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[Guide] How to make suggestions with /ds interface
« on: 15 01, 2019, 08:09:51 pm »
CIT - Developmental Suggestions interface

This system has been designed to involve the community with the server changes giving the possibility of making suggestions for the server and to facilitate the developers to know how we think and be able to make our ideas come true, you can also vote on them.

How to make a suggestion?.

First we go to the tab that says "Create a suggestion", then fill in the text boxes that appear there.

1) Enter a title: The title must be between 10 and 45 characters long.
2) Put the details of the suggestion: since the developers have to make your idea reality it would be fine if you add all the details even the smallest no matter how foolish they are, this will make the job easier for those who make their idea come true. also try to write with good spelling and without insults or express aggressive opinions.
3) Write what is the basic reason for your suggestion: this means that you will put the summary idea of the entire text. example: Ability to recover vehicles using a vip system by a cost of 200$.
4) Now say what positive / negative effects this suggestion would have if it were added.

Now select a category:

The categories specify to which area of the game your suggestion is, if you put the correct category you will have more possibilities of finding the votes of the people indicated, this is the most important part.

General: Any suggestion that does not have a category as such, can be something like raising the price of the vehicle store. note, if a suggestion has something to benefit the cops and crims then this should be general since it benefits both.

Race: Any suggestions that have to do with new races will go there.

Events: Any suggestion that has to do with events in the dimension 336 go there, if they are events outside that dimension where it has nothing to do with the CEM it is in the general category.

Battle Royale: Any suggestion that has to do with the batle royale event goes there.

LV: Any suggestion related to Las Venturas or the turfing system goes there.

Criminals: Any suggestion related to criminal events, criminal missions, criminal reputation or CnR goes there.

Law: Any suggestion related to the police, profit of arrests, arrest points or police vehicles goes there.

Civilian: Any suggestion related to civil works, promotions, earnings, job assignments or adding new jobs goes there.

War: Soon.

If you want to delete everything you did and start over or make a new suggestion, you can click on "Clear flieds".

Then you can select the "Anonymous" box that allows you to see the players who made the suggestion, if the marks no one could know you were the one who suggested that.

And finally you must click on "create" this will make your suggestion sent to the main database, and when it is ready it will be available in the main list of suggestions, it will only be waiting for the community to vote for your suggestion.

How to view / edit  / delete my suggestions?.

Go to the tab that says "my suggestions" and a list will appear where you can see all the suggestions you have made, including all the categories.

In these two buttons below you can edit or delete the selected suggestion.

When you click on your suggestion all the text will appear, there you can edit everything you want, and finally press "Edit" and a validation box will appear, where it will tell you if you accept to make the change, if you press if your suggestion will be updated in the suggestions tab, if you press not, you will cancel everything, if you want to recover the text just click again on the suggestion to get all the original text.

Thank you for having read the guide, any comments or questions you can write below, if something has changed in the system you can report here below to keep this guide updated.
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Re: [Guide] How to make suggestions with /ds interface
« Reply #1 on: 16 01, 2019, 07:52:22 am »
Nice tutorial, as usual. You can write about the requirements that you need in order to post suggestions.

Current requirement for LV suggestions: 100+ kills in the new LV stats
Current law/criminal requirements: Must be L10+

It was mentioned that the LV suggestion requirement will be increased later.

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Re: [Guide] How to make suggestions with /ds interface
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Well done! You can't stop surprising me/the community.
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Re: [Guide] How to make suggestions with /ds interface
« Reply #3 on: 11 08, 2019, 03:59:33 am »
@Chin this should be locked. This feature is long gone

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Re: [Guide] How to make suggestions with /ds interface
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@Chin this should be locked. This feature is long gone
:thumb: thanks