Author Topic: Steroids drug won't heal you if you are sprinting.  (Read 1627 times)

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Steroids drug won't heal you if you are sprinting.
« on: 09 04, 2018, 09:42:10 pm »
Suggestion explained in one paragraph: I'm suggesting that steroids drug won't heal you if you are sprinting.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: Since medkits were disabled to heal players, Arran increased the healing from food and made steroids drug increase the food healing by twice. I like this idea, but it needs to be slightly balanced. I checked one of my older videos from last week, and made a comparison. We used to get 30 HP every couple seconds while using food and medkits together, now we get 40 HP every 5 seconds if you use food and steroids drug.

How is it unbalanced? Well the medkits wouldn't heal you unless you were either standing still or only walking, it wouldn't heal you if you were sprinting, only the food would do that, which made it more special, you could say. So now I've been seeing that players heal incredibly fast, so I tested it out with Noki. I came to the conclusion that food heals 20 HP every 5 seconds, and steroids drug heals increases this by x2, so it heals 40 HP every 5 seconds, even while sprinting. So I'm suggesting to make it so that you can only heal with steroids drug if you aren't sprinting, it'll basically be like the medkits. This way food will be our main source of healing, and steroids won't make it overpowered as it is now. Currently a lot of players just run around so you can't shoot them, and then they heal instantly back their HP. You can heal your full HP back in less than half a minute, that's way too fast, (40HPx4) every (5secondsx4) = 160 HP every 20 seconds which is simply unbalanced.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: As I've explained above, currently it's way too overpowered in its healing, you can literally gain back 160 HP in 20 seconds, which is more than our total HP, which is 150. I also recorded a video with Noki to prove it. Here it is: