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Forum Features
« on: 24 07, 2016, 04:42:20 pm »

In this forum guide, I'll explain every single forum feature in details. This guide will be helpful for people who are new to forums/SMF. Feel free to suggest something to be added. I'll also make a small FAQ.

Profile Information

Profile Summary :
  • The profile summary page includes basic information about a person. Such as his posts in countable boards, forum registration date, last active, signature, personal text, custom title, group, squad, in game name and other information such as custom title and age. Click here in order to check your profile (if you're registered on forum). There are other ways to do that, such as hovering over 'Profile' and then click on 'Summary'. Or just click on 'Profile'. If you want to check someone's profile, just click on his name or his profile picture. You can also search for search for a member profile. Hover over 'Members' then click on 'Search for members'.

User Statistics :
  • The user statistics page includes more information about a person. Such as total time spent online, Total posts, total topics started, posting activity by time, most popular countable boards you post in, most popular boards by activity and other information. In order to check your own user statistics, go to your profile, then hover over 'Profile Info' then click on 'Show Stats'.

Show Posts :
  • In order to check user posts, you'll have to go to the Show Posts page. In this page, you can see his posts around the forum and topics he created (there is also attachments, ignore it since you can't add attachments in this forum). To check your posts, go to your profile then click on 'Show Posts' which is under your offline/online stats. You can also access it by going to your profile then hover over 'Profile info' then click on 'Show Posts'.

Mentions :
  • If someone has mentioned you, you'll have to go to the mentions page to know who mentioned you, mention time and in which post were you mentioned in. To go to this page, hover over 'Profile' then click on 'Mentions'. In case someone has mentioned you, you'll notice a number next to 'Profile'.

Profile Modifications

Account Settings :
  • In this page, you can change your profile name (which is visible to other players), change your language, change your password, add a security question, change your online stats, check your username and allow players to email you. To go to this page, hover over 'Profile' then click on 'Account Settings'.

Forum Profile :
  • In this page, you can change your forum profile picture, personal text, Birthdate, location, gender, signature, group, squad, name and other profile information. All of this information are optional. If you are not comfortable with sharing some information in this page, just skip it or leave it blank. Nothing is required. To go to this page, click me. You can also hover over 'Profile' then click on 'Forum Profile'.

Profile - Look and Layout :
  • In this page, you can change your forum theme (I don't recommend changing it though), time format, time offset and change other advanced forum settings. They're already explained in this page so it's useless to explain them again. But if you need help with a specific option, just reply here and I'll reply as soon as possible. To go to this page, Go to your profile, hover over 'Modify Profile' then click on look and layout.

Notifications :
  • In this page, your topic or board notifications. If you'd like to see notifications for a topic, click on 'Notify' which is on the top right of the topic. To see notifications for a board, click on 'Notify' which is on the top right of the board. When you have notifications enabled on a board/topic, you'll get updates on this board and you'll be notified via the notification page. There are also some notifications settings, they're explained already by SMF so there is no need to explain it once again. If you need help regarding the notification feature, just reply and I'll help you as soon as possible. To go to Notifications page, go to your profile > hover over 'Modify Profile' > Click on 'Notifications'.

Ignore Boards Option :
  • In this page, you can ignore particular boards. When you ignore a board, you will not see this board while you're browsing the forum. To ignore a board, select the board you'd like to ignore, then press on 'Change Profile' to apply it. After that, you'll notice that the board you ignored disappeared. If you'd like to see the board you ignored, go the the ignore board option page and deselect it then click on 'Change Profile'. To go to Ignore boards page, go to your profile > hover over 'Modify Profile' then press on 'Ignore Boards Option'.

Buddy/Ignore List :
  • In the Buddy/ignore list page, you can add or remove buddies or ignored users. When you ignore a user, you won't see his posts anywhere (unless you press on 'Show this post'). This feature is useful in case you don't really want to see someone's posts around the forum. It even works in shoutbox! The buddy list is more like the ingame CITBook (FMSG). Since you'll see the list of your buddies there. This feature isn't used a lot, but feel free to use it. To go to Buddies/Ignore list, go to your profile > hover over 'Modify Profile' > Click on 'Buddies/Ignore List'.

Personal Messages

My Messages (Inbox) :
  • If someone has sent you a private message on forum, a number will appear next to 'My Messages'. If the number is 1, this means that you got 1 unread forum private message, if the number is 2 this means you got 2 unread forum messages, and so on.. Press on 'My Messages' to open your inbox. If your inbox is full, you won't be able to receive more private messages via forum. So, you'll have to delete the PMs that aren't important. Just press on 'Delete' which is at the top right of the message. Community ranks affect the PM storage limit. JCM has a limit of 200 messages, RCM has a limit of 300 messages and SCM has a limit of 400 messages.

(still under construction, not finished yet)
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