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Title: Battle Royale Season 2 released!
Post by: Java on 31 01, 2019, 05:25:34 pm
Battle Royale
You better revive me now!
Special thanks to @KhoaBui.

Revive me, you idiot. Battle royale season 2 is released now! Battle Royale seasons are now available that each season will include specific features. A lot of new features are added in this season which will be announced below in a minute. This season includes the ability to revive who is knocked down, new types of vehicles, new game modes, the ability to vote on specific modifications, adding waypoints visible to team-mates only, spectating team-mates and more. The authors of ideas are written next to their ideas. Discover the new changes below in more details!

Changes added:

Major changes:
- Reviving is now released! Players will be knocked down at first before dying (they don't always have to be knocked down due to technical issues) which their team-mates can revive by holding a specific key while standing over who is knocked down. (Diamond + KhoaBui)
- Do you want to vote on the plane model that you want to be a passenger in? Of course! A feature that makes you able to vote on specific modifications while being in the lobby is now out!
- New game modes are now available! The current new game-modes start only on weekends for now.
- Spectating team-mates is now available, you'll be spectating your team-mates as soon as you die and you also can switch between them by arrow keys. In case you want to exit spectating, press Q.
- Creating a team in the lobby is now available with the ability to auto-fill teams properly that are lack of players. Auto-fill can be disabled from /team. Cool, ain't it?
- Where to go? Easy, add waypoints! Show up the map and start adding waypoints visible to your team-mates only by right-clicking on any point on the map. (Ramses)
- You gotta take care buddy, combat airplanes are now out!
- New boats.
- What to do? Got stuck? Event tips are now released that appear every a specific period of time showing tips for the current running mode to help you out when you get stuck. This can be disabled in /settings via 'Event Tips' setting though, there are some tips that will have to be shown which neglects this setting.
- Which direction to move toward? Simple, a white thin line is now drawn in your screen starting from your skin's chest and ends to the center of the yellow play zone.
- Don't shoot me, you blind! It's now simple to differentiate. A tag is now shown above your team-mates to differentiate them from other players as well as the ability to see the names of your team-mates by viewing /team.
- Today's most winner is now announced in login panel, the welcome message. (Arran)

Minor changes:
- New sound effects when winning a game and when the lobby is about to start. (KhoaBui)
- Disabled local chat. (Arran)
- Disabled jerry cans and repair kits. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- A message is now shown right bottom your screen which indicates how many players are in the plane. (MacMan)
- Reduced initial play zone shrinking time from 6 minutes to 4 minutes. (Arran + Emma + KinGodisco)
- Increased stages required for 'instant kill' from 8 stages to 12 stages.
- Died or logged out while being in a game? No worries, you'd now get the winning reward if your team won.
- If the script was restarted and you were in a battle royale game, you'd receive now a compensation of $50,000 for inconvenience.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed player blips being shown due to using /stealth. (Arran + Java)

Thanks to these people!

Thanks to @KhoaBui @Brand @Kavzor @Vampire @Gonzo. @Emma @UlasDO for helping in testing.
Special thanks to @KhoaBui for creating the trailer and helping me in time. @Brand for literally helping me in everything in time as well as giving me the coordinates of planes and boats and helping as an actor in the trailer. @Vampire and @Gonzo. for helping in the trailer as actors.