PM using this format:

- Your account name:
- Your e-mail address (used when making the order):
- Pilovali's Order ID (not necessary for edits):
- Png file you chose:
- Group or squad name (only if you purchased group graffiti):
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