Author Topic: [+++] Being able to deposit more than 90 million into the group bank  (Read 374 times)

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Re: Being able to deposit more than 90 million into the group bank
« Reply #30 on: 26 11, 2022, 10:52:58 am »
Completely unnecessary. I think you are the only player that would ever make use of this feature. Are you really going to demand the developer(s)'  time to modify scripts for something only you and possibly a few other obscenely rich players will ever use? maybe if the devs woke up one day and there were no suggestions and nothing needed fixing then this could be implemented. As far as I'm concerned this is so low priority I don't even know why you suggested it.

Negative  :cros: :cros: :cros:

It's only a feature that will be used (MOST LIKELY) by you, only you or 2-3 more players and it won't benefit 200-400 players, so why the waste of time? have my easy negative, thanks.

I guess you have no idea how much money is around… I'm not the only one who could do something like this, it's no big deal because the opposite is possible ^^ a group skin costs 300m nowdays, So why should I wait 20 minutes to deposit 300 million into the group bank where I could do it with one click? I can take huge amounts out, but why not withdraw ? It's bullshit what you say here, it wouldn't hurt anyone and save a lot of time and not spam the group history with "deposit" logs.
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It would be a great addition to deposit more than 90m,  Instead of depositing 90m then withdrawing another 90m from the bank, waiting 5 minutes, and depositing another 90m, etc, that's going to be good to deposit a big amount of money once. It would be a great addition.

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Sounds good, but.. Why are you allowing thé official groups only to have this as feature ? However, totally agreeing.  :tick:
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Its helpful :tick:

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POSITIVE  :tick:

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Good Idea,  :tick:

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- Replaced the limit on 1 group / squad bank deposit per 5 minutes to 5 deposits per 5 minutes. (Arran + Happy)
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