Author Topic: [+++] New CE MBR (Military Base Raid) [MAPPED]  (Read 1261 times)

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Re: [+++] New CE MBR (Military Base Raid) [MAPPED]
« Reply #45 on: 12 04, 2021, 03:21:03 pm »
Why do we need new CE maps where 3 days in a row I've never get to play CE in the first place, criminals are overcrowding the queue, but no cop responds to it. Yeah, new maps and things are cool for sure not saying that your work is bad either, but I wouldn't want my map which I worked for hours not to be played normally. Especially, seeing that the interior itself is huge and it'll be so god damn frustrating for small amount of uncoordinated players to enjoy the event. Let's even say that somehow CEs start to work in a near future and we'll see cops attend it, even then the active player count is too low for this map to be considered as enjoyable.

My conclusion and verdict: Map is great, good work, but currently there are root problems which first need to be dealt with until players will enjoy the map. I don't vote anything, since this is a discussion not a poll.
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Re: [+++] New CE MBR (Military Base Raid) [MAPPED]
« Reply #46 on: 16 04, 2021, 06:34:10 pm »
- Added a new criminal event called Military Base Raid. (Farhan-Khan + JayXxX)
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