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Uses of Function Keys
« on: 13 06, 2019, 05:33:02 pm »
Function Keys

  • F1 - Help GUI (The written help guide for everything you need to know. Use the search bar to nevigate quickly through everything.  )
  • F2 - Vehicle Inventory (Shows all the cars that you own)
    - Recover - Recover your car directly to you when you stand on a Recovery Pad.
    - Pick - It picks the car selected to appear in the Main dimension in the exact location to where you left it last
    - Blip - Turn you car blip on and off to show in your Minimap
    - Hide - Hide your car from the main dimension.
    - Lock - Lock and Unlock your car. Locked car can only be get in by you. No pessenger except your CB friends (What's CB) can enter your locked car as a pessenger. An unlocked car can be driven by anyone and get in as pessenger. To get in as pessenger, press "G"
    - Vehicle list - Vehicle list will be shown below with its Health, number of Upgrades.
  • F3 - Job's for Criminal, Cops and Civilian
    This shows all the jobs or activities you can do in the game.
    It has 3 categories - Criminal, Civilian and Cops
    Each categories has different activities whose statistics goes in the F3 panel.
    For criminals and cops section, it shows what you get from doing these things and by how much (Reputation point, Wanted points etc for Criminals. Arrest Points and other stuffs for Cops)
    For Civilian section, it counts your Job Progress and it's various Promotions (Number of stops as Bus driver and number of stops left for promotion, Number of Iron extracted as Miner and irons left for Promotions etc etc)
  • F5 - Various functions for various jobs
    - Cops - Opens up Police Computer
    From F5 as a Cop, you can mark a wanted player in your map. To do so you first need to manually select the minimum and the maximum Wanted levels you want to mark in your map. After that click on "Pin all" to pin them on your Map. You can u pin them anytime by doing F5>Unpin all
    - Mechanic - It shows you real player's broken cars that you can fix in the game along with their vehicles health.
  • F7 - Trade (Under construction)
  • F8 - The console tab
    It will open up your console window where you can type various command to execute something in the game.
    To find all the CIT Commands, Press X. It will show you all the commands and you can also search through them
  • F9 - Under Construction
  • F12 - Takes Screenshot of the game. Press F8 to know where the Screenshot is getting stored

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Re: Uses of Function Keys
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Nice one, this'll help newbies alot! :thumb:

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Re: Uses of Function Keys
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I will add the images today

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Re: Uses of Function Keys
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Great work bro.

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