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Cave Miner | Job Guide
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⚒ Cave Miner Job Guide ⚒

1. Basic Informations

Job Description:
New version of Cave Miner recently got added (21st April 2019) added variant of a Miner Job. Cave Miner can mine Iron, Gold and also Sulfur. It shares the progress with 2 other Miner Jobs (Iron Miner (LV) and LS Miner)

Job Location: Near Angel Pine

Job Progress:
Shared with other Mining Jobs
L0 - 0 Grams of Iron - Training
L1 - 6,000 Grams of Iron - Junior Miner
L2 - 12,500 Grams of Iron - Senior Miner
L3 - 25,000 Grams of Iron - Assistant Specialist
L4 - 50,000 Grams of Iron - Specialist
L5 - 100,000 Grams of Iron - Professional Miner
L6 - 200,000 Grams of Iron - Expert Miner
L7 - 375,000 Grams of Iron - Chief Miner
L8 - 750,000 Grams of Iron - Elite Miner
L9 - 1,250,000 Grams of Iron - Executive Miner
L10 - 2,500,000 Grams of Iron - God of Iron

2. Job's Prerequisites (Requirements/Essentials)

The Job is quite simple.
It does not require anything. Why? You can earn explosives from the job by mining Sulfur Rocks (but this is currently bugged so buying or having explosives at first is needed) For the best experience it is recommended to buy(F7)/craft(F9) few Jerry Cans and own few Explosives.
We will use a Pickaxe that will be given to us for free upon the beginning of the Job.

3. How to work - Step by step

First, we need to go to the Job's Location (see map above). There, we will find 2 markers:

We need to enter the marker on the right first to start the job.
Then, we will enter the arrow on the left to go to the Cave.

After entering, we will see the Cave entrance area

Slightly further, we will have to choose tunnel

To the left, we will find Iron and Sulfur. To the right, Gold.

If we continue with the left tunnel, we will be able to mine Sulfur, which will give us Explosives
(and therefore we do not need to buy them).

Then, further down, we will encounter a lot of Iron and some Sulfurrocks.

How to mine? Simply walk to the rock and notice the information in the bottom right corner of your screen:

GPS Position does not concern us very much.
Integrity - this basically means how much more is left for us to mine.
If the integrity is 25% or below, then we will not be able to mine any further.
Surface inspected - type of the rock we are facing
Sulfur quantity - the type of mineral we will mine (Sulfur = explosives) and RICH means we will get a lot of it when mined.
There can also be AVERAGE and POOR quantity - this will not give a lot, so we should always try to find RICH rocks.

To start mining, we simply click Left Mouse Button. If it's Sulfur, then we will just drop a debris for us to pick up.

However, if we are mining Iron and Gold, we will place a dynamite (costs 2 explosives to mine them)

After the time runs out, there will be a small explosion that will spawn debris for us to pick up.

If we go down the left tunnel, we will reach a huge Iron an Sulfur area

While exploring, we can reach drowned tunnel.
It can be reached by going to the left after reaching the huge area
(it's the right entrance on the screenshot below)

Before it, there will be a pump with a red marker next to it

Simply enter the marker and there will be an information in the bottom right corner

After pressing 'N' (if we have bought / crafted the Jerry Can), the marker will turn to green and the water will start to drain (~30cm every second).
We will also be rewarded with a small bonus to mine minerals for helping by draining the tunnels (10% - 50%).

This will lead us to another big area with a lot of Iron

Another worth mentioning area is the Sulfur dump, that can be found by going to the right after reaching the huge iron area
(we must go upstairs)

There's a hole in the floor that we can safely jump down into
(we will be able to easily find an exit from there, so don't worry)

Now we are only missing an explanation of what's in the right tunnel at the beginning

If we decide to follow this tunnel, we'll need another Jerry Can to drain it.
A long journey awaits, so be patient.

After walking / swimming through the green/grey rock, we will reach the Gold area

The brown walls will give us Gold, so we can easily mine here.
Going further down the tunnel will lead to another area, that is partially drowned and cannot be drained anymore
(similar to the Iron's drowned area)

4. What can I do with mined minerals?

Iron - we can use it (Car Factory), craft something with it (F9) or sell it (F7)
Gold - we can craft Wedding Rings (F9) that can be sold with a huge profit (F7) or directly sell the gold (small profit)
Explosive - we can use it to mine Iron & Gold, craft something with it (F9) or sell it (F7)

Here is a video tutorial by @MacMan
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The guide has been created by me, however the format was inspired by Matt's Guide
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Re: Cave Miner | Job Guide
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Added a video tutorial.
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