Author Topic: How to vote for Councillors  (Read 218 times)

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How to vote for Councillors
« on: 19 06, 2019, 03:44:14 pm »
How to vote?
1-Press T/vote  .
2- Choose which one you want. ( you can vote for 4)

Important Tips
1- Read properly what that person say .
2- What he will do to the community .
3- How he will help.
4- Vote for 1 from criminal side that you see he is good/1 from civilian side/ 1 from law side / 1 that worked to the 3 sides
5- See posts of the people that you will vote for them on forum so see they do good suggestions or no

Things don't do
1- Don't vote just because he is your friend.
2- Don't vote without reading.
3- Don't vote except when you really think that personal helpful all time.
4- Don't read adverts and you vote because you ''don't understand'' .
5- Don't vote because someone will let you do suggestions in Councillors board.

What will happen if you vote for wrong/bad person

1- Bad suggestion maybe get accepted.
2- Destroy community.

Note for people that voted and they blame theirselfs now when updates they don't like.

You voted without understanding and without reading so don't blame the Councillors because you who voted for them.
So blame yourself.

Next election please when you vote probably so we build the community.
Note: elections are held every month.
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Re: How to vote for Councillors
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I think you can add a little note that elections are held every month.