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Custom skins shaders shop
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In this topic you can buy skin shaders to change the appearance of your own skin ingame. You're free to choose between skins for groups/squads or personal skins. Shaders are not models, they only change textures of skins, such as their clothes. Maximum resolution of the jpg image you can send is 1024x1024 or 1024x512 depending on skin you'll submit, this means you can turn any skin into high definition texturised skin.

Once bought a shader you must request it in a forum PM to me, using the format below. You get also 1 free edit in case your skin is bugged or you want to change the shader aspect. Shader transfers are forbidden due to the fact players stole entire groups and accounts to get hold of shaders and later on transfer them to other players. Skins with any kind of offensive content won't be accepted. You can edit only 1 image per skin due to CIT limitations.

Shaders that get added will not be removed unless it's a serious case. This means I won't remove something because you're bored of it or because the group you bought the shader for kicked you.

How to buy my skin?
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  • Go to "Payment Section below and click on one of the buttons, depending on the skin you wanna buy:
  • Once you've been redirected to Paypal payment page, choose the quantity of skin shaders you wanna buy (default is 1):
  • Login into your paypal account:
  • Send your payment!
  • Send me a PM with the correct format, listing all the information I need to add your skin shader (acc name, group/squad name, skin ID, etc.)

Payment section:

After you sent the payment, you MUST send me a forum PM using this format, same if you want to edit existing shaders:

- Your account name:
- Your PAYPAL e-mail address:
- PayPal transaction ID (not necessary for edits):
- Jpg file you chose:
- Group/Squad name (Please specify which one you choose, either squad or group):


Editing these skins requires basic modding skills, if you don't know how to use mods, please search a tutorial on youtube.

Modded skins table:
Skin ID: 9 -
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Filename: s9.txd - Shader name: "cheerleader_summer_d" -- Scarlett

Skin ID: 11 -
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Filename: s11.txd - Shader name: "claire" -- Female

Skin ID: 38 -
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Filename: tommy.txd - Shader name: "tommy" -- Tommy

Skin ID: 39 -
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Filename: s39.txd - Shader name: "Jill_suit_d" -- Jill Valentine

Skin ID: 55 -
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Filename: s55.txd - Shader name: "s55CIT" -- Jessica Alba

Skin ID: 56 -
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Filename: s56.txd - Shader name: "body" -- Chloe

Skin ID: 63 -
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Filename: s63.txd - Shader name: "bunny_cit" -- Bunny

Skin ID: 64 -
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Filename: s64.txd - Shader name: "misaki_miyata_uppr02" -- Casual Girl

Skin ID: 69 -
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Filename: s69.txd - Shader name: "guy_cit" -- Urban Fighter

Skin ID: 88 -
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Filename: s88.txd - Shader name: "vagos_cit" -- Hispanic Girl

Skin ID: 89 -
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Filename: s89.txd - Shader name: "body" -- Claire Afterlife

Skin ID: 145 -
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Filename: s145.txd - Shader name: "1" -- Star Kid

Skin ID: 148 -
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Filename: s148.txd - Shader name: "jacket1" -- Biker Girl 2

Skin ID: 151 -
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Filename: s151.txd - Shader name: "hltex000" -- Melanie

Skin ID: 152 -
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Filename: s152.txd - Shader name: "maxCaulCIT" -- Max Caulfield

Skin ID: 234 -
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Filename: s234.txd - Shader name: "skin" -- Magician Girl

Skin ID: 237 -
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Filename: s237.txd - Shader name: "1" -- Emily Roth

         Skin ID: 245 -
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Filename: s245.txd - Shader name: "proCIT" -- Hooker Skin

Skin ID: 246 -
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Filename: s246.txd - Shader name: "fitGirlCIT" -- Jogger 2

Skin ID: 258 -
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Filename: s258.txd - Shader name: "t_arctic" -- Terrorist

Skin ID: 1018 -
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Filename: s266.txd - Shader name: "secretAGCIT" -- Secret Agent

Skin ID: 1017 -
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Filename: s267.txd - Shader name: "cop2_cit" -- Cop Girl

Skin ID: 272 -
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Filename: s272.txd - Shader name: "bikergrl_cit" -- Biker Female

Skin ID: 1016 -
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Filename: s278.txd - Shader name: "sheriffCIT" -- Female Sheriff

Skin ID: 1014 -
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Filename: s282.txd - Shader name: "cop1_cit" -- Police Tactical

Skin ID: 1007 -
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Filename: s288.txd - Shader name: "cop3_cit" -- Detective

Skin ID: 301 -
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Filename: s301.txd - Shader name: "wrench_cit" -- Wrench

Skin ID: 1034 -
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Filename: s1034.txd - Shader name: "bdup" -- B-dup

Skin ID: 1035 -
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Filename: s1035.txd - Shader name: "dj" -- DJ

Skin ID: 1036 -
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Filename: s1036.txd - Shader name: "dope" -- Dope

Skin ID: 1037 -
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Filename: s1037.txd - Shader name: "bodyg1" -- Helper

Skin ID: 1038 -
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Filename: s1038.txd - Shader name: "silverman" -- Jimmy Silverman

Skin ID: 1039 -
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Filename: s1039.txd - Shader name: "jose" -- Jose

Skin ID: 1040 -
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Filename: s1040.txd - Shader name: "TRIBoss" -- Triad Boss

Retrieve skin models from GTA files:

- Download Spark
- Open Spark and open the gta3.img inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas\models
- With the help of MTA Wiki's Character Skins list, find and export the skin's txd and dff files (every skin has their unique model name)
- Export the main texture with TXD workshop and edit it with an image editor

Retrieve skin models from MTA CIT's files:

- Open the player mods folder inside C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources\CITskinMods\plrmods
- Check with the table above the editable skin files name (our modes have a name like this s<skinID>.dff/.txd, eg: s64.txd s64.dff)
- Export the main texture with TXD workshop and edit it with an image editor

Testing the skins with DFF viewer:

- Download DFF viewer and run it
- Save the edited texture as .tga in the same folder of skin's dff file
- In DFF Viewer press "OPEN" button and import the dff file
- If you've done everything right, you'll see your edited texture on the skin. NOTE: The texture appears as specular inside DFF Viewer but ingame it'll appear correctly!
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