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[GUIDE] Topics Desinging Basics
« on: 30 03, 2017, 07:11:03 pm »
HELLO, This guide will show you how to make an awesome topic for beginners.

Please if your about to design a topic, make sure to read all the rules

carefully, so you don't get warned :tick:

Let's get started
First of all you have to get a title(subject) for your topic

➤ Title can be about a group, squad or merchant or even a guide like this
➤ If your topic is about a group or squad, title must "GroupName or SquadName - Application

Center or Homepage"
➤ If your topic is about selling skins and stuff like this, title must be "[Merchant] Business

➤ If you're requesting something, topic's title must start with [REQ]

After the title you have to fill that big box,in that box you write everything about your group,

squad, merchant...

➤ Group, Squad or Merchant, it would be better to place a logo in the center
➤ under the logo type whatever you want, but when it's about a group or squad, I advice you to

make Group/Squad information
exemple: use
Group infromation
Group Name:
Group Tag:
Group Motto:
Founded By:
Creation Date:
Code: Text
  1. [center][size=10pt][color=orange][b]Group infromation[/b][/color][/size][/center]
  2. ➠ [b]Group Name:[/b]
  3. ➠ [b]Group Tag:[/b]
  4. ➠ [b]Group Motto:[/b]
  5. ➠ [b]Founded By:[/b]
  6. ➠ [b]Creation Date:[/b]
✪ After the group information, you can make the Rules and Requerments, I prefer to make them in a table(Click on the table iconto get a table code)

♦ Click on Bold iconto make the text looks like this "Text"

♦ Click on Font Faceand select a font

♦ Click on Font Sizeto change the text size, "small text" / "big text" / "huge text"

♦ Click on Cange Colorto chnage color, like this "text"

♦ Add some emojis,Click on the emoji you like, like this "text (???) <_3 C:-) :thumb: :tick:"

♦ Click on Spoiler iconfor a spoiler like this,
Show content

♦ Click on Insert Code iconto get a code like this,
Code: [Select]
text text text
♦ Click Shadow iconto add shadow to your text, like this, "TEXT"

♦ Click on Glow iconto make a glowing text like this, "text"

♦ Want to insert Quote, Click on Insert Quote iconto make a quote like this,
hello all

♦ Click on Insert Unordered List / Ordered Listto make a texts like this,
  • text1
  • text2

♦ Click on SuperScript iconto make text like this, "text123" or click on SubScript iconto make text like this, "text123"

♦ Click on Insert Progress Bar iconto make a progress bar ( Write a number between 1-100 )

♦ Click on InsertHeyperlink iconto make a linked text or image like this, Imgur /

♦ Click on Insert Email iconto to insert an email link like this, [email protected]

♦ Click on Italiciszed iconto make a text like this tesxt

♦ Click on Strikethrough iconto make a text like this, text

♦ Click on Underline iconto make an underlined text like this, text

♦ Click on Code iconto make codes like this,
Code: HTML5
  1. TEXT
Code: XML
  1. TEXT
Code: Lua
  1. TEXT
Plain Text:
Code: Text
  1. TEXT

♦ Click on Flags iconto get a country flag like this,

♦ Click on the Horizontal Rule iconto get a grey line like this,

♦ Click on Preformatted Text iconto get a text like this,

♦ Want to mention a member?, easy just type [ member={Member'snumber}]{name}[/member ]( I made it with space cause it's a code and can't appear ,so I added a space, when you use it, don't add space.) (if you want to get member's number, go to the member's profile, look at the link you'll find some numbers, copy them then past them after the "=") it'll look like this, @iMeMPlayZ

Last but not least, if you want to make a logo for your group's topic, you need:
✦ Photoshop (don't know how to use photoshop?, youtube can help alot)
✦ you need cool fonts (Get cool fonts from DaFont
✦ now enjoy designing an awesome topic

I Hope This Guide Was Helpfull
Still Confused?, don't worry, just PM me

Created by @iMeMPlayZ
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Re: [GUIDE] Topics Desinging Basics
« Reply #1 on: 16 05, 2017, 06:03:15 pm »
Use [nobbc] command to explain other commands.
Also explain nobbc command
When you use it, the content inside the [nobbc] [/nobbc] will appear without the usage of bbc codes.

For example you can do that [b]Hello[/b]
Code: [Select]


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Re: [GUIDE] Topics Desinging Basics
« Reply #2 on: 10 11, 2017, 12:00:33 am »
Nice GUIDE for new users in forum

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Re: [GUIDE] Topics Desinging Basics
« Reply #3 on: 26 01, 2018, 03:13:28 am »
Use [nobbc] command to explain other commands.
Also explain nobbc command
When you use it, the content inside the [nobbc] [/nobbc] will appear without the usage of bbc codes.

For example you can do that [b]Hello[/b]
Code: [Select]
Update this @iMeMPlayZ

Also, link them to BB Codes guide here so they can get more information as your topic just shows how to make it, not how to modify or write it ( Also, add these information:

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