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Title: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: IdleJoe on 19 11, 2020, 05:56:16 pm
Greetings to everyone,

So, as you can read from this ( discussion that was a literal shitshow and that led nowhere, I came to finally post something that was already added back in the game and was also suggested by Mubii on the recent topic regarding balancing up the CEs.

The only thing that we had back in the day that had the CEs balanced we team unbalance entry restrictions. Everyone is complaining daily about criminals cracking or cops cracking so why not bring back the only thing that kept us from "cracking" in such an important event nowadays?

I am pretty sure that if we bring back the old system at the CEs we will all be happier. We can even make it a larger amount rather than 4 (the number difference back in the day) to 5 even 6.

As always your opinions matter so please, share.
Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: mouhammed2019 on 19 11, 2020, 06:12:49 pm
You are right about this, and in my opinion balancing 'CEs' would be a positive point for the police . sure my vote Positive Vote  :tick:

Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: 7FreT on 19 11, 2020, 07:31:07 pm
In fact, this CEs system had completely dead the server because the server was dependent on CEs and ARs and as you know that many people have quit the game because of these updates and also as we know it is very boring to wait 90 minutes, it is an hour and a half and also as everyone knows, everyone loves CEs and I The person who loves him most because I did not leave the game one hour even when CE was present so I suggest that you submit a proposal to return CE again as it was in the past Positive
Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: Avices on 19 11, 2020, 08:30:34 pm
After this update, I feel depressed when I have to wait 90 minutes to join 1 CE, besides AR is very boring because at night the police are so crowded there are many criminals that cannot be robbed if CE returns will to be fair and players will be less bored with AR ,I think CE is my favorite thing about you guys killing each other and if the amount doesn't change it's quite helpful, so I'm Positive
Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: Geeky. on 19 11, 2020, 10:11:40 pm
This would work a lot better indeed. Balancing it out with a limit is a lot better like in the earlier versons. Positivo
Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: Axe on 20 11, 2020, 12:43:30 am
Yes indeed, criminals usually cracking the CEs with +30 or more due to un-limited re-entry system which is too overpowered, cops always camping outside every CE that's because their number is less than the crims' number inside the CE (That's what they saying) so basically the CE will end after the 30 mins or after the cops inside it get killed then TONS of cops waiting for the criminals and chase them down outside without any effort which is too annoying for the criminals. Adding this restriction would benefit both sides especially law side since what they do is camping outside if this implemented cops will get inside the CE and won't camp outside anymore so, Obviously a positive vote from my side.  :thumb:
Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: TheHacker on 20 11, 2020, 06:16:39 am
It was supposed to be an experiment but I guess no further decisions were taken afterwards. It definitely increases the attendance but at the same time there are many cons to it. A side camping outside and not playing the CE is what the other side gets for waiting 90 minutes. Not only that, the recent restriction of not being able to enter the CE after the 20th minute has also somewhat ruined it. Since the CE is already running for 20 minutes, why not 10 more? I'm pretty sure if CE goes back to normal, it will give more scope to both sides leaders' to try out new tactics, it will give players a reason to play and it will also increase the attendance of CnR eventually at certain times. I'm positive.
Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: Pyxtro on 20 11, 2020, 04:05:45 pm
I mentioned my views in your previous topic. Now I have to defend the same things because there is nothing different to say. I liked the old system more than the new system, this is a fact.As a police officer, I totally hate CEs, and the CE system that I am currently using is a disgrace. Even though minor changes have been made, it still cannot get out of the "bad" brace. I would say that the old system was somewhat better than it is now because people were given a choice. I can guess that the current system we are using is due to the lack of players, but whatever we do, this situation will not change. At least if the desires of the people who are still playing the game come true, we will start to enjoy the game a little bit. I'm not saying the game is not enjoyable, it just loses its value and I want to draw attention to this. I want you to know that I fully support your suggestion.  Positive ! Good luck !
Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: Mr.Scarface on 20 11, 2020, 05:07:45 pm
The current system that Dimit suggested is also good. But, we also want the previous CE system to come back in CIT. It atleast didn't let any side to crack CEs. And ARs are boring as I just get killed and 0 kills and my damage never exceeded 500. But for me, CEs are an easy way to farm kills. It's my first time that I got 5 kills and 5th time I got 1000+ damage(all 5 times were of in CE, not in AR as I am noob xD) I started to love CEs as it became fun and easy to get Law Points(I don't know about the Reputation points as I never played and experienced a CE as a crim) and now I am able to create strategies (strategies are secret, so I won't give a single example). Actually CEs were great before as we don't had to wait for 90 minutes and 90 minutes is very much. I hope that people support your topic. I wish you good luck for the other votes. Positive
Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: TroubleShot on 20 11, 2020, 05:34:00 pm
If ever u want to remove or reduce the 90 minutes of waiting time, perhaps reducing the rewards aswell will balance it.

Regarding the main topic, CEs became more active with the 90 minute update but not everytime the team are balanced. Sometimes no cops attend and crims crack, but sometimes cops crack but crims dont attend. Its consistensy of attendance is not stable.

Criminals usually crack CEs nowadays, Cops camp outside when they're outnumbered. So adding the resistance atleast for me will fix this. Imagine you're a cop, u enter alone and get killed instantly by 4 to 7 criminals or more without having the chance to fight back.

Back when cops are cracking hard on ARs we usually attend CEs instead to get more chances of winning, in other words, less difficulty on clearing the cops. But now we're forced to still do ARs as CEs are around 55 minutes or 44 minutes before it will start again. So im Positive.
Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: RahulJ on 20 11, 2020, 05:43:01 pm
It really gets me mad when cops / crims don't attend the CE after waiting for 90mins and then just wait for the next AR, CEs used to be fun the way they were before. I wish it comes back,
I am going with a positive
Title: Re: [Suggestion] Balancing the CEs for good.
Post by: Arran on 21 11, 2020, 05:23:50 pm
- Re-added the anti team stacking feature (max 7 players unbalance) for criminal events. (Arran + IdleJoe)