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Community Roster
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L4. Senior staff members

L4. Pilovali (ARM)
L4. Burner (PAA, DM)
L4. SalaR (BAM, ME, ARM, DM)

L3. Experienced staff members

L3. DeadStunter
L3. Volcano
L3. MaZika (CM, FMM, GM)
L3. Brand (BAM, TL)
L3. Ptole (CM, FMM, PAA)

L2. Trained staff members

L2. Trapsfall
L2. Senza (QAM)
L2. Kuldeep (FMM)
L2. Extreme (CM)
L2. EfeC (GM)
L2. FalconHawk (GM)
L2. Danzy (BAM)
L2. Toby (TPM)
L2. Omar (CM)

L1. Staff members on trial

ICM. In-game Chat Moderators

ICM. Deniz
ICM. BlackHeart
ICM. IdleJoe
ICM. Jaguar

NAS. Non Administrative Staff

NAS. Vampire (QAM, FBM, ME) Leader of the Non Administrative Staff Team

Staff Duties

ARM - Account Recovery Manager (Validates inaccessible account claims and returns access - L3+ staff.)
BAM - Ban Appeal Manager (Handles bans issued by ex-staff or inactive staff.)
CM - Complaints Manager (Regularly checks complaints board for a faster response from staff members.)
GM - Guiders Manager (Regularly monitors and reviews guiders activity.)
DM - Duties Manager (Authority to assign CEM, PC, CB, SO, Head, ARM, Squad Bank, ICM, Trial Staff, Translator and more.)
FBM - Forum Board Manager (Authority to add / remove / edit forum boards.)
FMM - Forum Membership Moderators (Ensures that membership ranks are given accordingly.)
ME - Map Editor (Responsible for enhancing the world and fix map bugs. This duty is only assigned when needed.)
PAA - Punishment Appeal Associate (Regularly helps PAMs with staff access for better efficiency.)
QAM - Quality Assurance Manager (Regularly tests reported bugs and validate / invalidate them.)
STM - Staff Team Manager (Ensure that reviews are done on a monthly basis and evaluate promotions/demotions requests along with High Staff.)
TPM - Translation Progress Manager (Monitors translation progress to decide who should be given access to translate.)
TL - Team Leader (Handles sub teams such as Criminal Boss team)

Non Administrative Staff Duties

  • Being able to add, modify and delete questions in F1 help panel.
  • Ability to translate but also Translation Progress Manager.
  • Ability to guide players but also Guiders Manager.
  • Can be given Quality Assurance Manager duty.
  • Can be given Map Editor duty.

Community Groups External Rosters

Event Managers - Responsible to entertain the community by making a huge variety of events.

Criminal Bosses - Responsible to lead the criminal community and help with criminal activities.

Police Chiefs - Responsible to show leadership among police officers by setting good examples on how to do police work.

State Officials - Responsible to entertain civilian workers and help them to understand the most diverse jobs in the server.

Guiders - Responsible to help the non-english community by warping/helping their country mates.

CIT Radio DJs / Radio Hosts - Responsible to provide radio shows which players can listen to.

CIT News Publishers / Journalists - Responsible to publish a weekly magazine with various topics related to the community.

Group Level Managers - Responsible to promote/demote groups based on activity, punishments, general behavior, and more.

Community Developers - Responsible to develop and submit new stuff to be added to the server.

Translators - Responsible to translate the server to other languages.

Punishment Appeal Managers - Responsible to ensure fairness when it comes to punishments (mutes and jails) and help players to understand the server rules.

Changes Logs

Show content

Cleared change logs and added them to pastebin. (01.01.2019 Dream)
L5. Coolit3 marked as active. (02.01.2020 Goku Black)
L4. Dream promoted to L5. (04.01.2020 Brian)
L5. Goku Black assigned to FBM duty. (04.01.2020 Brian)
L5. Vampire set as inactive. (04.01.2020 Brian)
Suspended Vampire from FBM duty due to inactivity. (04.01.2020 Brian)
L5. Dream assigned to DM duty. (05.01.2020 Brian)
Removed IRS duty from Duties section as PAMs are handling Unfairness Cases now (06.02.2020 Dream)
L2. Trapsfall assigned to BAM duty. (11.01.2020 Dream & Goku Black)
L1. MaZika, SalaR, Senza, and SnooP passed trial period. (12.01.2020 Dream & L5s)
L5. Dream and Lacosta assigned as STM (12.01.2020 Brian)
L2. Rami, Burner, Shogun, and Combat promoted to L3. (12.01.2020 Dream & L5s)
L2. SalaR assigned to BAM duty. (13.01.2020 Goku Black)
L2. SnooP assigned to FMM duty. (13.01.2020 Dream & DMs)
L2. MaZika assigned to CM duty. (13.01.2020 Dream & DMs)
Created a new duty called "Team Leader" currently only to handle Criminal Bosses team. Assigned Dream, Shogun and Badboy to it. (14.01.2020 Brian)
L5. Vampire resigned. (21.01.2020 Arran)
ICM. iShadow set as resigned due to continuous inactivity. (22.01.2020 Dream)
L2. Senza set as active. (23.01.2020 Dream)
L2. Senza assigned to TPM duty. (23.01.2020 Dream)
L2. SalaR marked as inactive due to exams. (26.01.2020 Dream)
ICM. Haisum resigned. (30.01.2020 Dream)
L2. Senza resigned. (09.02.2020 Goku Black)
L2. Quartz, Volcano and Badboy promoted to L3. (10.02.2020 Dream & Staff Management)
ICM. SugarRush promoted to L1. (10.02.2020 Dream & Staff Management)
L3. Chin resigned (10.02.2020 Dream)
L3. Quartz assigned as PAA. (15.02.2020 Goku Black)
ICM. Medusa marked as inactive for real life issues. (18.02.2020 Dream)
Mordecai and Unity accepted as ICMs. (22.02.2020 Dream & L5s)
Golem accepted as ICM. (23.02.2020 Dream & L5s & L4s)
L3. Volcano assigned as ARM. (23.02.2020 Dream)
L3. Combat resigned. (26.02.2020 Lacosta)
L3. Shogun assigned as QAM. (29.02.2020 Goku Black)
L2. SnooP assigned as GM. (29.02.2020 Goku Black)
L2. SnooP assigned as TPM. (04.03.2020 Dream)
L2. SalaR marked as active. (07.03.2020 Dream)
L1. SugarRush promoted to L2. (11.03.2020 Goku Black + L5s)
ICM. Medusa set as active. (11.03.2020 Dream)
L3. DeadStunter marked as inactive due to real life issues. (18.03.2020 Goku Black)
ICM. Mordecai changed his name to Ghostemane. (18.03.2020 Dream)
Marked myself inactive. (22.03.2020 Goku Black)
L3. Quartz assigned as GM. (26.03.2020 Dream)
L3. Shogun resigned as TL. (28.03.2020 Dream)
L5. Dream demoted to L3 due to several counts of L5 access misuse like house mapping features. Removed TL access due to lack of trust in objective decisions. (29.03.2020 Brian)
I'm back active. (01.04.2020 Goku Black)
L2. SalaR assigned as ME. (01.04.2020 Brian)
L5. Coolit3 assigned as DM. (09.04.2020 Goku Black + Brian)
L5. Coolit3 assigned as STM. (09.04.2020 Goku Black + Brian)
L2. MaZika promoted to L3. (13.04.2020 Goku Black + L5s)
L3. Rami and L3. Burner promoted to L4. (13.04.2020 Goku Black + L5s)
L3. Dream assigned as ARM. (13.04.2020. Lacosta)
L3. MaZika assigned as FMM. (13.04.2020. Lacosta)
Spider, Nightwolf, Ptole, Nervous, Frozen, and Senza added as trial staff. (13.04.2020. Lacosta + Head Staff)
Brand added as L2 Staff. (13.04.2020. Lacosta + Head Staff)
noD3, Sinon, Ranger28, and Lazio added as ICM. (13.04.2020. Lacosta + Head Staff)
L2. Trapsfall set as inactive. (16.04.2020 Coolit3)
L3. DeadStunter back as active again. (22.04.2020. Lacosta)
L2. T0ken marked as inactive due to travelling away from his home. (23.04.2020 Coolit3)
L3. Shogun marked as inactive due to broken hardware. (23.04.2020 Goku Black)
L2. T0ken marked as active. (27.04.2020 Coolit3)
L3. Shogun marked as active. (30.04.2020 Coolit3)
L5. Coolit3. Marked myself as inactive due to online exams & inactivity ends next Monday. (30.04.2020 Coolit3)
ICM. Unity resigned. (30.04.2020. Lacosta)
ICM. Ghostname resigned. (04.05.2020. Lacosta)
L1. Frozen is set as inactive. (05.05.2020. Lacosta)
L5. Coolit3 is set to active. (07.05.2020 Goku Black)
L2. Brand assigned as BAM. (11.05.2020 Goku Black)
L2. SugarRush assigned as CM. (11.05.2020 Goku Black)
ICM. Medusa resigned (15.05.2020 Coolit3)
L1. Senza, L1. Nervous, L1. Ptole, L1. Nightwolf and L1. Spider promoted to L2. (24.05.2020 Goku Black + Coolit3)
ICM. Ranger28 resigned (26.05.2020 Coolit3)
L2. SalaR and L2. SnooP promoted to L3. (27.05.2020 Goku Black + Coolit3)
L3. SalaR added as ARM (27.05.2020 Brian)
L2. Ptole added as CM (27.05.2020 Brian)
L2. Nightwolf added as TPM (27.05.2020 Brian)
ICM. Golem has changed his nickname to Clarke. (02.06.2020 Coolit3)
L1. Frozen set as active. (02.06.2020 Coolit3)
L2. Nervous resigned. (04.06.2020 Brian)
L3. DeadStunter set as inactive. (08.06.2020 Coolit3)
L2. Senza assigned as QAM. (13.06.2020 Coolit3)
L3. DeadStunter set as active. (14.06.2020 Coolit3)
L4. Uber set as inactive. (16.06.2020 Coolit3)
L3. Shogun set as inactive. (18.06.2020 Coolit3)
ICM. Lazio has resigned. (19.06.2020 Coolit3)
L1. Frozen promoted to L2. (20.06.2020 Goku Black + Coolit3)
Created and added a new staff level called NAS (non administrative staff) which will be staff members who don't do punishment stuff. (23.06.2020 Arran)
Added Vampire as our first NAS member. (23.06.2020 Arran)
L2. Trapsfall set as active (24.06.2020 Coolit3)
L3. Shogun marked as active (25.06.2020 Coolit3)
L2. SugarVanilla marked as inactive (25.06.2020 Coolit3)
Added NeKu, Kuldeep, Geeky, CptDeniz, Simo, Charly as In-game Chat Moderators. (30.06.2020 L4s + L5s + Brian)
Assigned Vampire as FBM as FBM tasks were not being handled for 21 days. (03.07.2020 Arran)
ICM. GeekyHealer set as resigned (06.07.2020 Coolit3)
L2. Brand assigned as TL for criminal boss team. (11.07.2020 Brian)
L3. Badboy resigned. (16.07.2020 Brian)
L2. T0ken resigned. (17.07.2020 Coolit3)
L2. Spider resigned. (22.07.2020 Coolit3)
L5. Coolit3 set as inactive. (26.07.2020 Goku Black)
L4. Uber set as resigned for not showing up for 2 months. (30.07.2020 Brian)
L2. SugarVanilla set as active. (31.07.2020 Goku Black)
L5. Lacosta resigned. (31.07.2020 Brian)
L5. Goku Black and L5. Coolit3 removed from their position for breaking several rules of staff code of conduct. ( (08.08.2020 Brian)
L3. Dream, L3. Shogun, L3. SnooP, L2. Nightwolf and L2. Frozen resigned. (08.08.2020 Arran + Brian)
L0. Charly resigned. (10.08.2020 Brian)
L2. Ptole assigned as FMM. (13.08.2020 Burner)
L2. Ptole, L2. Sugar and L2. Brand promoted to L3. (14.08.2020 Brian + Burner)
L0. NeKu resigned. (18.08.2020 Burner)
L0. noD3 set as resigned due to inactivity. (20.08.2020 Burner)
L3. MaZika assigned as GM as he has been already handling that duty for a while. (20.08.2020 Burner)
L3. SugarRush and L3. Quartz resigned. (25.08.2020 Rami)
L0. Sinon resigned. (25.08.2020 Brian)
Kuldeep, Extreme, EfeC, FalconHawk, Danzy, Slow and Toby added as trial Staff. (26.08.2020 Brian + L4s)
L0. SkyPeR resigned. (25.08.2020 Brian)
Omar added as trial Staff. (30.08.2020 L4s + Brian)
L3. Ptole assigned as PAA. (31.08.2020 Burner)
L3. SalaR promoted to L4. (01.09.2020 Brian)
Updated SalaR and Burner not showing DM duty. (04.09.2020 Arran)
L3. Volcano removed as ARM due to inactivity. (04.09.2020 SalaR + Burner)
L2. Trapsfall removed as BAM due to inactivity. (04.09.2020 SalaR + Burner)
L2. Trapsfall set as inactive. (07.09.2020 SalaR)
BlackHeart, IdleJoe, Jaguar added as In-game Chat Moderators (08.09.2020 Burner + SalaR + Brian)
L0. Clarke has changed his nickname back to Golem. (09.09.2020 SalaR)
L0. Simo resigned. (13.09.2020 SalaR)
NAS. Vampire added as ME. (17.09.2020 Arran)
Added links to the rosters of EMs, CBs, PCs, SOs, guiders, DJ hosts and news publishers to the community roster. (19.09.2020 Arran)
L4. Rami resigned, added as honourable due to his contributions to the server. (21.09.2020 Brian + Burner)
Added descriptions to external rosters and also added missing ones. (27.09.2020 Vampire)
L1. Kuldeep, Extreme, EfeC, FalconHawk, Danzy, Slow and Toby passed trial period. (30.09.2020 L4 Staff)
L1. Omar passed trial period. (03.10.2020 L4 Staff)
L2. Slow & EfeC assigned as GM. (03.10.2020 SalaR + Burner)
L2. Kuldeep assigned as FMM. (03.10.2020 SalaR + Burner)
L2. Toby assigned as TPM. (03.10.2020 SalaR + Burner)
L2. Omar assigned as CM. (03.10.2020 Burner + SalaR)
L2. Danzy assigned as BAM. (06.10.2020 SalaR + Burner)
L3. DeadStunter removed as FMM and GM due to no involvement within these duties. (06.10.2020 Burner + SalaR)
L2. Slow resigned. (09.10.2020 SalaR)
L2. FalconHawk assigned as GM. (12.10.2020 SalaR)
L2. Trapsfall set as active. (12.10.2020 SalaR)
L2. Extreme assigned as CM. (19.10.2020 Burner + SalaR)
L0. Golem resigned. (21.10.2020 Burner)
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