Author Topic: How to use IRC without annnoying others.  (Read 1224 times)

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How to use IRC without annnoying others.
« on: 30 01, 2014, 01:50:41 am »
So basically there's alot of new people to IRC who don't know how to "use" it without annoying the others so I decided to create a topic here to show you how to use it peacefully without getting g lined or banned from #cit or any other channel

Just joined the IRC server?

Most of the people who join the IRC, they just want to join their group channel or #echo to help people from the IRC, but ofcourse they'll join #cit because it's the main channel, There's no rules written for that channel but you need to know some stuff by your common sense

Such as
  • Do not type more than 4 sentences in a row
Else face a Ban from #cit by zoey Reason(Stop flooding!)
  • Do not use Bold or italic
Else face a kick from #cit by Zoey Reason(Don't use bold in this channel!)
  • Do not say the same word/sentence twice
Else face a ban from #cit by zoey Reason(Stop repeating yourself!)
  • Do not randomly highlight anyone while chatting with someone
It will just make a noisy sound for that person for nothing..
  • Do not random highlight staff members saying "Please unban me" or anything related to that, use the forum ban appeals board

When talking to someone or a staff member

Sometimes you join the IRC because you want to talk with a player or a adminsrator because you're banned on forum or a IG issue related, or even asking about something, so basically you can do /msg <staffName> and start talking about whatever you want but still you need to follow some basic instructions because some of the staff members on IRC can G-line you from the IRC server and some others can request it

  • Do not spam them while talking to them with multiple lines at once
  • Try to type 1-2 lines untill they reply because sometimes people are busy and it's annoying
                                              they will reply you when they're free and looking at the IRC
  • While talking to a adminstrator on IRC, don't use "can I ask you a question?" Just ask it and he'll reply whenever he sees it
  • Don't highlight them multiple times while talking to them in a query, because it just makes a noisy sound

While talking to Arran

Sometimes you just wanna ask Arran about something related to donating or complaining about a staff member or another thing that might take his attention, but as we all know he's busy and sometimes he can't reply because he's scripting or dealing with something that can't be paused, so you just need some instructions to avoid getting G-linned

  • If you're asking him in #cit no need to highlight him more than once, he'll reply when he see it
  • Arran isn't responsible about other staff's ban appeals..etc, so don't Query him about a ban he's not involved in
  • If you're quering him for a important matter no need to type multiple sentences in the query because it's noisy
  • NEVER ever highlight him in #cit saying "Hi Arran" or "is Arran afk?" If you wanna talk to him just say what you need directly
Ignoring the above instructions can get you G-lined on IRC or banned in #cit

Other info

The meaning of G-line: G-line is a ban from the IRC server of CIT

Usefull tip:If you're new then don't get fooled and join #0,0 it's not a channel it's a IRC command that makes you leave all the channels

If you have any other instructions that might be usefull, please share it.
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